Woody Infinity, endless wakeboarding on your Windows Phone

Woody Infinity is an endless runner that is played out on a wakeboard. Towed by a jet ski, you are tasked with helping Woody navigate an endless obstacle course full of islands, docks, ski jumps and other objects bent on ruining Woody's day.

Game play is timed and you'll need to make it to various check points to keep the game going. There are bonus items along the course that will help Woody survive the courses and to keep the game interesting, there are a handful of missions to complete.

Unfortunately the game is not available for low-memory devices. However, for those with 1GB+ devices Woody Infinity isn't a bad option to consider if you're looking for a time waster of a game for your Windows Phone.

Woody Infinity's Layout

There's not much to get excited about with Woody Infinity's main menu. It contains options to jump into game play, check in on your mission status, view your game achievements, visit the game store and access the game's settings. Settings share the minimal approach to things with options to turn on/off the game sounds and notifications as well as logging into your Facebook account and view the game credits.

The game's store offers bonus items or power-ups that can be purchased with the coins you collect during game play. Items include speed boosts, freeze time, coin magnets, and more.

Catching a little air

When you first jump into game play, Woody Infinity will walk you through a brief tutorial on game controls. The mechanics of controlling Woody are simple and include the following screen gestures.

  • Single Tap = Jump
  • Double Tap = Jump higher
  • Double Tap and hold the screen = Jump higher and then dive into the water

Most islands can be jumped over with a single tap while others (mainly those with palm trees) will require the double-tap jump to clear. Coins are scattered all over the gaming screen, above and beneath the surface of the water.

Along with the coins, bonus items are positioned throughout the course and you can always activate any items you've purchased in the gaming store.

The goal of Woody Infinity is to travel as far as possible before time expires. Game play is timed in 15 second intervals and to extend the time, you'll need to get Woody across the course check points. Fifteen seconds is plenty of time to go from check point to check point as long as you avoid hitting any obstacles.

Game missions help the game from getting stale too quick and include challenges such as collecting a certain number of coins, break a set number of boxes, or use one of the bonus items.

The pace of the game, as you would expect, picks up the longer you survive. The variety of obstacles also increases as you play the game with ski jumps, multi-level piers, floating docks and other formidable hurdles to jump over or dive beneath.

Overall Impression

Woody Infinity comes across as an enjoyable time waster of a game. The graphics and animations are well done, game mechanics easy to pick up and game play challenging enough to keep things interesting.

I did like the timer element of the game. It adds to the challenge of Woody Infinity but also allows you to stumble every once in a while without it costing you the game. Fifteen seconds in between check points is just about right (even though I'd prefer eighteen seconds) and will afford you a stumble or two.

There's really not much to complain about with Woody Infinity (with the possible exception that it isn't available for low-memory devices). The game takes a simple gaming concept and executes it rather nicely. All in all, Woody Infinity fun game to help you pass the time with.

  • Woody Infinity – Windows Phone 8 – 36MB – Free – Store Link

George Ponder

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