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WPCentral Poll: Is your Nokia Lumia 900 having any problems?

We've had isolated but frequent reports of certain bug and issues with the popular Nokia Lumia 900. We summarized them in our previous post as they include things like purple-grays on the display, camera shutter button that stops working and issues with the device volume keys not working.

Check it out for more details and once you have pop back here and vote on whether you are having any of those problems. Note: You can vote for multiple items

Did we miss something? Have a theory on what's causing some of them? Want to just pontificate? Lets us know in comments.

Daniel Rubino
Executive Editor

Daniel Rubino is the Executive Editor of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been covering Microsoft here since 2007, back when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, Microsoft Surface, laptops, next-gen computing, and arguing with people on the internet.

  • np
  • Np? There is also a problem with recording videos. Auto focus takes about 20 seconds to focus and the audio while recording doesn't sound good at all. And I have those problems listed in the poll
  • Does WP not allow a manual focus for video? A half press does nothing.
  • Do have several including clicking screen top right when pushed and its definitely a QC issue. Product was rushed to meet the launch date, so few corners had to be cut. Didn't expect this from Nokia. This is what happens when they stop production in Finland and produce them in South Korea.
  • I think they move producion to Mexico also
  • @erzhik...You'd be suprised...The very first N8 I purchased (brand new), I had to send it back; guess where it was manufactured - Finland.
    The second, and current, N8 that I have - and I'm happy to say, I've experienced zilch issues in the 11 months that I've had this device - manufactured in China.
    At the end of the day, QC issues are present at all manufacturing plants, regardless of country; no product or company is exempt.
  • QC is all about testing not manufacturing.  You can have a 10% yield and still ship 100% defect free product if you test thoroughly and catch the 90% that are bad.  The problem is they weren't aware of these issues, so weren't testing for them.  Hopefully now that they are aware of these issues, they are 1) testing for them and not shipping anyone's with obvoius defects, 2) identifying and fixing the manufacturing process for those that are manufacturing defects (e.g. vibrate rattle due to loose camera lens cover) and 3) researching those can be fixed in firmware and 4) communicating which issues are mfg defects (therefore if you have them you need to exchange) and which will be fixed in firmware.
  • Wow, really? I'd much prefer something produced in South Korea rather than Finland.
  • Only issues I have been having is the inability to launch the camera from the launch screen and unable to control the volume from the lock screen as well. This appears to be a software issue and hopefully fixed since wife and I have the same problem. The rattle has always been present but it doesn't bother me as much as others.
  • Ditto to everything you just said. Buttons don't usually work when screen is off. Pretty sure this is the same for all Lumia 900's and hopefully will be addressed in a firmware update. Vibration rattle doesn't bother me at all and isn't really an issue.
  • Anyone have issues with phone getting hot when using fot more than 5 minutes? Mine does when using when on charger
  • I have an 800 ( i know it's the phone in question but anyways ) only issue is the battery.
  • and camera with low light (compared to 4S...)
  • And the 4s sucks in low light compared to new HTC phones - both titan II and 'one' series. Its just inferior camera hardware. Nokia has not put BSI sensors in their cameras, instead opting for conventional ones which only get about 60% of the light compared to what BSI picks up (all other variables equal). Then there's sensor size, aperture, ISP, software. None of these are hugely impressive on the Nokia.
  • I think you mean ISO, not ISP.
  • I have the 900 and i have the same problem.  What do i do?
  • •it's not :D
  • other than the volume buttons not working and camera not turning on.... the other issue im having is every once in a while when i unlock my screen i see a tiny blue line flash vertically on my screen. i dont know what it is and ive seen it on 3 other devices. im hoping they release a new update soon to fix these issues!
  • I see that flash too, but it's never consistent.
  • I have a Nokia lumia 710 I'm having the same issues with but but no one at Nokia seem to care ,my phone lose connection every few days and I have to turn the phone off and back on. Sometimes there is a blue line around my screen when launching a app for a few seconds plus my phone rattles rather than vibrates sometimes for different amounts of time like when the battery completely dies and its charging ,sometimes it will rattle for a few seconds when it get enough strength and other times it rattles for about 20 seconds......i love WP but I might have to get a unlock phone for tmobile or make the switch to iPhone till WP Finnish with the growing pains.
