The X One SE from Brook Gaming lets you use your Xbox controller on any console, even Nintendo Switch

Key Campaign Images2 One Controller All Platform
Key Campaign Images2 One Controller All Platform (Image credit: Brooko Gaming)

When it comes to video games, the controller is a huge part of the experience. It's literally the way we interact with and play our games. Video game controllers can make or break the entire gaming experience. If you can't get to the buttons you need when you need them, you'll never get that solo Fortnite win.

A few years back with the release of the Xbox One series consoles, Microsoft debuted the Xbox One Elite Controller, which many gamers have sworn by ever since. My best friend has one and will barely let me touch it.

One of the more frustrating parts of gaming is that if you play across different consoles (which quite a few of us do), then you have to get used to multiple different types of controllers. And while there is certainly a lot of debate about whether the Xbox One or PlayStation Dualshock controllers are better, it's hard to deny that the Elite Wireless Controller is one of the best controllers to come along in a while.

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Source: Brook Gaming (Image credit: Source: Brook Gaming)

Believe it or not, it actually is possible to use your Xbox controller on PlayStation and Nintendo consoles as well as PC. You'll need to use an adapter and there are a few different ones floating around out there but one of the best ones is the X One SE adapter from a company called Brook Gaming.

The X One SE allows for truly cross-platform gaming by letting you move between consoles with just a flip of a switch. Once you've connected the adapter to each console via Bluetooth, you can quickly swap between them without missing a beat.

Each console maker has created different controllers for different reasons, as they each have unique ways of interacting with their respective consoles. For instance, the PlayStation controllers have a touch pad in the middle while none of the others do.

Brook Gaming has figured out a way to let you use the trackpad capabilities from the PlayStation DualShock controllers on an Xbox controller whether you just need simple tap functions or the complete functionality of the trackpad.

With the X One SE adapter plugged into your Xbox controller, you also have the 6-axis motion controls usable on the PS4 and Switch.

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Source: Brook Gaming (Image credit: Source: Brook Gaming)

The adapter is designed to fit seamlessly with the Xbox Elite Wireless Controller so you won't be thrown off by distracting ergonomics, and it fits perfectly into the Elite Wireless Controller travel case so you can charge wirelessly and play for hours, anytime, anywhere.

Brook Gaming has a micro-USB and a USB-C version of the adapter to fit any type of Xbox controller you have.

Everyone certainly has their own preferences when it comes to gaming, but if you're someone who has mastered pwning noobs with an Xbox controller and wants to bring that domination across to other consoles, you no longer have to settle for a lesser controller.

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