Word is Microsoft's document creation application which allows you to do things as simple as draft a note to write a full book with in depth formatting. Like many of Microsoft's other Office applications, Word can be as simple or as complex as you need it to be. Looking to make a flyer for an upcoming garage sale, or type up a message to your child's teacher? No problem, Word has you covered.

Beyond just the normal text entry and creation, Word has a number of templates for other things as well. Looking to creating a resume? Search for a template you like, and then fill it in with your information and you are set. If you want to personalize things, you can add pictures, bigger text, specially formatted text and so much more. You can even insert tables for data if you wish.

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Of all of the Office apps, Microsoft Word may be one of the most popular and well known. The uses for the application go far beyond just basic letter creation. With the ability to save in many popular formats, like PDF and HTML, the possibilities go far beyond what many would expect.