The Xbox One game Chariot can link to Philips Hue connected lights

The Xbox One 2D platformer game Chariot has been updated so it can link to the popular Philips Hue series of connected lights. The lights change color and tone in time with what's happening in the game.

Philips stated:

"With over one million downloads worldwide, Chariot is a popular couch co-op platformer with rich, vibrant colours and out-of-this-world graphics and environments. It is now able to control all the Philips Hue lights in the room to reflect in real time what is happening in the game. Different lights are connected together to create a unique ambiance with hundreds of colours for the ultimate immersion in the game universe. When enemies attack, Hue lights blink red. When colourful plants bloom, their colours are reflected in the room. From subtle shifts to sudden bursts, everything onscreen is reflected in a Hue-enabled space. "

This is the first such video game that has been updated to connect to the Philips Hue lights.

Source: Philips (opens in new tab)

  • Wow, this seems to deliver on what AMBX was supposed to years ago. A lighting system that dynamically changes based on what's on screen. I still have the AMBX system attached to my PC and works GREAT when it works, but no console support. wonder if MS could add native support in the xbox one so all games/apps could take advantage.   Also wonder when the Hue system would be a bit more affordable.
  • AmiPi hacks
  • please elaborate
  • I guess it would be easy to reflect the colors on the screen but things like the flashing red when you get attacked should be more complicated without the help of the games developers. But they could release some kind of SDK to make it more easy to implement this.
  • Need. More. Hue bulbs.
  • Yes. This sounds really cool
  • Is the thing on the floor a philips living colour that can be connected by wifi?
  • Philips made some Hue versions of that stuff. I know one of them is the Bloom.
  • So what do I need? this and it can be connected or do I need some sort of Wifi bridge to connect the light to the wifi?
  • No you need the wifi connected ones:
  • Nice! I have two downlights on my living room ceiling and a lightstrip on the tv console! I am going to try this out tonight!
  • And they make no official app for the hue light system.
  • Who cares.  Use Huetro or Oni.  Offical Hue app on iPad sucks too.
  • I use Huetro, but it has not been working on the windows 10 preview on my 1520... But it works fine on the surface pro 2 and with the Tap (this needs to be setup in the app).  
  • Weird, Huetro works great on my HTC M8 with the preview.  Chalk it up to the joys of using a preview OS, I suppose!
  • Now if pornhub would just get on board.
  • Just tried it out - the game crashes when it tries to auto discover my bridge.  That's dissapointing; wonder if it's because I have the preview OS?
  • Do you have any living whites bulbs connected to your Hue Bridge?
  • I was told to contact support here:   A Chariot community rep on Reddit said that this is caused by a Bridge that has out of date software. I checked for software updates and it says that none are avaiable.
  • OK I have completely same setup as my friend apart from i have some extra living white bulbs connected to my hue bridge, everytime i tried to connect the game to my Hue Bridge the game would crash i have since used a spare hue bridge and connected a few of my normal bulbs and the game connects fine. So this is either a faulty Hue Bridge or because I had living white bulbs connected to it, guess i'll find out once i reconnect my living whites upto this new bridge.
  • Mine is now working I also had preview OS i'm using a different Bridge now and all seems fine, maybe try resetting your bridge and starting from scratch not ideal i had to do it with the spare Bridge took me a while but all works fine now.
  • Update, this crashing seems to be caused when my living whites are connected up to my Phillips Hue Bridge.
  • Interesting.  I'll try without the white lights, too.
  • That's very cool!
  • My first LCD tv, a Philips, had dynamic fluorescent lighting in the rear that would light up the wall begin the tv with the prominent on-screen color. An interesting concept but a huge waste of energy, worse on the eyes and probably awful looking with certain colored walls or noisy wall coverings.
  • waste of energy?  these only use 9 W. and it has the whole gamut of colors (millions) so you can have your traditional yellows in addition to all the other colors. and these are LED bulbs.
  • Um. K
  • Are we likely to see anymore games using the Hue Bulb system as this is awesome?
  • Yeah this is great. So no real reason why this couldn't also be an Xbox one app to control hue while watching tv right? ie dynamic lighting without buying the special Philips tvs
  • Thanks for the article.  I got Chariot for free from Games With Gold, but never tried it.  Just gave it a try tonight because of the Hue Lights integration.  Worth buying just for that!  I had to update my Hue firmware, which was slightly difficult..  Luckily I could still power on my old Droid Incredible, download Hue app for Android and "Check for Updates".  Definately need a Hue universal app!  I want to control hue via kinect!    +1 for being made with SideFx Houdini +10 for implementing Hue!