WinPhone 95 is the best Windows phone that never existed

But what about Windows? Windows 95 took the computing world by storm with its improved graphical user interface (GUI), and the earliest versions of Internet Explorer (who remembers MS Chat? Anyone?)

Anyways, have you ever wondered what life would be like if Windows 95 also coincided with the launch of a crazy, primordial smartphone? That's what Behance designer Henrique Perticarati did when he created this fun, retro-style WinPhone 95 concept, available to browse on Behance.

The WinPhone 95 is a chunky phone, rocking a badass 90's Sony Mavica camera lens and some epic ports, including a dedicate parallel port for printing, full VGA and high-speed ethernet. With support for Windows 95 staples like Notepad, Briefcase, and Phone Dialler, you'd be able to be productive like a boss, a 90's boss, rocking full Microsoft Office squashed into a svelte, almost-pocketable device. And hey, it even comes with a trackball.

The WinPhone 95 is a bit of fun (and probably quite impossible with the technology available at the time) but it's interesting to ponder what could have been had Microsoft positioned its mobile hand a little better, all those years ago.

Be sure to check out the full project on Behance, and share with us your favorite memories of Windows 95. I personally lost many, many hours to Realms of the Haunting (opens in new tab).

WinPhone 95 on Behance

Jez Corden
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  • I still have an original Windows 95 install CD! Might have to find a product key and install it on Hyper-V if it will work. Who remembers the game Sentinel? It was huge at the time, a strategy game that involved building blocks to get to the top of the landscape without the enemy seeing you. A classic game for its time, never released on XP or later Windows OS.
  • Windows 95 called a stiffy a floppy.   are you sure that was a CD?
  • Yes it's definitely a CD, I think it was OSR 2 version or something (OEM service release 2 if I recall)
  • Reminds me of the days getting Prodigy 30 days free dial up internet service.  Those were the days.
  • Eish, us South Africans always used to call 3.5" Floppies "Stiffies"
  • Sentinel was awesome. It was available for PC, mind you. I remember playing it first on the Spectrum, where frankly having 3d polygon graphics was a small miracle. Gameplay was interesting and it could work nowadays in VR.
  • Come on, you know that wasn't possible in 1990s... It would have been a killer, but you know, it's like playing Crysis on your phone... Still not happening anytime soon...
  • Curved screen?
  • I love it, it's the curve of the CRT monitor.  I'm more impressed that he remembered to put the turbo and reset buttons on the device.
  • OMG the turbo button...AWESOME!
  • A degauss button?
  • The only memory I have of 95 is using it for dial-up internet at the time but then we upgraded to what was next shortly after.
  • Great idea well done.
  • see this make me want to get my gameboy out
  • Wow, what a step-up in mobile MS had.... What could have been. * sigh *
  • I was the first person out of anyone we knew to have a smartphone. I wanted something different, and those Samsung BlackJack commercials got to me.. That was seriously one of the coolest devices on the market; still have it at home.. That thing went through so many version updates, the browser getting more useful with each one. I was playing MP3 tracks, had an SD card, installing Shazam, using GPS, Email, text... Everything we do today. Then, I had the Samsung Epix, which was even more powerful. That thing had some serious bugs, but we had Opera Mobile, which worked better than the IE mobile browser, at the time. Those were the days.... MS had such a good head start, but they would not react fast enough. Such a shame... WP has just been awesome for the past 7 years, despite MS's "stupidity";;just waiting to see what's next.
  • Oh man, I loved the Samsung Blackjack! I had both the 1 and the 2. Really great phone for its time and awesome for texting.
  • Oh. I forgot about the two. Lol
  • If it's ever available I'll get it for the nostalgia alone.
  • The Surface phone is the best Windows phone that never existed
  • 😂😂😂😂😂
    Even if it exist only in our imagination, it literally exist, figuratively, at least😲😲😲
  • It exists, I can assure you.
  • I'd ask for proof but you probably don't have any or can't get it.
  • I can't provide it because it's confidential. A person which is a relative of me and who's holding a position which is relevant to the product, implied me of the device.
    I cannot be less vague than that unfortunately...
  • 1.2MP was unheard of back then, so at the very least, it should have been a .3 or .1MP sensor. Though it even pre-dated digital photos so, probably a film canister would have been more accurate.
  • Was it a slow news day?
  • This is so pointless no matter how you look at it.
  • I agreed with you.
  • Lacking a sense of humour?
  • It's simply not the place where I'd expect this kind of thing. Reddit, sure, 9gag, whatever. I got somewhere else for funny material. Also, I find it pointless to make this kind of designs that won't be used for anything, and definitely isn't newsworthy.
  • Oh, wee-ooh, I look just like Buddy Holly
  • Yes!  I was wondering if anyone remembered that the video for Buddy Holly came on the Windows 95 CDs.
  • I remember that too! It was one of the first videos I watched on my very own Pentium 166 MHz MMX PC. The colours were awful though. There was also a Rob Roy movie trailer on the same install CD, I think. I should add: I got my computer not until late 1998 or so. Windows 95 was pretty mature at that point.
  • Chips Challenge on the go nice
  • You can get it from Steam right now!
  • Windows 95 woud've rocked on a touchscreen.
  • On the hardware side, it could've been, wasn't it in the same time Apple released the Newton?
  • "Dialler" has an extra L in it.
  • Someone has to turn this into a Kickstarter campaign and get my funding
  • Frankly, you could barely "get connected" with Windows 95. These fact will be known to those who lived that era rather than indulging in "borrowed nostalgia for the unremembered 90s", to paraphrase the line on LCD Soundsystem's "Losing my Edge".
  • I'm losing my edge. The kids are coming up from behind...
  • All I remember from the mid 90's was playing Duke Nukem 3D for 4 hours straight thru the network when our office was closed at 1pm during Thanksgivings and Christmas Eve. :-) We all had to reboot our PC with a floppy disk (3.5" - 1.44mb) inserted. LoL
  • I do have timeclocks running on windows 98 so This sint that far fetched.
  • Man, I feel for you guys.  WinMo is as dead as stone, so you're reduced to proffering this kind of detritus just to publish something/anything.  Sad to watch.
  • would easily buy this better than most crap if it had win 10. i would better get a good chunky phone than crap windows mobile based garbage.
  • Basically, the early Palm-sized PC with phone capabilities I had the Casiopeia E-11
    It was very Windows 95-ish  
  • My first Windows phone was an HP iPaq 5555 with the PCMCIA backpack and a Verizon PCMCIA data card, with an antenna! I thought it was the bomb because the 5555 had BT too, hahahaha! I've never had anything but a Windows phone since then.
  • I actually remember when the term "Smart Phone" was trademarked by Microsoft and was being used by flip phones that had no touch screen but full Windows Mobile, Motorolla had a great one.
  • It is cute and at least it has names under its icons. In contrary to the "modern" interface. One does not need to guess.  I wished it was true. And yes, Win95 was very good as well.
  • This reminds me I bought an original version of Bill gates book "The Road Ahead" around the time Win95 came out. You know that one that did not have any chapters on the Internet.  :D
  • We still dial up though lol
  • The Microsoft Sound