Xbox chief Phil Spencer says 'we need to do better in Europe'

After a Sony executive recently made a bold statement about PlayStation's dominance in Europe, Xbox head honcho, Phil Spencer, has acknowledged the struggle Microsoft's console has had in the region in a new interview.

After an excellent showing at E3 and with Gamescom just around the corner, Xbox seems to be in a pretty good place right now. Exciting features and some quality games are headed the way of Xbox One owners worldwide. But, there's still some work to be done in Europe.

Spencer was speaking in an interview with industry magazine, EDGE:

"We need to do better in Europe. "When I look globally, mainland Europe is definitely an area we want to focus on.""I'm excited about going to Gamescom at the beginning of August, having another press show where we're able to show games that we didn't show [at E3]. So you're going to see brand new games, as well as obviously some repeats, but you're going to see Scalebound, Crackdown, Quantum Break from my friends at Remedy. From a product standpoint, I like where we are. I think the team's doing a great job with the games and building a platform for gamers."

If Microsoft is gunning to capture the hearts of console gamers in Europe, Gamescom is as good a place as any to start. Sony isn't holding a press conference there, deciding to shun the world's largest games show (one that attracts over 300,000 visitors a year) to instead host a briefing in October at Paris Games Week. That leaves the floor wide open for Spencer and the Xbox team to really blow the doors off it.

Not all of Europe conforms to the Sony dominance. The UK, for example, still sees Sony as the market leader but there's still plenty of love for the Xbox One. Microsoft has a big marketing presence for all its products, for one. The holiday season will be key, as ever, but with big titles like Rise of the Tomb Raider and Forza 6 exclusively available on Xbox One as well as huge cross-platform efforts like Fallout 4, there's an argument to be made that the best games really will be available on Xbox. This past holiday season saw good results in the U.S. and UK in particular where significant price cuts were made to the console.

The interview also talks a little about the unified store, Xbox on Windows 10 PCs, thoughts on HoloLens and more. You can check out some of it at the link below. Gamescom is shaping up to be a pretty special event for Xbox fans and we'll be live from Cologne on August 4 to bring you absolutely everything you need to know.

Source: EDGE via VideoGamer

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  • You need to do better everywhere.
  • Windows Phone chief needs to admit their faults in the US..
    Marketing chief needs to visit a confession booth...
  • Forgive me father for I effed up.
  • Lol.. Exactly❕❕❕
  • They are doing better than Sony
  • Sony is doing better than Radio Shack..... Not saying much..
  • Just like your comment is not saying much..
  • At least they're "doing" and in my opinion they're doing a great job. Sony isn't doing nothing at all "4theplayers".
  • For sure. Sony is sitting on their ass, profiting from the fact that the X1 is hardware underspecced compared to the PS4, even though the X1 is better in absolutely every except for occasional 900p vs 1080p.
  • Its 720p of Xbox one vs 900 p of ps4
  • 720p lol if you take a look at the calendar, we are in 2015 not 2013. Surprise!
  • Games look gorgeous either way tbh.
  • really  , my ps4 has way more games and 3rd party exclusives there bringing games we want ( star ocean , dragon quest , two FF exclusives , my x1 is a pile of junk its all 3rd party multy plat or timed exclusives with 5 exclusives and they are junk just more racing BS . your a fanboy because its about the games and sony has around 8 to 1 on them in games and if you count indie games also then that number goes to 15-1 . plus there not greedy like xbox and there policy or charging tax so every digital game in my country if its a triple AAA game is $9 more on my x1. Also live is a mess on the x1 again it was down for 2 days for millions of gamers and psn goes down but nothing even close to the x1. Only a delusinal fanboy could act like xbox is doing anything but fixing a mess they made already and games they dont have even there indie games q a free game on any device but the x1 or toro $23 in canada and so many more junk indie games like scrable.
  • Microsoft is paying for poor strategic decisions. AGAIN.
    Who and why has decided to launch XB1 at much higher price point? Binding with Kinect?
    Games not backward compatible?
    That's poor,poor leadership. Again, the same is with Windows Phone when was launched.
    Charging for OS?
    Restrictions on the hardware/design?
    Yet, some of these leaders are still around. Joe B to start with.
    Sad but true...
  • Not to say some of your points aren't valid but: a) None of us know how much work went into making backwards compatibility happen and for all you know it could have significantly delayed the original launch of the One and b) be grateful for MS having specific hardware requirements, especially for the internals because it helps the phones to have consistent performance regardless of who makes them. MS learned its lesson from the Windows Mobile days when companies would just put the bare minimum to run the OS and performance was all over the place, like Android was in the beginning.
