WSJ Reviews the Sprint Diamond

Katherine Boehret over at Walt's D|All Things Digital / WSJ site has been using the HTC Touch on Sprint for a week, she's not had a good time:

It reminded me of the brown paper bag book covers my Dad helped me make for schoolbooks when I was a kid: They looked great on the outside, felt sturdy and clean and created a blank canvas for homemade doodles that were often more interesting to me than the books they covered. But my book covers couldn’t change what was underneath; pages of frustrating algebra were just a flip away.

The issue, if the metaphor escapes you, is that she's not a fan of the 'outdated' Windows Mobile operating system (ouch) and how TouchFLO 3D drops you into it so often. While it's true that the standard WM elements don't look so good compared to TouchFLO, the news that the difference is jarring isn't exactly new to our readers.

Otherwise, there's not a lot of crunchy Windows Mobile / spec / performance stuff to be had here beyond Opera 9.5 slightly underperforming.

Thanks to Jerry for the tip!

WC Staff