  • I've had the 710 for two months already and I have not had one of the issues you mention. I believe you have a defective one. If the battery dies that quick that is a sure sign. I would call for a warranty replacement.
  • Maybe I'll try a unlock HTC titan.
  • the lumia 800 have exactly the same problems.... my lumia 800 has also a purple screen, but only at the left side. 1cm purple, the rest is fine... these are defective screens i think ... these are not only  lumia 900 problems -_- its crappy hardware :(
  • Take it to assistance. I have an 800 and the display is fantastic, no issues at all !!
  • Mine has this wi-fi issue where it randomly disconnects (it is not the os) For one minute I'll be say watching a video and when I go to the marketplace, I have no connection. I also have the vibrator problem, camera won't wake, and the buttons on the bottom can be unresponsive.
  • This is my only issue.  Wi-Fi is connected, but the phone can't connect to the internet.  I have o go into settings, juggle Wi-Fi off/on, then everything is fine.  Happens maybe everyother day, and sometimes multiple times in a short period.
    The phone has been great beyond that.  Although now that I see this poll, I'm aware of the camera button and volume control issues, and do have both of those.  Those don't bug me though.
  • WiFi issue on my white 900 is very, very annoying. I can deal with the purple screen when on the lowest brightness, but Nokia needs to fix the WiFi issue. The only thing that has kept me from returning it is my laziness in not wanting to reinstall everything.
  • I know this is for Nokia but I'm having the same problem with my HTC Radar 4G WiFi also.
  • For what it's worth my Lumia 800 is fine, no problems here.
  • It's good that you brought this up, because a lot of 1st time WP users wouldn't be aware of the issues; and would assume that it's how WP work.
    Yes, my white Lumia 900 has the "purple effect" at low light and also the camera issue. Also I can't pause  music while using the earphones using the earphone button, althoughI hae no volume colntrol issues...yet.
  • Problems are worse when it gets hot. Yes the phone locked up so bad it would not respond to an input. Would not turn on of off. After a few it self rebooted. It will loose connectivity several times a day requiring a restart.
    On occasion I have sent an email only to have my client call me and ask were the email is. Very disappointed with this device and on occasion have wished I stuck with my focus. :(
  • I have that SAME issue, without the emails not being sent, when I turned in my phone yesterday it booted up and the lock screen just freezes and you can't power it off or do anything.
  • Knock on wood, factory reset fixed connectivity. I called the carrier and they suggest reset before replace.
  • I wish the headphone volume output was louder. Every device I have is much louder than the Lumia. I need the volume to drown out my wheezing and panting on the treadmill.
  • My only problem, I have learned if I hit the camera button just right when the phone is locked it will pull the camera up, is that when the phone is charging the screen responds very poorly.  
  • I don't have a Lumia (stuck with HTC Trophy), but I have had a similar problem on my OG Droid when I was charging with a different plug than the one that came with my phone. It happened when I was in the car, but I noticed the output power of the plug was different than that of my stock charger. Is this happening with stock charger or a third party charger? Just a thought!
  • Yes it is a charger for the Kindle.  I will swap the chargers and see what happens.  Thanks for the tip.
  • The top right corner of the screen clicks because it is able to be wiggled around, it is really appalling when I notice it, though I rarely notice it. I also can barely use buttons from lock screen, and my headphone buttons and sometimes the headphone mic won't work when the phone is locked, with any pair of headphones that I used successfully with my Focus. This is the one that is really peeving me because it is so glaring. Did no one at Nokia plug in some headphones and try this?
  • Poor battery, WiFi won't connect unless dada is disabled, poor camera with focusing issues, creaking in bottom left and clicking in top right corners, those are my issues. Apparently the smartphone beta test is not over.
  • The only issue I have been having with my white lumia 900 has been the top and bottom right corners of the screen will creak when it is pressed.  This is my second lumia, the first only had creaking in the top right corner of the screen.