  • I agree with most of what you said, except Joe B. I look at a lot of the decisions that were made for the Xbox One as arrogant. It's a strange relationship I have with Microsoft, I want them to succeed, but not dominate because its when they do they forget about their customers and what made them #1.
  • For example in my country you mostly see Samsung commercials, followed by Apple, LG, Sony, Huawei and Lumia.. So yeah Lumia is there, but mostly low end devices.
  • Take off the monthly subscription and you will see the BIG difference.
  • Not likely. Sony charges a subscription too so that clearly isn't that much of a barrier.
  • I say that Phil Spencer will deliver his promise. He tries everyday to get the Xbox One to be the best entertainment console yet. And with the best exclusives, Xbox is going to SMASH gamescom! And with Windows 10 around the corner, when its on ALL phones, PCs, tablets and of course, the Xbox One, Sony will have to watch out. Because the Xbox One still has a few tricks up it's sleeve.
  • I like that Phil is actually a gamer himself. That's a pretty special thing to have running the Xbox division. You can see every time he speaks that he's really into making Xbox the absolute best it can be and it's kind of infectious. Can't wait for Gamescom!
  • Same here, having someone who doesn't like games running a console division never makes sense. Although I particularly wish the streetfighter 5 situation could have been handled with alot more finnese. What happens when we don't see any SF5 action on the x1? So what happens when all those tournments switch to the PS4? Will they switch back to the X1 for SF6? Which is no doubt several years down the line, time will tell.. I just hope this doesn't become held against at his tenure as he is doing alot of amazing things for the fans.  
  • Get SF5 for PC and use Xbox One controller. SF4 on PC with Xbox One controller works extremely well for me.
  • It would be better if he also tried to make at least a decent effort in Windows gaming, after all Windows is as much a Microsoft platform as the Xbox is; just because Microsoft fucked up and allowed Valve to take over does not mean its a good idea to continue abandoning the PC when it comes to exclusive Microsoft IP's such as Halo that had a good run on PC before Microsoft ditched all PC fans of the franchise who played the first two games. Until Halo comes back to PC I don't want to hear anything Spencer has got to say.
  •   MS is now making a serious effort towards PC gaming.  On the content side, they are starting off Win 10 right with croos platform/cross buy for Fable Legends and Killer Instinct.   On the platform side, MS will have directx 12 along with a much better Xbox experience for windows. Plus, they are working closely with the major VR players on PC to natively support that hardware. Honestly, MS is doing and planning to do more for PC gaming then they have in a long time, and its great to see. Halo may show up sooner rather than later, but right now the Xbox One still needs some exclusives to drive adoption. Until MS does not need to worry about X1 adoption, some games will not be cross platform at launch.
  • The big mistake is trying to think of Xbox and Windows as different platforms, while they both should have the same importance for Microsoft, and the real competition should be Sony with PS4. Plus most people that want to buy a console are deciding between X1 and PS4, not even considering PC, so putting Xbox exclusives on PC as well as Xbox would unlikely have a major inpack on Xbox sales, however it will have a big impact on Microsoft's PC efforts, because most PC gamers are not going to buy an Xbox no matter what exclusives it has; so the thinking that each PC sale is a lost Xbox sale is simply wrong. As for Fable Legends, thats free-to-play so not worth a mention, especially with Microsofts track record with free-to-play games that were shut down soon after launch screwing everyone who took part, such as AOEO and Flight. As for Killer Instinct thats a fighter game, which imo is kind of a niche segment.    
  • If they did PC and Xbox cross buy on all titles that are available on both a PC sale would be an Xbox sale, technically. :)  
  • I don't understand how Phil's Gamerscore is so low. Like, he's been with Xbox since the start. Just by occassionally playing games his Gamerscore should be triple to quadruple what it is.
  • He probably has one for work (testing, etc), one for leisure....
  • Exactly! Phil Spencer is the best things to happen to the Xbox. Period. Last night I was streaming Arkham Knight to my Surface 3 flawlessly whilst the missus hogged the TV. It's so evident he cares so much and like you say it is infectious. I am surprised the market share for Sony is THAT high though...
  • And as always Sweden, Norway,Finland,Denmark, Ireland and so on will not get everything that our Xbox players in Usa will get. Hell! We don't have Bing rewards, No Cortana, no Voice control whit the Kinect and not even the TV is working correctly here in Europe whit Xbox one. Xbox is basically just a weaker console than Playstation whitout this.
