Xbox head says Kinect development continues for Xbox One, talks Windows 10 gaming

Xbox with Kinect
Xbox with Kinect (Image credit: Microsoft)

Microsoft made the decision over a year ago to begin selling the Xbox One without the Kinect motion sensor, making it an optional accessory instead of a requirement for the console. In a new interview, Microsoft's Xbox leader Phil Spencer says that the company will continue to develop applications for the Xbox One that will work with the Kinect device.

In a chat with GamesRadar, Spencer says:

"The teams continue to look at ways that Kinect makes the entertainment experience better. I'd say the area that hasn't really landed – and I don't know if it will – is, 'Is Kinect integral to all of the core gaming scenarios on our console in terms of minute-to-minute gameplay?' There are genres where Kinect works really well, but if you're playing Halo or Call Of Duty, there's not really a scenario that says, 'Hey, I need a Kinect.' There is a lot of excitement, and there are still announcements to come about what people are doing with it. But [Kinect's] place will be earned through the experiences that are out there and the developers that show interest."

Spencer also spoke in general terms about their Windows 10 plans for gaming, admitting that their previous Games for Windows Live service was not a success. He stated:

"But GFWL, I don't want to dodge it, I'm not going to say it's not something we had before. But the Xbox team is fully committed to expanding what we're doing across all of the Windows 10 devices, and we're getting the response – at least from the developer community – that [it] means something."

In addition, Spencer commented on Microsoft HoloLens, saying that the company has not yet announced it as an Xbox accessory and that the plan at the moment is for it to work as a standalone device. As far as virtual reality headsets, Spencer seemed open to the idea for the Xbox One, saying:

"I look at VR as an interesting space. It's certainly different to the mixed reality we do with HoloLens, but there's nothing that precludes us from doing something in the VR space."

Source: GamesRadar

John Callaham