WOD Warrior for Windows Phone allows you to track and analyze your CrossFit workouts

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve probably heard of CrossFit. The strength and condition programming, along with affiliated gyms, have exploded in popularity over the past decade.

The central pillar of CrossFit is the WOD or Workout of the Day.

WODs are high-intensity combinations of various exercises and movements that require all-out physical exertion. WOD Warrior for Windows Phone is an app for anyone in the CrossFit community.

If you join a local CrossFit gym (or “boxes” as they’re called in the community) you’ll notice a common theme in workouts.  Classes that are an hour long will include a warm-up, skill development segment, the high-intensity WOD, all followed by some stretching. The meat of the workout is the WOD and it’s something that you can more or less do on your own. WOD Warrior is an app that will allow you to track your progress whether you do WODs solo or in classes/groups. Here are the features you can look forward to while using the app:

  • Complete List of Benchmark Crossfit WODs.  Allows for Custom Benchmark WOD creation, fully customizable.
  • Achievement Engine to run after Benchmark WODs have been completed to help keep track of your achievements!
  • Achievement Tracking!!
  • Data visualization (Graphs) of WODs, Workouts, and Achievements!
  • Stopwatches (Default, Countdown, Tabata, and Interval)
  • Barbell Calculator (new) to help you calculate which weights to have on the bar.
  • Weight Journal (new) to keep track of your weight progress.
  • Feed Manager (new) add as many feeds as you want now!
  • Video Capture of WODs (Great for the Crossfit Open)
  • Sharing Capability
  • Skydrive Support
  • Searching Capability to navigate the lists quickly
  • Voice Integration
  • One Rep Max calculation for current WOD creation!  Based on One Rep Max Achievements!
  • Video Search Capability with Metrotube.
  • WOD Randomization.  Having trouble creating WODs?  Try using the randomizer.
  • WOD History when creating new WODs.
  • Workout linking to better manage your workouts.

That’s quite an impressive number of features for an app that aims to help you track your progress. The ability to create custom WODs will appeal to those who like to deviate from the standard ones. Although you’ll find all standard WODs in the app as well.

Right now WOD Warrior is available for Windows Phone 8 devices. It costs $1.99, but does have a trial. The trial for WOD Warrior has all the features you get when you pay, but can only add a limited number of WODs in the trial.

Grab it in the Store, use the QR code below, or swipe to the right in our app to get it. 

Sam Sabri