  • Regional stuff is hard. Especially when it comes to languages. Translating is one thing, teaching the Kinect to hear Swedish, Danish and however many other languages in the world is a huge task.
  • Scandinavians do speak English. So just let us speak English instead and the problem is solved.
  • It's not just language, it's dialect; even if countries speak the same language, they often have different words for different things. That's why you often see settings for 'US English' as well as 'UK English'. All of that needs to be accounted for.
  • That's a nice theory but if that were the only hurdle we would have Cortana in Canada, and we don't.
  • Right, I'm sure there is a bigger difference between english in Alabama and New York then there is between New York and all of Canada.
  • thats a bs excuse
  • There's a UserVoice for that. Vote away:
  • No its bs.... they have been touting translating software for years now... its made its way into Skype. I am from Ireland and when i set my Xbox to ANY English speaking country it understands me, understands my Polish mate fine. I'd nearly say most non native English speaking people in Europe speak more clearly and better than the English, I know we Irish butcher the English language but i got sweet eff all with it set to Ireland. I wouldn't mind so much if their European headquarters wasn't here. No Bing rewards... My biggest hatred is Europe has a good chunk of the WP market share, average somewhere round 10% in Europe... 10% of 900 million people. and yet America with its 4% of 300 million gets every... single... perk, and we get left in the gutter. We are paying for WP along with India so give us what you show off at shows or don't show it. And lastly they killed what momentum Nokia built, stone dead.... WP is in more markets than ever and its market share is dropping... Nokia released a minimum of 3 phones a quarter, it was good at filling gaps... Yes their cheap phones sold the most and Microsoft should keep up the pressure and release them in more markets, but they stopped all the other phones. Phones that grab headlines. Why do people buy cheap Samsungs? because they know a Galaxy is good... They'll be lucky to get 4 phone releases this year... I was waiting on the 930 before 2013 christmass, got released in January for Verizon.... For some melt head reason they waited 4 months to announce the actual 930... For an even more bizarre reason they didn't already have it in production (must of been the different colours) and it took 2 months to get to a shop (5 here in Ireland). No 1020 replacement to be seen anywhere, its been over a year since the 930 made it to retail and sill no new flagship. When one eventually does come it will be 2 years since I saw the new rumored 929 on this site... Microsoft is trying to shimmy its way into more marketshare when Apple and Google are going at it with sledge hammers... And that is why i bought a Nexus. I am sick... of waiting, Microsoft make you drool and then let you die of dehydration Ps: Sorry for that, been building for months
  • Well I kind of agree with you. This US only shit going nowhere. There are no commitment at all in Europe only getting the basic stuff and that sux. Why no for example an cortana version in english worldwide? I and several millions would like to grab Cortana except changing language. Lots of people manage very well in English here in Europe but it seems like THEY OVER THERE don't understand that
  • You can already have English voice commands everywhere.
  • Well i'm not sure about now but i wasnt able to use anything on the Irish setting because it wasn't enabled... so i had to set it to the UK or US for voice... and then its fine... but as Hellstrm said why not just have an english setting instead of country setting. Day one it should of had English, French, Spanish and Portugees and German thats about half of Europe, half of Africa, and all south America plus Austrailia and Canada and USA, a good chunk of the world... Sure half of the USA speaks Spanish and do they even bother with that? Also why are they bringing Cortana to iOS and Andriod when not even half of WP uses get to use it...
  • Seriously, why can't you use English with your Kinect? What's so weird about giving your commands in English? I live in Sweden and I've never had an issue with Kinect. As for the other things you mention, they will come eventually, sooner or later.
  • Like they fully support voice commands with Xbox360 in non-US/UK regions.... Its never gonna come... There is a better chance that you will see cortna english support on iPhone/Android than it appear on Win/WP...
  • What you said is absolutely right. We have voice control but there is no text-to-speech and is not native to the country's accent. I love the What's On section, but it isn't available in Ireland, I have to switch to UK. Thought I do not agree that the system is weaker than PS4, I think they really should improve in Europe. How hard is it to make the What's On section available everywhere and if they allow us t o choose a spoken language from another country, how hard is it to make Cortana available? We also never get price cuts or deals. And competitions aren't available. I wanted to participate in a Forza Competition. UK and US only. Kimect Sports? Select markets only
  • I can't even buy an XBL Gold subscription and we've been in the EU for 10 years.
  • XBL Gold is nearly everywhere. Where do you live?
