WM "Mobile Spy" Tracks calls and SMS

File under eek. This new app, for $19.97, invisibly uploads your SMS texts and you call log to a server for you to, er, examine. Retina-X claims it's ideal for enforcing employee cell phone policy, teen cell phone use, catching a cheating spouse, or backing up your own cell phone activities. One service they don't offer: cleaning up your dirty, sinful soul after you nefariously install this spyware.

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WC Staff
  • Trust me, this type of software may seem "wrong" at first and it definitely has the potential to be abused - don't get me wrong. But in this day and age there are some VERY legitimate uses for this type of software - even for the public citizen. Without this type of software out there I wouldn't have been able to confirm my suspicions about my spouse cheating on me. They lie - they always do when it comes to infidelity and even being caught with "proof" isn't always enough to get them to admit that they are cheating. If I hadn't found this type of software online and forked over the cash to purchase something similar my wife would still be out there cheating on me. I had my suspicions and confronting her did no good. Once I had my proof it shattered my reality but at least it led to her actually telling me the truth.
  • I almost purchased this garbage and something told me not to go ahead and submit the payment! wow, gut feeling was right! I am glad I read some reviews first and then came upon this site. It sure makes a lot of sense now. thanks again. I would rathey pay a bit a Copy10 which is working 100%