  • Sheesh I feel lucky I don't have any of the major issues, no rattle, no purple screen.  I hope every who is having these issues get them sorted out.  I don't know if its because this is a popular phone that people want perfect that there seems to be a lot of issues.  Its hard to tell online as the ones with issues are the ones who tend to respond.  I will be curious to see how well reflective this poll is.  Given what Nokia/MS/and AT&T have done so far hopefully they will continue down this path and correct the issues.
  • Cyan model here, preordered, made in Korea. Zero problrms with it.
  • My first post. Only issue I had was camera not starting and I fixed that. Settings-Applications-Pictures+Camera then turn off, "prevent accidental camera launch when phone locked". Now it works. Hope this works. Also can't say enough good about this phone and wp7.5 coming from Samsung Captivate. Love it in fact.
  • By far, my biggest issue (which I also noticed in focus S and all earlier releases of Windows phone 7) has to do with email. I use a pop account and sometimes after downloading many emails, I may send out immediately or simply opt to download the rest of the content from a larger email. Almost every time, all my emails would simply disappear and they would not show up in my in box again until I try to check for email again a few minutes later. Its almost as if the OS gets confused from a recent connection to the email server which may still be in use and simply wipes all emails from the inbox until it can re-sync with the email server. For what it's worth, this happens on two different pop accounts (different mail servers) - one being Notes.
  • My Cyan 900 has most of the issues. I am also on my second one. The first one stopped connecting to my PC and after that would not even charge. I hope Nokia/M$ fix address these issues soon or the phone is going back before my 30 days are up. Sucks because I really like it, those issues not withstanding...
  • The GPS does not locate accurately.  It always thinks I am about 2-3 miles away from my current location.  I am well aware of how to turn the location settings on and off.  Does anyone else have this problem?
  • I have all of the top three. I also have the clicking sound when tapping the top right of the screen where the AT&T logo is. This is on my white Lumina. I didn't have any of these issues on my Cyan model. I traded for the white dew to issues with data they were sold out of Cyan at that time.
  • I just noticed the "clicking sound when tapping the top right of the screen where the AT&T logo is" thingy on my White Lumia 900.
  • I also have the clicking sound when tapping the att logo on my white Lumia 900.
  • I also have this on my Cyan 900.  Blech.
  • oops... double post
  • So far no issue with mu lumia 900
  • Although I know the vibration rattle is there, it really isn't troublesome. I prefer to be able to hear my vibration, too.
  • I agree
  • Yeah, this is the only issue that isn't an issue for me at all.  I like my vibrate to be loud.
  • There is one oddball thing that happened to me this past week twice. While on a call my phone went into speech recognition mode, the phone was flat on my desk and I was talking to the person on speakerphone so I wasn't touching any buttons, it did this twice.
    The second time in happened, I was playing the new Age of Sorcery game and the phone randomly started doing the speech mode again. 
    Mine also rattles like crazy when it vibrates.
  • The same thing happened to my first device - called AT&T and they sent a replacement.
  • I'd add that it is not graceful with the battery dies. It does not shut down early, it seems to crash and burn with a locked app. I had to plug in and hope for the best. I saw nothing onscreen for 15 minutes. I've also had it refuse to recharge. I had to press's every button combo, pull out the sim tray, press that button next to the headphones, and do a rain dance to get it to charge. At that I have no idea what actually made it work. Along that line, my battery does not last me through the day. I keep a tight grip on my background tasks to ensure I'm not the culprit. If I forget to charge during the day, I can get stuck with a dead phone.
  • I'm experiencing the same issue with it shutting down horribly when the battery runs low. Its as if it drains the battery to the last drop and then locks up until there's nothing left. It should be going through shut down when it hits 1% or 2% battery.
  • I cannot be in any apps for more than 1 minute before the phone buzzes and either Bing pops up, the voice control comes on or it exits the app to the multitasking screen.
  • Yea, sometime voice control will just pop open and there is no way to get it to go away except to put the phone in standby.  WTF
  • I had that issue on one of the phones i returned that is a true bug... I would just take the phone back and get a new one...
  • Nokia - FAIL
    Samsung needs to make a WP 7.5 phone FTW!
    I have the WiFi issue and the response I got from Nokia was to stop doing it. %)
    I posted the email in a thread just look me up.
  • I believe the Focus S and Focus Flash are WP 7.5.
