WP7 Developer Handsets available in more Countries

Microsoft sent out it's latest edition of the Windows Phone Marketplace Developer Newsletter today. Asides from announcing that Windows Phone OS Updates, fondly known as Nodo, have started to be delivered (they just don't say where it's being delivered) it looks like app development will continue to grown globally.

Microsoft has partnered with Zones.com to provide WP7 developer handsets and this partnership has been extended to more markets are for sale now in twenty-four countries ranging from Ireland to Sweden to Portugal to Switzerland.

Microsoft is also providing vouchers that will discount or reimburse developers for the purchase of the developers handset. After you make your purchase, developers simply need to reach out to their local evangelists for details on the voucher.  Seeing that the phones are running upwards of $500 USD, it's nice to see Microsoft offering some help with the cost.

You can find out more information on this program as well as other development programs over at Microsoft's Windows Phone 7 development site.

Source: Windows Phone 7 Developer Newsletter, March Edition

George Ponder

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