  • Better start offering Windows Phones with Xbox's. Start having Xbox "hands on" at "not the norm" places. Set up more shops. MS is easier than you think.
  • Ooohh..., that might be the greatest idea I have ever heard so far today!
  • Yeah, MS has no idea how to push a product on people.... Apple does...
    I like the way Apple does things... Apple is smart. Much smarter than MS...
    Don't really care for how Samsung does things. At least Apple pushes a good product.
  • Apple is A LOT weaker in Europe than Samsung. So if they're following someone's lead in Europe, better follow Samsung.
  • True, true.... That fact is that MS shouldn't be following ANYONE'S lead... SMDH.
  • Microsoft's marketing in Europe is better than Apple's.
  • But, not in the US... That's sad.
  • yea the only problem is we in Europe only get half whats advertised so no-one wins
  • Apple is smart? More like its customers/fans are dumb.
  • Yes❕ They are smart enough to realize that the average consumer is uninformed.. That's where MS fails❕
  • While i agree Apples marketing is an A+ i think its more important on how Samsung came to rise. The 2012 Summer Olympics were GENIUS for Samsung. They learned how to use the broad/general marketing of Apple, with its catchy background music, smart ass slick comments about the competition. They figured it out. The rest is history. Now samsung can air a commercial saying "the next big thing is here again" and people start talking. I can only think of two companies that can do that. The Surface campaign is working, with the partnership of the NFL for example. But now MS needs more, they need to OWN the official sponsor of the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio. Every single time the Olympics go on break, an MS ad showcases Lumia, Surface, Windows on PC and Mobile devices, and how Microsoft's services work in the background.
  • That would be a great idea however they sort of stopped using the xbox brand to promote the phone i.e music app is no longer called xbox music in the app list or when pinned, same with Video despite when you launch the app it says right there in the app. However it would be a good promotional move if they can get several cross play, cross buy titles across Phones, Xbox and Windows PC. Without such titles the promotion may not carry to much weight. No doubt it will help sell phones, maybe a flagship halo bundle  (halo branded xbox, phone, halo 5, MMC and perhaps an exclusive controller)? It would be easier for them to leverage their own IP never the less having other branded bundles would definitely help like fable {as it supports cross-play}, tomb raider etc.  
  • You're right, did not think about that. They are moving away from Xbox branding. I guess it's "Microsoft" from here on out. "Get a Xbox One with a Microsoft Lumia...". Guess they really do need a XPhone.
  • I suggested this with the Zune. If they listened, kids would have been dumping the ipods for the Zunes.
  • Possibly so... But, the marketing would've killed it..
  • If Microsoft did make all their products and services available worldwide and did full marketing they would be in trouble! With a games console, tablets, phones, backend services, browser, OS etc etc, it would be antitrust times again.....
  • Antitrust was not about making available their products/services worldwide... but using their dominant position to stop/kill competition... MS is in no position to curb competition.... They are the competition that is being killed by Apple/Google
  • Windows on PC's is currently 91%, so no real competition from Google/Apple there. Office is dominant over anything from Google/Apple. Microsoft makes more money from Android than Google does. Edge/IE browser still dominates Google/Apple offerings. Microsoft dominates Enterprise and that market share will only grow with Windows 10. Microsoft backend and cloud platforms dominate. The list goes on.....add in all their patents and they are not too far from too much dominance to trigger an antirust action.
  • Xbox needs to do better in Europe and in Japan. I think Japan is lost so you might want to focus on South America or something.
  • Giving away free phones with the xbox is a genius idea!
  • I said this ten years ago with the Zune. Give away the Zunes with the Xbox and they would have blew past the iPod.
  • Someone discovered gunpowder... Here's a tip, Spencer: Start offering in Europe the same price cuts and promotions you do in the US. Don't treat the US as a special child. Sony doesn't do it.
  • Consoles or games? Because where I am the Xbox One has been hacked down in price plenty of times in the course of the last 12 months.
  • Then you're probably in the UK. In Ireland, the 500GB Xbox costs €399.99 and the 1TB Xbox costs €449.99. I don't care about the price but new consumers do.