  • I have a strange issue when connected to the Nokia charger - if the battery is low and charging, it's almost unusable - swiping doesn't work and screen presses are inaccurate. I found that if I touch search and just hold the backspace button, I get about 10 random characters, like I'm dragging my finger all over the screen. It's quite strange, as it doesn't happen when plugged in to USB or another standard amperage USB charger. Electrical interference? Quite odd. Considering taking it back for a swap.
  • Other:  I have the WiFi issue also where you have to turn it off and back on again to get out to the internet, even though it shows connected.  It has happened at home and at work, so it's not a router/access point issue.  Kind of of annoying, but it doesn't always happen.  I have also seen my WiFi dissconnect for a few seconds, then connect right back.
    I have the purple grays and the camera button for screen wake up issue also.
  • I think that might be a windows issue... I have that same problem on my Titan
    - Volume control unresponsive when using AUX line out to toyota prius, unless both phone & prius radio set fairly high, then some (minor) distortion.
    - There does not seem to be any way to copy/cut and paste groups of cells in office excel.  (OS bug/feature?)
    - Screen rotatrion is overly sensitive to any motion - Brutally annoying when trying to read web sites, like, reading ~.pdf files, in office Word, and when making entries into excel spreadsheet.
    - Text size is unstable, and centering is also unstable when reading web sites, like, and when making entries into excel spreadsheet.
    - Operating system seems  (generally) intermittently unresponsive or slow when trying to close specific applications, & only remedy seems to close all active apps.
    - I still find office Note to be unusable, (but this may be either poor design, or lack of user training . . .  : - )
    - Phone seems randomly 'flackey' with voltage variations.  (discovered this when using a particular 'off-brand' charger, which I dumped, and the problem has not re-occurred.
    - Also esp. slow / unresponsive when battery is low.  (Rarely a problem for me as I keep ikt on a charger in offices, car, home overnight, etc.)
    - Have not found a way to organize saved files into a directory structure on phone.  This inhibits use as business tool, as I have about a thousand client files, each with a few sub-folders, and each sub-folder with multiple specific files (mostly Word, some excel) for each client/matter.  For lack of organization on the phone, I must have my notebook available. 
    * * *  SEE PRECEEDING / NEXT  * * *
    - Lack of USB / bulk file / directory / subdirectory transfer makes carrying organized files impossible.
    - Outlook / Exchange integration is incomplete / sloppy.  Eg:
       - Outlook / Exchange File As field not carried / not used on phone People feature;
       - Outlook / Exchange middle initial not carried onto phone display of names;
       - Outlook / Exchange Company field not carried onto display of name in people list;
       - Outlook / Exchange catagory field not carried onto phone's people list, & not available for sorting, etc..
       - These listed Outlook / Exchange failures are not trivial when business people commonly have over a thousand outlook contacts.  (I have about 3,500)
    SUMMARY:  A great phone, but this Nokia Lumia 900 feels like version 1.0.  It does not begin to approach its potential as a business tool.  I'll need to keep carrying my notebook or, reluctantly, look at something like the "too big" Samsung Galaxy Note.
    ATTENTION MICROSOFT / NOKIA LURKERS:  I want this to work, and would be pleased to privately offer my ( constructive : - ) comments if you private message me.   Regards, Artzznyzz
  • I have the HTC titan and a IOS device. My Iphone 4 is my fall back when I need to perform certain functions my Windows phone can not handle. The limitations of windows phone is more pronounced when trying to deal with file structures. I suggest you try a different OS.
  • Sometimes when I plug in my Lumia 900, it takes FOREVER for it to make the sound that it's plugged in and charging.
  • Almost always it takes 30 plus secs to recognize the that it is plugged in.
  • The rattling of vibration I don't care about.   The camera unlock issue bothers me a bit more but that is most likely software and can be fixed.  The Purple screen thing is the one that's really driving me crazy.  
    Given that I have to sign a 3 year contract in Canada, I really want to have a phone that works perfectly out of the box.   Also given the fact that there are no other high-end Windows Phones even available in the country, I'm sort of stuck between a rock and a hard place.   I'm harassing my carrier now to replace the 2nd Lumia 900 they've given me.
