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Xbox One records best U.S. sales ever in December 2015, still loses out to PlayStation 4

Xbox One sales reached a new high point in the U.S during December 2015, according to a new report from the research firm The NPD Group. However, it wasn't enough to beat sales of Sony's rival PlayStation 4 for both the month and the entire year of 2015.

According to

"As an indication of the strength of the new consoles, December 2015 marked the best month to date of PS4 unit sales as well as the Xbox One. With growth over 2014 for both these consoles, 2015 was the best year for PS4 and Xbox One hardware unit sales."

The NPD Group did not reveal specific hardware sales numbers for the consoles, but it did state that total console hardware sales dropped by 6 percent in December 2015 compared to a year ago, thanks mostly to a huge 71 percent drop in last-generation console sales along with a 32 percent decrease in portable console sales.

The NPD Group also posted an update on sales of both consoles since they launched in November 2013:

"After 26 months of sales, the combined cumulative sales of Xbox One and PS4 exceeds the 26 month total of the PS3 and Xbox 360 by 47 per cent. The lead from the prior generation has expanded due to the strong PS4 and Xbox One 2015 holiday, going from 38 per cent by the end of October, growing to 47 per cent by the end of November, and maintaining 47 per cent higher sales by the end of December,"

Activision's Call of Duty Black Ops III was the best selling game in retail stores in the U.S., both in December 2015 and for the entire year.


  • It still gonna lose in 2016 when SF5 comes out...
  • Indeed they will probably lose in gross sales, but you're mental if you think that SF5 is as big a pusher of hardware that you seem to be indicating.
  • you say SF5 like we know what the **** it is...San Francisco Five?
  • Street Fighter 5.
  • LOL good one
  • lmao sf5 is coming out for windows pc.....
  • If they can make SF4 backwards compatible, that will keep me satisfied for a while... At least until the next Soul Caliber... But Street Fighter had never been a console pusher.
  • Yeah, it was. Back when Super Nintendo reigned supreme. Lol
  • Except Street Fighter has always been console inclusive. I am sure I have owned some iteration of it on every console I owned, except some of the more obscure Sega Systems...
  • Street Fighter has a very dedicated fan base but it's small compared to most AAA titles.
  • I count myself among that fan base... strongly... but it still wasn't enough for me to go PS4. In fact, I just signed up for steam so that I can play the one ps4 exclusive I want.
  • This. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • That is not the game that will make them lose.
  • SFV is gonna be huge, so looking forward to it!!
  • Nope
  • Sony drooped the price of the ps4 for holidays. No clue why .. It's their only business unit that isn't tanking and their financials are bad enough already ...making no profit on the ps4 is a dumb move. But I guess that's why they're in the situation they're in.
  • Stop being a Microsoft lackey. I'm sure Microsoft would Never think about suck a strategy. Seening someone complaiming that a system had a price drop is idiotic.
  • MS got money..... Sony needs money that's a fact
  • The OP clearly questioned whether Sony could/ought to afford the price drop. It's not price drops themselves the OP was questioning, which Microsoft has done as you say. The OP's point wasn't that Microsoft has also done it, but whether Sony could afford to do it.
  • This is true in regards to Sony.  They are not in a good financial place.  Their insurance company and Japan and the PS4 the last two years are basically all that has been keeping them afloat.  Dropping the price on the PS4 eats into that.   However, I think the answer is that they had no choice.  They probably have market research that shows a less expensive Xbox One eating into their sales.  They're trying to keep the momentum that is currently outpacing the PS2. The truth is that BOTH the X1 and PS4 are doing incredibly well in console sales.  I expect the X1 will have over 30 million by the end of 2016 abd the PS4 may be at around 50.  Those are incredible numbers for BOTH.  The Xbox One has the potential to hit 100 million, outselling the X360 (without the red ring of death). A bigger question is whether Sony will survive into the next gen or will the PS4 be the last and the Xbox be the only hardcore gaming console in the next gen.
  • I’m wondering this as well, mostly because what I’ve seen from Sony with the success of the ps4 is complacency and arrogance - both of those have made them go from one the best know tech companies in the world to near bankruptcy levels in less than 10 years. The arrogance part comes with the PSVR: On January 7th (the same day Oculus opened the preorders for the Rift) a listing appeared on amazon Canada for the headset. The price tag? $800. Couple that with the ps2/ps1 like games Sony has shown at their PSX for the VR. Yeah no thanks. Btw this is what those games look like: In addition (IMHO) Sony turned into MS of the 360 era i.e. instead of multiple good triple A first party games, they rely on third party marketing deals and gazillion indies that I can easily play on my phone/tablet/fridge etc.
