World'o'Clock – tracking global time zones from the comfort of your Windows Phone

World'o'Clock is a Windows Phone app that could come in handy if you have to deal with global time zones on a regular basis.

Available for Windows 8 devices as well as our Windows Phones, World'o'Clock will display multiple clocks within the app itself and has the ability to pin individual clocks to your Start Screen. It is not a very complicated app but does a nice job of tracking world times.


The layout of World'o'Clock is simple with main pages that include:

  • Clocks: Here is where you will see all the world clocks you have created.
  • Search: To create a clock, just type in the location and tap the result you want to monitor. This will create a clock for this global location on the Clock page.
  • Options: World'o'Clock has a small group of settings that include options for how your clocks are sorted, to display a Universal Time clock, to turn on/off anonymous data sends and options to reload/remove your clock Live Tiles.
  • Help: This is more an About page than a Help page with information on the app itself, links to evaluate the app and links to websites of the developer.

A quick note about the anonymous data sends in the settings is that World'o'Clock will collect usage data anonymously, which is retained for three months. I'm assuming that this data helps the developer see how the app is being used for research purposes. It is our understanding that no personal data is collected.


Once you have created a world clock, from the Clock page you can tap/hold on the clock to pull up options to pin the clock to your Start Screen or delete the clock all together. Live Tile supports both large and wide tiles that will display the location of the clock and the current time for that location. There is a small tile option but it does not display any time information (bug maybe?).

Overall Impression

As many of the Windows Phone Store reviews on World'o'Clock mention, it is a very nice app. World'o'Clock doesn't have many bells and whistles but what is in place does a good job of things.

While it lacks any theme settings or alarms, I can see it being a good fit for those who simply need to keep track of the time differences across the globe. Being able to pin specific clocks on your Windows Phone or Windows 8 Start Screen offers a convenient way of checking the time without having to launch the app. I do think an option for analog display would be nice, especially with the Windows 8 version where you have more elbowroom for the display.

World'o'Clock Windows 8

There are a few comments in the Store about Live Tiles going blank after waking up your Windows Phone. Based on the change log, it appears this issue has been fixed and I did not experience any performance issues with World'o'Clock.

All in all, if you are looking for an uncomplicated, uncluttered app to monitor global times, take a look at World'o'Clock. It's a free, ad-free app that is available for both Windows Phone and Windows 8 devices.

QR: World'o'Clock

George is the Reviews Editor at Windows Central, concentrating on Windows 10 PC and Mobile apps. He's been a supporter of the platform since the days of Windows CE and uses his current Windows 10 Mobile phone daily to keep up with life and enjoy a game during down time.

  • Well, I'm still waiting for my app to be showcased here. My app "TimeNoti" (released August '14) is quite similar. Anyways, good luck to this app and it's dev. :)
  • Thanks for sharing the app.... will certainly give it a try
  • Thanks for showing interest in my app, hope you like it.
  • Awesome app!
  • I will try your app for sure.. But hey i have one question.. U developed the app.. People download it.. What you get in return? Money for every download or not?
    There was some discussion going on and one developer of hike said that they dont get any money for downloads nor any other app get money for download?
    Is it true?
  • Yes. We don't get anything for downloads unless we have enabled ads or in app purchases or price for the app. You could search my username for apps from myself. Thank you.
  • I completely agree with nithinsuren, we don't get anything. Ads and IAPs are the only ways of earning revenue for free apps.
  • What I usually do is build an app that's completely free, but incredibly popular. I then sell my company to Google, Apple, or Microsoft for billions based purely on it's speculated value rather than any actual revenue stream... then I spend the rest of my life lying on a beach with at least 50 beautiful women and a small team of experts.
  • LOL Wow you've got a plan. :P
  • Just my opinion but you app name doesn't give the impression of a World Clock. When browsing through apps I might think it is a game. If I'm looking for a World Clock I'd search for that & when I do your app isn't listed, so wouldn't know it existed.
  • MS allows us to use only 5 tags per app and that's the main reason why people don't get all the apps they are searching for. If there were more tags then I would have set the tags related to world clock and when the user searches for a world clock then TimeNoti will appear in his list. It's the drawback of windows phone store. (It's what I believe, I may be wrong.)
  • Downloaded the app. It was good.. Looks like it has in-app purchases for other clocks. :(
  • Don't worry I'll make it free ASAP.
  • TimeNoti premium add-on is free for a day.
  • Such a nice developer! Thank you!
  • No problem.
  • I use timezonebuddy.. and is quite useful and good looking
  • I've been using World Clock by Microsoft... I really like its looks. But this app looks good too.
  • Does it have multiple tile short?
  • No it doesn't actually. I use it cause I don't need to pin tiles.
  • Agree, but we cannot pin individual clock to start screen
  • My problem with those time  tiles provided by various apps is that they stop working after some time, or dont update as you would expect them to.
  • Try TimeNoti. :)
  • It's paid feature. In app purchases
  • Did you like it (the app)? If yes, then I'll make the premium add-on free for new users.
  • I can try it out once you make it free :)
  • Lol
    Okay, I'll make it free for a day.
  • Better ask Cortana "what time is in < country>?
  • +1 but there are some places where I don't want to use Cortana (like in metro).
  • Me too.
  • This panoramic pivot design is one of the worst design. The top 1/2" - 1" of screen is just useless all the time. Just sharing my opinion. But still a good job developing for WP.
  • Better combine with the battery then it'll be great
  • So we will see less of "what time in india" or "what time in philippines" posts now for events!
  • lol
  • Win10 mobile includes this in its new Alarm & Clock app including live tiles & a "what time will it be in xxxx when it is 99:99 in xxxx" & it works really well.
  • Hey George! Which app tile is that next to Microsoft health?? Looks looks a weather app??
  • World clock by Microsoft cannt pin multiple clocks
  • I use Time Sync. Black, simple, clean. World o clock looks okay too. But I like Time Sync better.
  • Yes rajkumr I'm interested to know which app is that too! Live tile next to Microsoft Health looks nice!