  • My screen don't brightenup in the sunlight when I unlock my phone after some.. It takes like 4 to 6 secs to get brigtenup in the sunlight.. Sometimes, I'm loosing my signal when moving from LTE to 4G. It takes few minutes to seac for 4G when it disconnects from LTE. When I turn ON and OFF Airplane Mode it works fine by gaining 4G signal.
    Other then these two issues.. I'm lvng it.. :)
  • Have the white L900. No problems. Other than my wife wanting one.
  • LOL!
  • Does anyone else have a grainy screen? Midrange colors show a slight grain on the screen that is static when I swipe items across the screen, which makes me think all the pixels aren't firing equally. I'm hoping my screen isn't faulty again, I've already returned the phone because my last one had the "purple grays". I also have the camera and volume rocker issues. Despite all the problems, though, l still love this phone. I just wish quality control could have been better.
  • The only problem I have with my Lumia is that it can't take a picture of itself while it's sitting on my desk looking good so it can then post it's "myspace pics" to my FB. :P
  • u funny!
  • Camera button problem only happened to me once, but now I'm worried that it will happen again without warning.  The issue went away without any conscious effort on my part.  Lasted about a day.
    Still having the WIFI issue: when cellular radio is on, WIFI is very flaky.  The device will connect to a network and will be able to download data for a few minutes, but invariably data will start working about 1-2 minutes later.  I'll go to a website and the loading bar will stop 95% of the way across the screen.... but the device will hang and the page will never load.  Turning WIFI off and then back on fixes the problem temporarily.  
    The WIFI issue is a daily occurance, but I'm going to try to swap my device out later today.
  • I had the Data and Battery Issue when I first got the phone, but as soon as I did the update it fixed all my issues and I have been very pleased with the Lumia 900.
  • Volume button w/ display off problem is happening on my titan...
  • the only issues i was having (on my third lumia btw) first wifi issues and the second one infuriated me everytime i pressed the home button speech would come up and then everytime i tried to back out of it would take me to multitasking now on my third one and no problems to report yet
  • When you have the phone on vibration mode and you make a call. You cannot hear the other party coz the volume has reduced to zero!
  • As much as I really didn't want to, I ended up going back to my Galaxy Nexus. While Android has a ton of minor issues, my Lumia 900 has a HUGE one, and some really annoying small-ish ones.
    1 - The proximity sensor on this thing is a colossal pain in the a$$, but I had mostly gotten used to it. Despite using bluetooth for my calls, I have to avoid the top-left corner of the phone if I want to unmute it, etc. Several times, however, I've been unable to get the screen to turn on - that has screwed me twice in meetings, when I needed to unmute to speak, but the screen wouldn't turn on. That's the issue that made me go back to the GNex. I can't have that crap. My fiance's has the exact same issue. Even after the call ends, the screen won't turn on until I reboot the phone.
    2 - Despite the update, I'm still having signal issues. I get 2-3 bars of HSPA+ pretty much everywhere in my house with the GNex. I got the same with the Lumia 900. Ever since the update, my Lumia 900 is on Edge most of the time in my house. It works fine for calls, etc, but it's annoying as hell to have to listen to GSM noise in all of my speakers again. I thought we were past that crap. Interestingly, my fiance's works fine. I've even swapped out my phone, and it has the same issue. The only difference is the color of the phone. (mine is black, vs her cyan Lumia.)
    3 - I find it hard to believe that everyone isn't having the vibrate issue, to some extent. Perhaps some people are just more tolerant? I don't know. Regardless, I HATE having a phone that's of such obviously high quality having a buzzing rattle every time it vibrates. It's annoying, and it makes the phone sound like a cheap piece of junk.
    4 - This lack of an oleophobic coating was absolutely killing me. I don't like screen protectors, and I shouldn't be forced to get one if I don't want to wipe fingerprints off of my screen constantly. Even the iPhone 3GS had an oleophobic coating, and that phone is 3 years old now. There aren't many phones that don't now. Why did they omit that little niceity on their flagship phone?
    5 - Bing Maps is absolutely HORRIBLE compared to Google Maps. It's a beautiful app, for sure, but more than once I've searched for things that I know exist, only to have it tell me that there were no results. I've not once ever had that problem with Google Maps. There are times when this kind of stuff is critical, and I just can't rely on Bing Maps.
