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Xbox One Preview update pushing out to add backwards compatible games to the Store

Having been previously teased, there's now an update pushing out to Xbox One preview program members that adds backwards compatible Xbox 360 titles to the Store for direct download.

Here's the full rundown of what else is new:


  • Green Screen issues when watching Video:
  • Fixed an issue which green screens could appear in some video applications.
  • Intermittent flickering Black screens:
  • Fixed an issue in which black screens would appear, in games, apps or when navigating the dashboard

New Features in this Build:

  • Purchase Xbox 360 Backward compatible games: Games today will be discover-able via Game hubs and Activity feed and over the next 24 hours the Store programming will be live for a full end to end purchasing experience.
  • The Achievements snap app is no longer in the build - please use the guide experience to view your achievement's progress

The OS version you're looking for is th2_xb_rel_1603.160304-1900 and it should be available right now to download. The ability to get to backwards compatible titles on the Xbox One is pretty big news for the feature, opening the doors to make it so much easier for folks who don't already own games to find them to play.

via @XboxQwik

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  • So available next month for normal users??
  • Most likely after build Posted from Rebel Base, Hoth.
  • Hope so
  • Sweet
  • Hopefully this is faster and easier than making gamesforgold website a favorite in Edge on Xbox Promoting W10M 8-bit tile art
  • Updating now !
  • WOuldnt mind them fixing my usb tuner loosing connection and needing resetting :) 
  • How do you get into Xbox preview Sent from Lumia 550, HTC Desire 816 or Dell Inspiron 5122
  • You need an invite. But Microsoft has slowed up accepting new testers to an almost complete standstill. The program is approaching capacity.
  • I just want to confirm that those NOT on the Preview program have already received updates to W10 on their Xbox One? Posted via Universal Windows App on W10
  • Thanks for your help :) Sent from Lumia 550, HTC Desire 816 or Dell Inspiron 5122
  • About time yesssssssssssss.
  • I liked the achievement snap app why get rid of it? Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Because it was so god dang slow. But removing it completely is a mistake in my opinion.
  • Hopefully they just removed it for the time being so they can work on optimizing the performance. I have a feeling that it won't be gone forever. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Yeah its a shame that they removed the full app. Still hate the message app is snap only
  • Achievements can be viewed through the new Xbox app for Windows 10 (available for your Windows phone, Laptop, and Desktop). Posted via Universal Windows App on W10
  • I hated it. I preferred the old app.
  • It's built into the guide now. Just double tap and then go down. It's WAY faster, the loading anyways. I guess you can't have it open while playing though.
  • @TrustySnooze. Why not have both? :)
  • Too bad it's basically using the web interface for purchasing 360 games, so no using your account credit and it's a bad experience overall.
  • Really? Damn shame.
  • Will check it out when I get home, do you mean it just launches the web experience for the purchase? Can you browse the games like you can browse Xbox One games without being sent to the browser at least?
  • I guess you missed the part where it says "over the next 24 hours the store programming will be live for a full end to end purchasing experience." Maybe read the article next time before jumping to conclusions?
  • I can invite people to the preview program, i need your gts
  • U can invite but still not auto like they said it near capacity it'll put them on the waiting list that just gets longer
  • Please invite CallMeTheArrow    -Thank you!  If possible, please invite Sasire  also, thanks again!
  • Please Invite me, My GT is Darth Saurus, Thank you!
  • Any goss around as to when an X Box One Slim might appear?  
  • Sometime in 2070 Posted via Universal Windows App on W10
  • Removing the achievements app is just plain stupid.
  • Everytime I see this word UPDATE...
    Do I need to explain it more?!
  • Yes Posted from WC 920, 1520, 920, 635, 640 950XL
  • Presumably you're beating a phone horse in a post about Xbox and how you don't read the headlines first?
  • That poor dead phone horse. Now its getting beaten in other threads.
  • How about some freaking Miracast support for non-insiders.......we've only been waiting since launch to get it.
  • Indeed!
  • Half the reason i bought one was for this ability.
  • OK, thanks for the FYI, if I want to play Xbox tonight, make sure I turn it on an hour before I want to play it...
  • Just wanna post a comment wishing everyone reading this and all the great people at Mobile Nations a happy Monday and a good week ahead! God bless
  • #Disappointed that this was not part of nxoe. Missed the ball. I use Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • No Screen shot?