  • Convert those prices to GBP and that's less than we have to pay if you look at the Microsoft RRP. About £20 less on the 500GB. So I'd say we're probably worse off ;-)
  • Both. Unfortunately Microsoft doesn't seem to use the same standard across Europe. When it comes to the consoles, Microsoft has never hacked down the price around Europe. Actually even in the UK, if I remember correctly (and correct me if I'm wrong) it were retailers that lowered the prices. As for the games, PS4 games are normally cheaper too with Microsoft not doing anything in that department either. Add to that the miserable consumer support they have in many European countries and it's not hard to see why the PS rules supreme here in the old continent. For example, I had a conversation with some Microsoft execs here and what I was told was that they were working closely with many indie developers to bring exclusive contents to the XB1. Well, I'll tell you the amount of times anything came out of that effort: zero. When the time comes, Microsoft drops the ball and doesn't push marketing at all. And so the developers end up leaving. This is also easily visible in the amount of ads. I've never seen an Xbox One ad on TV here (nor Windows Phone for that matter). The only place in Europe I've so far seen these was, precisely, during my holidays in England.   So put together the US-first mentality, the lack of cross-continental promotions, the high prices of games (compared with the PS4 which are generally cheaper) and the complete lack of proximity with the consumer and you can easily see why Sony is beating them. 
  • What do you know... You only have a Lumia 640XL, and you go ranting around the internet about how high end it is compared to the Z3... SMDH... Should've waited for Cityman..
  • Microsoft did cut the base price in the UK. And basically stayed there with the arrival of the 1TB.
  • No, it's even better. In Germany, MS shows ads on Disney Channel. Next ad is from Lego completely ignoring the platforms from the MS ad. Next is some super brand-new something, same procedure. Another channel, same MS ad, other products ignoring MS. It's ridiculous. There is no partnership evangelism apart from the dev community. Those are not the decision makers.
  • You need to start listening to us....not just the parts you want to hear.
  • Yeah, that's not going to happen.
  • Lol... This is all about marketing...
    Been saying it for years.. Marketing needs major improvement.
  • Stop the presses! A guy, at Microsoft, actually said they need to do better in Europe!?!?! Now I believe in Unicorns. If only the rest of the company could try to think like that.
  • He must have been the first Microsoft employee in history, to realise that their are other countries other than the US. Maybe we'll see less US Only in the future.
  • So, you're sitting here saying that the US isn't the only county❔ Have you lost it❔
    Give me some of what this guy is smoking.
  • Yes!! Skip America for once! Just for one year!! Give all the costumers what they deserve
  • That would be really really stupid. The US is their biggest market.
  • What he means is skip US only sh1t for 1 year and make available all products/apps/services across EU/Asia and treat them as first class citizen for once if they want to improve their marketshare...
  • Well I think this is mostly Microsofts own fault. You can't just release the console over a half a year after the US and your competitor and then just don't offer some key services but still ask for the same price or even higher than countries where those services are available and still expect to do well in these markets. If they'd offer some of the same bundles and special offers as in the US and deliver the same service they would have a good standing. But this would require them to think global and not just US(+CAN,GB and DE sometimes). Something they weren't capable of with Windows Phone either.
  • Yes! This is another example of how the Kinect decision pulled the One down. People were pissed about this in those regions. The One should have launched Kinectless on day one. It should have been designed with the Kinect in mind, but not dependent on it. I think the UI still suffers as well from that decision as well. They could have still released versions that included Kinect vouchers or something. For all their efforts to push Kinect, there are fewer games and less Kinect development on the One than 360.
  • Microsoft should do much much much more here in Latin América!
  • I'm just waiting for the RE5 port. Otherwise my Xone is just collecting dust.
  • No love for Asia?
  • The Xbox feels broken right now. Before they can do better, they need to fix what's wrong right now.
  • How is it broken, are you high?
  • I will say - Do your work and RELAX. You cannot control the outcomes. So STOP thinking about them.
  • Maybe they should start with enabling more features in more EU countries. We have had X1 for quite a long time and....TV tuner became available only few days ago, in Poland, acountry where 90% of TV is DVB-T based!, XboX Video and XboX Music are not available, Spotify is the only option, they are just shipping a gaming console. Without the core entertainment features of Xbox, players stand in front of a choice of two pure gaming consoles, hence no wonder they are choosing PS4, for sheer gaming experience it's better. If, on the other hand, we had all those entertainment features, Xbox would have a stick with which it could compete with PS4. The marketing of "one device to rule your living room" would work if the deevice worked the way it was marketed.
  • There is no better way to get a marketing backlash than to pump up expectations and not delivering them. Frustrated customers will flee from your product even if it is better than competition. This is exactly what Microsoft is doing with Europe. I am in Belgium and we have no Bing local search, no Cortana (and even if you enable it by setting your WP to France, it is useless cause no local search and geofencing is not working), no Kinect voice commands, ...
