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It's been a busy week in the WPCentral forums even with the holiday break. Our Members have had a lot of things to talk about including questions from all the new Windows Phone adopters that were lucky enough to get a new device for the holidays. We have 'Newbie questions' from oly666--he needs your help and advice so jump in that thread and lets help him see the light.

Forums member KingCrimson says 'Nokia Lumia sales are disastrous'. He also posted "Guys it time to admit, it's over for Windows Phone and Microsoft better just shut the division down" Our Forums Members  have brought up a lot of good points in this thread--do you have an opinion on this? Come join us in the discussion.

I think we can all agree that there are some things that Windows Phone could do to make the OS better. So lets toss around some ideas, shall we?  Forums member mkr10001 has started this thread: 'Things windows phone needs to improve on'. Also did you know we have an app for that? Get more information from Forums Moderator duvi in this thread: 'Microsoft's Suggestion Box for Windows Phone'.

I posted earlier in the week about some bugs members are having with the HTC Titan. As we approached the end of the 30 day trial-period for those who bought the Titan from AT&T for 1 cent, some have taken their Titans back--most are changing to the Samsung Focus S. Forums member Rocket_Girl is doing just that--is it a good idea? You can join the discussion and weigh in with your thoughts in this thread: 'Tried to save the relationship, but it was doomed...'

I had a personal tragedy this week--check out my nonsense in this thread: 'Soldier Down' In the end AT&T saved the day and my family holiday party. What's this all about? You'll have to read the thread...

Once you catch up on all that join us in our Applications Spotlight and Games Spotlight forums where you can help support our developers. Here are some of the great titles posted this week:

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