  • Both companies drop prices on holidays. Don't justify Microsoft.
  • Microsoft could afford to. Not sure that's true about Sony.
  • I have you say I agree. All they seem to care about is coming first place... At any cost.
  • MS is trying to catch up with Sony is why. First place means a lot of money for any company and since MS announced some pretty great deals around Christmas, Sony had to follow suit and they did it successfully. Walking into any retailer, I found PS4s were within $20 of the XB1 thus taking away from MS sales. It was close enough that anyone who was casually thinking about getting the XB1 could just spend the extra $20 for the PS4 simply because it's a Playstation. Sony saved themselves by reacting quickly and if they didn't do that, MS would have came in first. Consoles are loss leaders to some degree and both companies make money on subscriptions and can command higher fees to game developers when there is a larger installed base among other things. So, it's at that cost to be first place, because money at the end.
  • At the end of the day, customers don't really care about numbers. It becomes a mind game that companies play on customer. Neither one is suffering, in terms of console sales. One will always be on top, at some point. At the end of the day, it comes down to, which do YOU prefer?
  • You know nothing of their profits. 1. The last generation of consoles sold at a massive loss for a while. 2. Profits come from software (games) and services (XBL/PSN), not hardware. 3. PRoduction costs can drop sharply in a hurry, so they could still be pulling a small profit after 2 years of hardware releases.
  • Sony isn't as broke as you think. They're extremely diversified. They're in everything from insurance, to tv/movies/music. The ps3 also beat x360 by the end of last gen, the ps4 is taking this gen. They'll be fine, and rarely had to throw piles of money at developers for timed exclusives like Microsoft did. The continued runaway success of the ps4 alone can be a boon until the next gen
  • That diverstification didn't stop Sony from making a net loss. They have assets, so not broke yet. More likely to be split up than dissapper.
  • Yeah, and iPhone lost the battle to android phones again, 1 to 6. They have 90% of the profits but who cares, they lost in numbers :p. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • According to all the numbers a PS4 must be more profitable than an Xbox One. More units, more games sold.
  • According to what numbers? The PS4 sells more, but the XO has more software sales per console which makes it probable that Microsoft earns more money per console than Sony does. And if Sony bankrupts... Who's going to keep their Playstation?
  • @Giddora. Well, it's not like your PS4 will cease to stop functioning :P. Anything that relies on PSN will probably go down for awhile, there are die hard fans out there that will hack the darn thing until it works as normal :P.
  • Yeah... Seems like hacking anything Playstation-related isn't much of a problem anyways.
  • Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • I didn't realize the 3DS was doing so well comparitively.  With any luck its not all doom and gloom over at Nintendo.  I hope Nintendo turns things around.  It's still more or less true that of all the consoles Nintendo still builds the most kid-proof.  
  • iPhone is a particular phone, Android has about 6 billion different phones. If your going to compare them like that, you need to be looking at a particular android phone, not android as a whole.
  • Not true. Any company could careless about a particular phone if all their phones combined generate more profit than the other company. In the end what matters is how many customers you have vs the rest. You should compare a particular company vs Apple though
  • Don't know where that number comes from but Apple again dominated the holidays sales: "We next examined which manufacturers were winning the holiday shopping battle. Apple again took the top spot, with 49.1% of all new devices.  Samsung clocked in at 19.8%, up 2.1% from  to 17.7% in 2014, driven by the new Galaxy Grand Prime, Core Prime, and S6.   Microsoft’s lost share from 2014, dropping from 5.8% to 2%."  
  • Might be true if you chose only one country to base the entire world wide market on. That would be dumb though, right?
  • I won a gold PS4 and it in no way compares to my Xbox One console. Sony can sell more consoles than Microsoft but the Xbox experience, Live and the games are better.
  • Except for the rubish UI, I agree. The PS4 one is worse, and thats pretty incredible. They have to learn (like their remote control designers) that they don't have to pack EVERY DAMN FUNCTION into its own menu.
  • The sales break your fairy tales about "better experience" etc.
  • Compared to the new xbox dashboard, the ps4 is just slow and confusing... Just like the ps3! At least Microsoft have actually taken on board issues and ideas and are working on them :)
  • Yup, the PS4 UX is all over the place. Not liking certain aspects of the new XOE but it's still miles better than the PS4 UX.
  • Bruh...the Xbox still can't play background music and this is 2016...we're on the 8th gen of consoles and that ps3 you wanna bash could do it...
  • I could give a rats butt about backgroud music. The Xbox One experience and UI is way better than the PS4.