    And of course, the shops are following the customers and reinforcing the effect. Last Christmas, I had a look at advertisement from supermarkets and toy shops and they were easylly putting 3 pages of PS4 ads for 1 page of XbOne.
    What Microsoft needs is a simple motto like "Microsoft, empowering the World" and then they should gauge all their products and product releases against it. Seen from Europe, the initial marketing for XbOne did not feel like "Empowering the World" but rather like "Providing the best TV remote control to the US"...(TV!TV!TV!TV!TV!TV!TV!TV!TV! :-) )
  • Still baffles me that PS4 is doing so well though. I have both Xbox One and PS4, Xbox One is my main hub, setup box connected via HDMI input, use media center, Netflix and play all my games on the One. I dunno... Xbox One is or something. Only game I play on PS4 is Last of Us Remastered. That's it. Other than that it's a dust collector. Looking out for Uncharted though.
  • Use Media Center, ya right.
  • No shit. They need to realize there's a world outside the US. Things like Bing also need to be better here.
  • You'll never do better in Europe unless you start treating us equally to US market. Band is the perfect example of how to make enemies in here by not officially selling it.
  • Services. Just give us the same services like in US along with MS Band and other stuff. And you'll do just great. 
  • Come to some sort of agreement with R* and give away GTA5 for just one weekend. Then start giving away higher quality AAA games in the Games With Gold.
  • From the view of an (European) XB1 owner and considering the zealous mindset of the most vocal parts of the gamer culture one must concede that whatever Microsoft is planning to do to change the situation on the continent, XBox still will be second place by a substantial margin once this generation will have come to an end. Sad but true. The old MS management literally begged for it. - TV - 'always'(once in 24 hrs)-on - intended destruction of used games market - privacy intrusion via kinect (this) - less powerful hardware
  • X1 also has this, deserved, image of being an FPS-box. There are now more interesting titles coming out which might help the box along. Well, I'll still stick with my pc + wiiu combo, I need at least 6 interesting, exclusive titles for me to get either X1 or PS4 (I do not care about fps or racing).
  • It is because counties in Europe fell for the sony hype. So what if Sony has a 70% to 90% market share in Europe. That's another two major holidays Microsoft has to the end of the year to boost sales, and I really don't see anything coming from the Sony to derail the momentum that microsoft had at E3. Prices cuts, games, new controller, new OS, PC and xbox one interaction, direct x 12. So if that doesn't help then nothing will. You can't ask for more.
  • Try with a price cut boy... We can't stand the 1:1 $/€ conversion
  • It's probably never going to be the same price as in the US due to VAT and import fees. For us in the US, our taxes are added on once we get to the register so the price is increased at the time of purchase but varies from state to state.
  • Wow! So many Europeans here right now that also think that Microsoft only focus is Usa. Xbox one is nothing more than a weaker Playstation here.
  • They need to pay Sling to license their tech in the XBOX One, and make the XB1 a functioning cable streaming box as well. That would be a killer function to add........its a PC, it has to be possible. If we can stream games, there's no reason video passing through the input couldn't be streamed as well. Hell, I don't even know if they would need to license Sling, they might be able to do it without.
  • Im actually buying an Xbox One in a few months. Sony isn't caring for the PS users. However Microsoft is actually caring by releasing new updates and features. I've tried PS4, and it is a horrible buggy mess
  • Well, the spec argument between the ps4 and the xbox one is a bit over-inflated in my opinion. The ps4 has marginally better specs but they are not deal breakers in any way from how I see it. And not that big of an advantage that can not be overcome by optimizing performance  - something MS seems keen on doing as much as they can on their end with dx12 and the new OS and whatnot. From then on, it's in the hands of the devs. As most of the differentiating features of the Xbox One don't work in mainland Europe (Cortana, Xbox Movies, Xbox Music, TV/set top box functionality), the deciding factor is going to be games and the Xbox seems to have more going for it at this point (based on E3 this year). Then again game preferences are subjective and the social factor (what's the console most of your friends are playing on) plays a huge role as well.
  • They should start sponsoring Uefa champions league.. PS is doing that since a decade.. Or at least couple of leagues..
  • Start by making more languages available for Kinect and Cortana!! Swedish Plz!! And the TV/set
  • Microsoft only interested in Americans ( Xbox serbices, rewards, US centric sports) and European gamers can smell Microsofts US centric stance a mile off.
  •    Games sell systems and the One has an excellent lineup coming out in the next few months. It shouold definitely help with the sales.