Windows USB Update for Windows Phone 7 popping up

Here's a bit of a mystery.

There is a Windows Phone 7 update available for your Windows operating system. It won't show up on your update list unless you have Zune running and your Windows Phone connected.

Listed as Microsoft-Other hardware-Windows Phone 7, the 4.2mb update apparently deals with your USB connection and recognizes the Windows Phone device by name. Gone is the generic "Windows Phone device" identity whenever you connect your Windows Phone.

As to the "why", your guess is as good as ours. Could it allow Microsoft to open up the device specific apps to the Zune Desktop? Could it be a sign that the Mango's release is close at hand?  Or could it simply be someone at Microsoft getting tired of seeing a generic description of your Windows Phone?

Thanks goes out to Jarrod and everyone else who tipped us on this!

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  • Yeah got that update 2 days ago. :)
  • That's another odd thing... I have yet to see the update listed and it's not listed in my update history. We couldn't confirm or see it to get more details.Another odd thing is that my computer has been recognizing my devices by name for about month. Almost wondering if it snuck in while updating Zune or installing Mango to one of my phones.
  • Same here. Zune has always properly identified my Venue Pro. Of couse that does not mean it did for every device. If not for this post I'd never have known about this update.
  • I actually got 2 updates, Windows Other Hardware - Windows Phone 7 and Windows Other Hardware - Windows Phone 7 USB. No info with them of course.
  • same here saw it on wmpoweruser and checked it out andf it appeared after I got windows update for two updates for .net framework
  • Does anyone with a Samsung Focus know ifthis fixes the issue with it disconnecting while it is syncing up when connected?
  • I have a focus but havent experienced that issue and I dont know why this updte was justnow showing up since it was published in July 2011. I am surmising that it may have something to do with allowing mango and other updates via usb withoput zune or even with zune to go along with the zune 4.8 update. Hopefully the ruumors are true that we are getting mango on 9/15
  • You're welcome WPCentral :)