  • How so? I have better experience driving a Tesla Model S but a Camry outsold the Model S. Is the better experience driving the Model S a fairy tale?
  • For one, doing literally every task in the xbox is as much as five times faster. Just check out all the comparison videos on youtube. It isn't all in our heads like you keep on asserting. Also it disturbs me that Sony never changed the ps3's good awful interface, do I doubt they'll do anything on the ps4. One of the reasons I jumped off the Sony train.
  • Not the same category or price different situations nice try tho
  • How does sales affect his better experience?
  • There are two devices with the same specs and price. But the sales are 2:1... Why is it happening? Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Advertising. :-)
  • Microsoft has much more money for advertising... Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • The ignorant stance that PS4 is a much more powerful console than xbox one.
  • You're 100% right. It's due to people thinking they can tell the difference between 900p and 1080p (even though the PS4 struggles just as much with 1080 as the Xbox) It also become a snowball effect. The initial surge of people bought a PS4, and then if all your friends have one, why would you buy an Xbox if you're into multiplayer games with your friends? The Xbox is still selling like mad, though. The 2:1 difference doesn't really matter when you're already selling so many units. They are both winning, it's Wii-U that lost in this gen, which is too bad, I actually like that system.
  • I can tell the difference on my tv, I sit a couple meters from a 55" TV and the One has notable jagged edges where the PS4 doesn't. It doesn't mean I play the PS4 more, in fact quite the opposite, but anyone who says they can't see the difference is in denial or sitting a fair way from their TV. Which, I might add, when I had a 40" in the same spot the difference was negligible, still there, but nowhere near as noticeable.
  • PS4 is slightly slightly more powerful, and Microsoft bungled the Xbox One announcement so badly that they've been playing catch-up ever since. Also, keep in mind it was $100 more than the PS4 for quite awhile too.
  • PS4 sales doesnt matter.  The war is far from over and chances of PS surviving is very low. PS5 might still sell decently but i wouldnt bet on PS6 doing good at all. The future belongs to strong ecosystem, which Sony has NONE. PS4 is selling better because right now because people still look at processing power over utility, that was a huge selling point for computers as well but thats going to change fast from now on
  • You mean that 900p experience compared to the 1080p experience you get on ps4? I wouldn't want to pay more for a system that doesn't perform as well as the cheaper one....and based on the ps4's sales numbers to date, I'm part of the majority in my thinking, while you sir, are in the minority..
  • How is libe better all u xjunk sheep say that but what proof dp u have, what features and services does live have that psn doesn't. Cause no one has ever said a damn thing
  • Like anything it's gonna be one's personal experience. But being someone that owns both consoles, the Xbox One and Live experience is way better than the PS4 and it's attempt at an online experience. It's not necessarily that one has more features, it's the online experience istelf. I never touch my PS4 for anything online related. And a big part of that is the UI. It's slow and painflul to navigate compared to the Xbon One. I play movies on i it and the few games that are exclusive to the PS4. Other than that, I play my Xbox One for everything else. The UI, the controller, the online experience, the ablity to play Xbox 360 games, and the Xbox One as a whole is better than the PS4 to me. 
  • I do like how on Live the people don't write like a dyslexic at the tail end of a bar crawl, so that's a bonus.
  • Off topic but since last october, i havent been able to download or update a single app. I hard & soft reset my phone twice but no success. The store shows error 99% of times and when it works, not a single app can be downloaded! Am fed up with windows worked fine for a year but its pathetic now! I have win 8.1 on my phone.the customer care guys couldnt help either! anyone having the same problem?? Please help!!
  • In india...? Take it to the nearest Microsoft care, explain the issue to them...the warranty says if they can't fix the issue on the phone, they have to ultimately replace the phone...unless your warranty has run out...
    But give it a shot anyway...they should atleast be able to tell you what's wrong with it...
  • Phone is 1.5 yrs old. Its out of the warranty period. Ill go again, wont help but ill give it a try. Will switch to android if the problem continues. Never had such a problem on my android phone( which i owned earlier)
  • Still take to them they may charge u and find a better solution or else take it to any good mobile repair shop.
  • I don't know if it is the case wherever you are from, but in many parts of the world Lumias have a 24 month warranty. Are you absolutely sure it has expired? Which phone is it?
  • In South Asia, phone warranty is only 1 year :(
  • Might help to post in a phone centric article.  Or just do a HARD reset or use the Lumia restoration tool.
  • This app opens once a i had to post it before it shows error( other app which require net work fine except for this one), i use a lumia 525, india. Anyways thanks
  • @rudraksh95. Forums! That's what they are there for. Plus your thread may help other members in the same boat :).