    6 - The issue with the lack of apps has gotten WAY better since I got rid of my Samsung Focus this time last year, but it's still apparent. There are solutions for a bunch of things out there, but quite a few of them fall short. I'm sure this'll be great, in time.
    7 - The volume issue. I like to play games, but I don't want my volume to be loud. Well, below '10', the in-game sound volume decreases, but in-game music does NOT. So, I'm stuck with blaring music, or no sound at all.
    Honestly, having gone back to my GNex, the only thing I really miss is Wordament. My battery life is similar, and I can go back to using the apps I actually prefer for 90% of what I do, not to mention getting Google+ back. And, with the Windows 8 Consumer Preview, I can play Wordament on my desktop, so no big loss at all.
    This definitely isn't my last step into the Windows Phone world, but it's the last one for WP7.5 and the Lumia 900. I'll give it another try once some solid Apollo phones are out. I think that'll be the time when WP really takes off. I'm very hopeful for the platform - I prefer the aesthetics, and the overall feel of it, so I really can't wait to have the total experience I truly want out of it.
  • Yeah, agree with you on the proximity sensor. This happened to me while on a call for the first time the other day. Hasn't happened since. Don't know, it must be some sort of lighting issue?
    Also, the volume is an issue. Not the control buttons but the actual volume level on the phone does not get low enough. In fact, it seems there isn't much of a difference between 1-10.
    My last problem would be its non-ability to sync with share point. Evidently my share point provider (via rackspace) uses an older version of share point (?) so there is a compatibility issue. Don't know, whatever.
    Beautiful phone and I love the UX in windows phone. Can't wait to see WP8.
  • Glad to hear we're not the only ones. I'm completely confident MS will get the little OS snafus ironed out with WP8, and I'm sure Nokia will take all of the feedback they get to heart. I think the first batch of Nokia WP8 phones will be absolutely awesome.
  • I notice when I plug in my charger it can take up to 30 seconds to start charging, same as when I unplug it, it will say it's still charging. Another thing that's delayed is the time it takes to brighten or lower brightness when changing from dim to well lot areas, that too can take up to 30 seconds to react. Never had these problems on the Samy Focus 1st Gen or Focus Flash.
  • I only have one issue. After I updated my 900 I noticed that my battery life has dropped significantly. Before the update my battery time remaining was showing as well over 24 hrs. After the update I'm at 98% battery life now and showing only 12 hrs remaining. That's just awful.
  • I don't think the battery life has dropped, per say, just that they corrected the expectation gauge. I've been pretty happy with battery life. It didn't change before/after the update... I typically got about 18 hours, whether I was on LTE or not. Good enough for a day.
  • First problem was the phone won't slide up for me to answer a call. Then when I was able to open the screen the tiles were wiggly and won't open. Turning off and on corrected this poblem. Then Zune stopped updating podcasts I subscribed to and won't let me download them manually. The worst was when I plugged it in to charge, the charger won't work and had to plug into my Mac to charge the battery.
    I'm now on my second one and this one came with the firmware already updated. Biggest headache is putting all the apps back on the phone. I also lost photos on the phone but I did have sense to put skydrive on the first one and uploading the photos. The videos were downloaded to my Mac so all is not lost but this could have turned out worst.
    Hope this phone works out or back it goes for good. I like the OS and how smooth it works it makes a good second phone but I won't give up my iPhone4s to only have this phone as my sole mobile device.
  • You can log into with your live ID and push all your apps to your phone with the click of a button. It keeps track of all apps you have downloaded.
  • Ray,
    This is like my problems last week on a road trip, which I believe were due to voltage variations with a particular 'off brand' charger, or when the battery was almost completely discharged. 
    The problems went away when unplugged from the 'off brand' charger, and also were not at all evident when on other name brand chargers, or when charging straight USB to computer . . . 
    If you otherwise like the N L 900, I suggest you try changing the charger.  (I did not actually test / measure the voltage on the bad charger, just dumped it.)
  • No problems thus far with my Lumia.
  • One thing I've noticed to always get the camera to work, is turn it sideways to landscape position, hold it like you were going to take a picture and then full press for a full second on the shutter button and it boots right in. Vertically held, i can't get it to boot hardly ever, but sideways it always works. Pretty strange, but it works for me.
