WPCentral First Look: Birdy Bounce--addictive simplicity [Video]

This is one of those weird games that when you see it, you think "looks silly, no interest". Trust me, I know the feeling. All I can say is Birdy Bounce ($0.99) is really addictive and a lot of fun, even though your brain won't understand why. It's just simple, has great graphics and a great drop noise. To keep from getting repetitive the studio (Mod Monkeys) states:

The levels of Birdy Bounce are generated by an intelligent level randomization algorithm which provides a new experience every time you start playing while avoiding impossible situations to keep the fun for a long time.

Version 1.5 was released today and it included better pause support, scoreboard, and some general fixes. It currently has a 4.5 out of 5 ranking and I implore you to try it as it's the perfect 60 second game killer.

(BTW, my high score is 16,469, which I'm guessing many of you could crush)

Get it here (opens Zune Desktop).

Daniel Rubino

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  • This is just like Doodle Jump on the iOS platform! Very addictive indeed.
  • If you like this you'll love Beanstalk Tale.. it's pretty awesome!zune://navigate/?appID=3b449053-4fd1-df11-9eae-00237de2db9eHere's a link to the developer's youtube channel with some gameplay.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4ghQ-twx8Nc