  • If they are unwilling to give actual numbers, why should we continue to trust these analytics companies?
  • Damn. TRUE.
  • Especially in the software side, where they simply do not know how many sold digital. This generation I bought entirely digital, and most of my friends have bought a lot of digital titles too. Also when Sony state that it's sold consoles to consumers, it's lying, they are quoting shipping numbers, just like Microsoft did.
  • PS4 titles=896. Xbox One Titles=499. How can you even think of Xbox to outnumber PS4 in sales?
  • I have a pc for other games.
  • Maybe because 885 of those games are multi-console titles centered around children?
  • The more you comment the more stupid you look... Sorry... Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • I'd say that goes more for you, you don't really support anything you say with anything logical.
  • How am I wrong? Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • "According to all the numbers a PS4 must be more profitable than an Xbox One. More units, more games sold." - Not backed up with any proof of software sales, or company profits "The sales break your fairy tales about "better experience" etc." - Sales do not proove what has a better UI etc. Unless you can back it up with any data there are any number of reason why the PS4 has sold better.
  • The sales Its almost impossible to suppose Microsoft makes bigger money than Sony from the hardware and software sales! The using experience includes a long list of features. And the final result (for the same price!) just confirms the customers prefer the Sony's machine. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • You are completely incorrect. Your link shows sales of hardware, not software, and it is not impossible to suppose anything without proof. You can't proove how many games each PS4 owner has purchased vs how many each Xbox owner has purchased. You have made the claim, so the burden of proof lies on you to proove it and you can't. Your second statement is even further from correct when you consider that the Xbox was more expensive than the Playstation for the majority of their lifespans. Now that they are the same price, you see a surge in Xbox sales, not to mention you're basing a consumer opinion on hardware based on sales without having any accurate data that truly shows preference. The only way to proove preference would be to give a number of people both systems and allow them to choose which they prefer. By your logic, the Toyota Corolla is the most preferred car, since it has the most sales, yet if you ask anyone, I'm sure they would prefer the ammenities of a Mercedes. I'm not saying an Xbox is a Mercedes, I'm just pointing out sales numbers do not equal preference.
  • There are software and hardware sales! Open your eyes!
  • No, you open YOUR eyes. The list is not comprehensive. It shows the top 10, not the complete numbers. So your numbers are meaningless from that site.
  • U have proof, cause this whole adults o my play Xbox and there are no kids here is such a crock of ****
  • I did't get BO3. I didn't play BO. I did play 2. It was 2 long ago i forgot what they game way about. With all the zombi games around i can get my fix anywhere.  It just isn't a biggy on my list of needs. I do still enjoy my Day One Edition.
  • It is funny. All of my friends have XB1 and only 3 have a PS4 too. USA located. But I guess there are more people with similar situations on PS4
  • Edit none of my gamer friends have PS4 only. But I do have 5 friends that are PC only.
  • I only one one person with a PS4, and he's never owned any xbox consoles, ever :'(
  • @nope, you aren't :P.
  • I think I have an equal mix. With my Bonus and tax refund coming soon I may buy a PS4 (I already have an X1 and a Wii-U) that way I can buy games based on what friends are playing on what system.
  • No one I know has a gaming pc, they all have xjunk, if they talk about it it's always about the tv capabilities and nothing else.
  • What worries me about Sony is PlayStation VR and how the shoveling money into it. With it looking increasingly likely they'll make zero profit from the hardware, or more worryingly a loss, it'll be down to them milking it from huge software sales. With analysts predicting less than 2 million units selling in the first year, despite a massive 50-60m install base by the time it comes out, it's extremely concerning! Given (by their own admission) the lack of AAA exclusives, it does really seem like VR is the basket where all their eggs are going. I hope it works out for them, because Microsoft needs competition!
  • It's a given that they will sell the hardware at a loss. The expectation is to recoup money through software sales. Posted from my Note 5
  • But that methodology has not fared well for Sony up until this generation. Lest we forget that the year Gears 3 released it sold more than the combined 1st party offerings from Sony at that time period? Just like the Wii, Sony is posting huge sales of the console but oh so many of those buyers aren't purchasing any more than a handful of games.
  • Sony, love them or despise them we need all the competition we can get in the console space to keep the innovation and momentum going.
  • That is true, I just think they are hoping to sell more games, a lot more games. All while neglecting the majority of their none VR user base :'( I hope they don't shoot themselves in the foot :'(
  • I dont like to eat thick sausages...
  • Wut?
