Windows Store search feature is currently down for some Windows Phone 8.1 users

If you have a smartphone with Windows Phone 8.1 and have tried to search for apps in the Windows Phone Store without success, you are not alone. The search feature appears to be down for at least some users of the OS.

We have also tried and failed to bring up apps via the search feature in the Windows Phone Store. However, this does not affect the Featured apps catagory. This issue doesn't appear to affect Windows 10 Mobile devices. We will update this post when the search problems have been resolved.

Thanks to everyone for the tips!

  • Like the sentence, "IF you have a SMARTPHONE, with win 8.1" :D ... In a way that u are likely to not have one in the 1.7% market share :P
  • The market share is at 3%!
  • Amazing xD, world domination here we come.
  • John you are on fire today. Just wanted to say well done for the hard work!
  • Down on mine. Lumia 640xl 8.1
  • Possibly related (but probably not), I can't access Microsoft sites that require you to log in on Edge.
  • I also have this problem... Condor griffe w1
  • Same for Windows Store in Windows 10 Mobile as well. I searched for my bank app and it returned 0 results. When I googled the app, it brought me straight to the app download in the store. Same goes for another app I searched for in the W10M store, didn't show up either. So, it's definitely a global Windows Mobile Store thing.
  • You meant bingd it right?
  • Down on mine too Lumia 521 and 535
  • They are working on store as Gabriels tweet
  • Justified Rant #1
    Windows Mobile Sucks! Might get better with a few builds, but compared to iDroid, and WP it sucks... And, I can rightfully say that because it has been officially released...
    I used to be a big fan of the platform, but I gotta admit it sucks... It's just not together right now. It sucks..
    We're used to not having apps, and we've been able to get by for years without them.. But, WP, and I do mean Windows "Phone" at least had a functioning browser, so that we could visit websites, and conduct business there.... But, edge for Windows "Mobile" downright sucks... The idea is great, but it Sucks compared to IE11 on 8.1..... MS should've at least left IE in mobile, like they did on desktop....
    Build 10586 is not ready for everyday use, and it's a shame that in 2015 MS !!!!!STILL!!!!! doesn't have a decent OS for any market..... Oh, wait;; I'm wrong.. They do.... WP8.1. I used to love WP, now it's just a constant daily frustration, and a it's becoming a burden... Sad, and stupid, at the same time....
    All this makes MS look incapable compared to Apple, Samsung, and Google.. It really does.
  • Who rattled your cage!
  • Justified Rant #2
    Just pissed... Seems like every time I try to do something with 10586 it doesn't work out.. Seems as though some things "Like edge) have actually gotten worse, NOT BETTER, with time.. It's damn frustrating
    And, I would've never made this post before the 950/XL was released, because it just wouldn't have been fair....
    But, as fans of the OS, promotors, and neglected users by choice, it's just not fair to us either... Damn, we deserve better. Everyone deserves better. WC deserves better, stockholders deserve better, and the few foolish fans MS gives a crap about definitely deserve better.. What's frustrating is knowing that MS can do better, but they basically don't care about mobile, or us. It's very obvious... Why should we care?
  • I agree that's why I did not upgrade my Lumia just yet I'm waiting to see what happens lol I'll wait a few months more.
  • Funny & Justified Rant #3
    So, you're a fan of Microsoft products, but you admit that there's a new MS product that is so untrustworthy, unprofessional, unfunctional, and unpolished, that you refuse to use it??? Lol
    That's horrible! I can say that I never felt that way about a MS mobile OS before... Non of us ever have... We were always dying to upgrade first thing! But, we have real MS/WP/WM fans turning down the opportunity to load up the latest mobile OS???.....
    Sorry, but the sky is falling... If fans don't at least admit this then they are in perpetual denial.. Lol.
    I'm pissed, and it's embarrassing. All those years of me pushing WP onto people, and the poor friends o have that actually listened to my dump ass.... Luckily for them they make iDroid devices, which they quickly retreated back to..... Good for them and shame on MS... Now, WE ALL look like even bigger idiots than we did before..... THANKS MICROSOFT❕❕❕ lol. ;-);-);-);-);-);-)
  • I feel you rodneyej... Lumia 925 here, running 8.1 since WM10 last build is far from being ready for the masses, and believe me, I've tried it... Just today I was having dinner with my family and my brother showed us a video from YouTube (blue angels 360 experience) that would let you change the view by moving your phone... So I tried watching it through the browser as I didn't have any Youtube app installed, and guess what, it didn't work with my Lumia... So I tried downloading a Youtube app and guess what, store search is down... Embarrassing once again, thank you MS... Now what?
  • Justified Rant #4
    It's one issue after another.....
