WM Team Prank Fun

So we know that there's two sides to Windows Mobile Development at Microsoft:

Now, within Windows Mobile there are 2 distinct teams. There's Windows Devices Core (WDC), which is the team responsible for the Windows Mobile OS. That's the base platform team.Then there's Mobile Information Worker (MIW), which is the team responsible for Outlook Mobile and other applications that run on top of the base OS.

..what we didn't know is that apparently the hardcore "we make the low level stuff" WDC group thinks that the "We make the stuff people actually interact with" MIW group are a bunch of sissies. Ok, maybe they don't, but they did engage in a little College-Prank-Style team building.

Oh, and WDC: The word you're looking for is pwn3d (or pwnzrd!). Srsly, l2p n00bz. ;-)

WC Staff