  • The old Xbox one dashboard was better it was easy for me to get around because I was already familiar with the 360 menu they need to add the option to rather use the new experience or the old experience in a update.
  • It doesn't work that way there built on different os kernels
  • PS4 is better. END OF STORY. 
  • That was the most fanboyism answer ever
  • It was lol. I have up on Sony products as a whole, when their phone was crap. Their products are always over priced for what they are, and usually lower quality. Also the fact they just don't listen to customers, and constantly promise vapourware, would drive me crazy!
  • Sony gave their fans what they wanted with the ps4. Xbox had to backtrack on half of what they said they were gunna do. So if you ask me, Sony knows/listen to it's gamers better. If Microsoft said, were gunna make games run a little crappier on the Xbox but you can watch tv through it, I'm sure many people would have said, screw the tv capabilities, just make sure it can run games at 1080p in 2016..
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  • I don't really care where it stands against PS4 sales, and I wish articles would stop building on the 'console war' The Xbox is selling like mad, and it's great, so is the PS4.
  • Yeah, it is pretty childish.  My dad can beat up your dad childish.  Reminds me of elementary school when we would get in fist fights over which is better Ford or Chevy when none of us could even drive.
  • Only reason why ps4 is better is because Microsoft. If xbox broke from Ms it would have been better. Ms is always late to the game. Look ps4 will have vr this year theres even rumors Nintendo could be vr or AR. Xbox? Hololense Is years away and occuls can plug in to an xbox but it won't be vr. My opion ms is going in the right direction it might just be too late. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Also as for hololense my guess it will stay in enterprise imo project tango Is better geared for gaming. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Knowing Capcom, Street Fighter V will be console exclusive, but SFV Super and SFV Ultra and so on, will be in at least both xbox and ps4
  • Nope they said none of that this time. 5 will be the only title but get lots of additional content
  • Street fighter 5 is much simpler than 3 and 4 so more new players will be in
  • I still don't understand why people are so PS4 pro... I have all current consoles (and past), excluding the New 3DS, and by george they all gather dust save for the XO... dualshock controler is by far not close to how good the Xbox (including 360) controler is... there are really no exclusives other than indee games (currently out) and a few remastered... yet people are all over it... ironic that people always talk about well it's the games that sell consoles... really? I firmly believe that is not the case anymore, PS4 is the perfect example to that, even the Wii U has had better games that the PS4 and XO and it is scraping at the bottom of the barrel...
  • That's your opinion and most people don't think that way
  • I'm not sure which part of my opinion you are refering to, but if it's games I would ask what exclusive (Bloodborne aside) was released on the PS4?  Controller even PS purist have admited XO controler is better. 
  • Where is your proof that "most people don't think that way"? Being as all your post say the same thing over and over again regarding proof. And you say this based off what proof? The NPD article on sales? That doens't mean people think it's a better console. Many people have buyers remorse over many things. And I am willing to bet there are a few that have that regarding the PS4. As for his comments, I agree with him on his points. Epecially regarding the controllers. The dualshock is a mess to use compared to the Xbox One controller. I own both consoles and the Xbox One is my choice of the two by a long shot.
  • Fad, style, popularity, perception, and pure pressure are all difficult things to overcome in a marketing campain.  There are countless examples of supurior products loosing market share to inferrior products.  The sheeple don't care.  It is more important to them to fit in and be like other people then to have the better product and be different. Humans are defective.
  • Remember when being original was a thing, and being a follower was frowned upon. It's been said over and over, this generation is the worst, a bunch of winy, cry babies, unoriginal, sheep acting as if there better than anyone. Let's put it this way, there are millions of you out there. Learn to be you, stop trying to be like everyone else.
  • Why do people have the need to argue console sales, who cares. They both made loads of money, all you did was contributed to it. Can some of you stop trying to make it seem as if one system is better than the other, both systems has it's pros and cons, both have it's exclusives. A true gamer like my self knows who the winners are, and that's the gamer's. All you other trolls, sheep, or haters need to get a life. I own all three next gen systems, plus I have a PC gaming rig, Lucky me.
  • Approx 18 million consoles sold great now let's put that time energy and marking into windows phone for ***** sake
  • Hope more PPL use XBOX ONE and Windows 10 they are perfect...
  • I like the PS4 UI much better than the X1, I think it is much easier to use and find things with. I hope Xbox goes back to the blades it use to use.
  • I actually think the PS4 interface is pretty bad, yet I agree that it's better than the xbox ui, which is a real shame because neither are very good, way too messy and full of crap I don't care about.
    But hey, one mans opinion means nothing.