    Here's two more stupid blunders MS made recently with W10... Well, shit. Three.
    1.. The new FB app. They released it, it showed potential, although still sucked, and was pulled. §µÐH
    2.. Linked Inboxes for Outlook. Released, and pulled?... Where'd they go??... Really, MS.. Pitiful
    3.. Project Astoria.... Um, Um, Um.. Shaking My Big Fat Got Damn Brown Head...
    MS second guesses themselves more than Nasa trying to bring home stranded astronauts from space... It's already been old..
  • Have to say rodneyej I'm with you on most of this and glad someone had the “balls” to speak up, my sediments are similar after many times giving W10M a go only to have it sour, I always end up reverting back to W8.1 for a more stable, useful and pleasurable experience. MSs giveth/taketh approach is pretty annoying too, wouldn’t be half bad if there was something coming down the pipe(s) to fix the issue(s) or replace it with but as per usual, MS likes us all to play the guessing game and set our hopes on “soon”. Another thing that is irksome, the constant “RESETS” in attempts to rectify what W10M could not do on its own/initial install, may be good practice in theory but need not be to such a degree, can’t remember ever having to go through such a rigmarole in the past. The inconsistencies of the OS are pretty apparent when you see many with same/similar devices having a wide degree of outcomes, not to mention the inevitable “degradation” that some experience after running the OS for a short period of time.
  • Well, said
    Do you think that the insider program may be giving us, and other users, premature feelings of impatience?..
    In other words, do you think you would feel the same if your first taste of the OS was build 10586?......
  • I am not in denial..just speaking from L730 runs it quite issues here..except none of the PC's I have can detect my phone via USB..your experience may be different..
  • If this were just the start I’m sure I’d be more forgiving (and I was) but it is not, far from it and the reasoning for all the frustrations, this ain’t MSs first kick-at-the-can and being many tout them as the software guru’s you could have fooled me with the amateurish feel that W10M has instilled, never have I done so many rollbacks/hard resets on any device compared to WP, talk about going backwards.
  • I am about as big a fan of the WP platform as you'll find... and for as much as I would love to say "You're wrong", I simply can't. You sir are 100% correct. WM10 build 10586 is NOT READY FOR PRIME TIME... hell, I'm not certain it's worthy of anything other than "early Beta". To your list of fails you can add the loss of discreet alert tones for different email accounts, lack of double tap to wake, bio-metric authentication that only works when you look at it just right... disappearance of HERE Drive/Maps etc.  I'll say this, they timed the release of the 950 and 950XL PERFECTLY because they are both Turkeys that haven't been fully cooked. For me seeing all the blowback helps to understand why Joe Belfiore "stepped back" and disappeared from view to go on sabatical.  Even he couldn't stand up there and present this with a straight face. Justified rants? Yeah, I think so.
  • They took more than two years to release their flagship phone and came up with half baked os and 4/10 looks with that huge price
  • And the reasoning behind my decision to move on, gave them more time than I did BB yet there's a point when one has to say "enough is enough".
  • @Rodneyej, go outside and enjoy the fresh air dude :P.
  • Who still runs 8.1?
  • Smart Fans......... Lol
  • People including me who like to play safe and don't want to live on the bleeding EDGE run 8.1
  • The vast majority of WP users?
  • People preferring an OS useful 70% of the time better than one useful 50% of the time
  • Exactly..
  • Same happened 2 weeks ago. took 8 hours before it was up again.
  • Love my 1520 & 950XL on W10M. Just saying. :)
    Admittedly, W10 is far from mature. You can't just drop a SIM in and go.
  • So that's why I couldn't find any apps for my mum's phone this morning! <_<   xD
  • I​ do understand the feelings of frustration with Microsoft. But it is the same company that brought us 8.1 and IE 11. Maybe they will muddle through and come up with something awesome with W10. Eventually. Untill then I've got my 640. Ive been thinking of getting myself a new tablet for Christmas. Im 99% sure it will be an Android. But i just don't want a droid phone.
  • Somewhere i read about a L750 and L850..will you be taking one of those??
  • Turned my phone off/on and Store searched worked.
  • For me problem got resolved..its working fine now..i think msft has fixed the issue
  • What the hell is this....after this problem of store I can't download games between 30-100MB without Wi-Fi....but previously there was no problem....can anyone tell me the solution of this?
  • Note: My search is working but downloading isn't, every time "1app need attention".
  • It doesn't show any app under Categories tab & Related tab the last night. But now, works fine.
  • It's back
  • Ok, that might have been the reason why the purchases of my apps went down to zero for the last 3 days...
  • Down on my 520, India.
  • Store not working for 2 months..