  • Only thing I've seen is every now and then when I press the power button to turn device on, the video will scramble ( like a tv station with bad reception) for less than a second. Other than that we've been cruising aling
  • The clicking screen, purple hues, and very bad video and camera
  • I was having the problem with the buttons not working when the screen was off. I fixed it with a reflash through the Lumia 900 forum over at XDA.
  • My main issue is with the capacitive buttons. If I am playing anything over the speaker for a few minutes (game, music, call) the buttons start acting crazy. The back button will act as a hold the voice recognition comes up from a simple tap. The interesting thing is that as soon as I plug headphones in the problem goes away. I've been trying to take it in and swap it out but AT&T can't find me another cyan.
  • I returned my phone and got what seems to be a new batch as the 12084 update was already installed and all issues that are being reported here with the exception of the vibe i do not have (this time).. It might be best for users here to just return the phone and try to get a "new batch one" before the 30 day return policy expires...
  • If I have my phone charging and a 3 pole headphone attached, the phone will going into a blank gray screen, then restart when I remove the headphones after I unplug the USB plug.
  • I'm still having connectivity issues after update. Especially when coming off WiFi. I've even rebooted and rolled back to previous firmware and reinstalled the new firmware again. FIX THIS!!!
  • Both of my lumias (cyan one with data issues that I exchanged for a white one as they had no more cyans) have exhibited some kind of memory management issues. But I guess I'm the only one as I haven't seen anyone else mention the issue. Apps regularly,several times a day, force close on me. Doesn't seem to be app specific, and things are usually fine after I've been returned to the start screen, making me think it is a memory issue. Same apps and setup on my focus did not cause the same behavior. The purple keyboard I can live with. The camera gives me pause. Still trying to figure if I can live with the poor quality photos it puts out (hopeful they can make some software adjustments down the line?). Add in the memory issues, and I just don't know. Love the look, love the screen. Want to love the whole package.
  • Everybody who has problems return your phone with a new one. This is the only way Nokia and AT&A will truly acknowledge the issue. 30 day no question ask policy, use it to make a statement.
  • White Lumia 900. I have the purple screen, but only with automatic brightness on, and then only in low light. I've also had intermittent trouble launching the camera from the lock screen. If I shake my phone violently o can hear a slight wiggle in the shutter button, but that is silly. No other issues. I love this phone, all things considered. Worlds better than the Trophy it replaced.
  • There is the capacitive button issue. Camera focus issue. That's all I have.
  • I just had an issue yesterday where it spazzed out, flashed a low battery symbol, turned off, turned on, vibrated, flashed the low battery symbol, turned off, etc. It didn't stop until I held down the power button for 10 seconds to hard boot it. When it came back on, it still had 35% battery left. 
    That was just a one time occurence, though. 
    Other than that, no problems whatsoever. 
  •   Count yourself lucky: a number of people have a similar issue, except that the phone never comes back on.
    I have (had) a 900, and after letting the battery drain a bit too far it would refuse to power on.  It'd alternate between the low battery symbol, then sometimes boot (and only get as far as the carrier logo) and then power off.  It would do this for hours, regardless of charger used.
    Rogers has taken it back for exchange.  I had the rattle-on-vibrate issue as well (and that sounds just awful, by the way) so hopefully the replacement is better.
    As noted, there's a number of 800 and 900 users posting in Nokia's forums about the low-battery-death-loop with no official word.  
  • Is the vibration ratte supposed to be there, or is this just a problem on a large percentage of phones?  Also, camrea does not wake when I hold it under locked screen.  Personally, the rattle is the biggest dissapointement besides poor/lacking camera hardware.
  • If using speaker audio (with games, music, Skype)the capacitive buttons will randomly activate (e.g. TellMe, search, fast app switch). While using headphones all is well. Issue is pretty widely reported on Nokia forums
  • My wife and I just came from T-mobile where we were using the Radar 4G.  Phone worked great, but network sucked.
    Our Lumias are pretty good with only minor annoyances for the most part...but that's only because I returned one already.  Issues I've run into:
    On the returned device: