Why Xbox One S is (almost) the perfect set-top box

Xbox One S

Xbox One S (Image credit: Windows Central)

In recent months, I've spent a lot of time looking at set-top boxes, running all kinds of software. That includes consoles. Let's just say there are a lot of things plugged into the TVs in my house right now. But there's one that rises above the rest.

Apple TV, Android TV, Fire TV, Roku, some generic box I bought from Amazon — they're all living in the shadow of the almost-perfect solution: Xbox One S.

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Why it's not quite perfect

Xbox DVR

Let me get the bad point out of the way first. In my experience, there's only one thing missing from the Xbox One S that would make it the box to end all boxes. At Gamescom 2015, Microsoft announced an over-the-air (OTA) TV DVR feature that it was going to push to the console alongside a Windows 10 update. I saw it working in a behind-closed-doors session, and it was pretty exciting.

Then Microsoft canned that idea.

Had that feature been pushed out, you'd have been able to do away with cable and still record live television on the Xbox One. Getting OTA TV into OneGuide is simple and inexpensive, and with a USB 3.0 hard drive hooked up you'd have been able to store the shows you wanted to watch later on.

But it wasn't meant to be. For some people it won't matter. For others, it's a dealbreaker. In my household, we use a DVR regularly, so it's a definite loss. I'm sure I'm not alone in wishing Microsoft would resurrect its plans for the feature. You can use something such as the HDHomeRun DVR which supports the Xbox One, but that requires storing the recordings elsewhere and streaming them over your local network.

Good, but not quite as good as what Microsoft initially promised.

Best of the bunch

Xbox One S

Where the Xbox One S immediately stands out compared to competitors is its optical drive. If you don't indulge in physical media, you won't care, but for those of us with large Blu-ray collections, it has to be there. The fact that it's now carrying a 4K Blu-ray drive is unmatched outside of dedicated hardware. It's also the lowest priced 4K Blu-ray player on the market. PlayStation 4 Pro doesn't match up at all.

With the Apple TV, Roku or an NVIDIA Shield (opens in new tab), you can't play physical Blu-ray titles, and you need a separate player.

The Xbox One S can also integrate live OTA natively with the Xbox One TV tuner (opens in new tab). Use this little dongle between your antenna and console, and you get all the free-to-air channels right there in OneGuide on your console. Android TV boxes such as Shield can do this too, but they require a more expensive device like the HDHomeRun (opens in new tab) to bring the channels in over your local network. And Fire TV requires the relevant app for the network-attached tuner.

Apple TV

If you use an Apple TV, the best way right now involves the same HDHomeRun and a $25 application. It's a great app, but that's expensive.

When it comes to streaming apps, it's a wash across the platforms ... mostly. All the big names are present in all places, and Spotify is now even available on the Xbox. There are no glaring gaps in the content you can get on Xbox at all. Kodi is now available in alpha, and Plex and Emby are already well supported.

Xbox One S is also a killer console

Xbox One S

Other boxes play games. The Xbox One S plays Xbox games.

As powerful as the NVIDIA Shield is, or as well optimized as the Apple TV may be, they're not in the same league as the Xbox One S when it comes to playing games. Sure, Xbox is the most expensive, but it's not that much more expensive than a Shield TV, especially given everything else you get with it.

You can play Forza Horizon 3 in HDR on the Xbox One S. You can't do that on anything else that you can then flick over to Netflix and watch House of Cards. NVIDIA Shield has some pretty great games on it, such as Tomb Raider and Half Life 2, but for current titles, you have to stream them from the cloud with Geforce Now. The Shield is the closest competitor to all the TV boxes, but it's still not an Xbox One S.

What about the Xbox One X?

Xbox One X

Xbox One X (Image credit: Matt Brown / Windows Central)

The Xbox One X (opens in new tab) is undoubtedly a better Xbox but it's harder to recommend if you're not a serious gamer. The One S is substantially cheaper while still offering 4K streaming from sources like Amazon, HDR video and 4K UHD Blu-Ray support.

When it comes to the Xbox One X you have to be thinking games first, home entertainment second. At $500 it's tougher to recommend as a set top box.

Of course, if you do buy one, you'll have the same benefits as the Xbox One S. And the same almost perfect experience.

Bottom line

If the Xbox One S had the OTA DVR that was once planned, it could easily be the only box under my TV.

For many, this is a minor quibble, and for many more it's not an issue at all. Of all the home entertainment boxes you could choose from, the Xbox One S ticks more boxes than anything else. That's not just my opinion, either, it's fact. And if you're not cutting the cord and still happy with your cable TV, Xbox One S is still a winner thanks to OneGuide and the HDMI passthrough.

Unless you actually buy media from folks such as Apple or Google, the argument to just get an Xbox One S is strong. It can do virtually everything.

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Updated February 26, 2018: Added links to using a DVR compatible with Xbox One and a section on the Xbox One X.

Richard Devine
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  • Good article. Little teensy bit heavy on the praise but I understand why. I love my One S and it's clearly the best home entertainment device out there.
  • Kind of the idea. I've spent the last couple of months knee deep in these various boxes and I think it's easy to forget that the Xbox One S pretty much has them all beat. Since I'm the only one on the WC team that has the other boxes as well I felt at least well placed to offer such praise :)
  • cable?? Ota?? Dvr?? Is it 2005 at windows central?
  • People enjoy watching TV. If you don't, that's fine. Guess what? I do. So do lots of other people.
  • watching tv...? like the one with commercials? people under 50 watch that still?
  • sweatshopking:  i'm pretty sure cable, OTA, and DVRs are still pretty important to us even tho it's now 2017. 
  • not in canada. even grandmothers use digital solutions
  • So no-one in Canada watches live sports anymore? Not even the ice skating one with sticks?
    How do you avoid being told the scores?
  • Is that after waiting until the next TV season when mainstream TV shows become available on Netflix, or skipping mainstream TV and only watching Hulu, Netflix, and Amazon originals for your TV entertainment? Even most free TV network apps to stream current offerings require an active TV subscription through some sort of "cable provider," whether that be a traditional cable company or a streaming solution such as PlayStation Vue. The same is true for sports fans who want to use WatchESPN or Fox Sports Go to watch live sporting events. Those apps require some type of TV subscription.
  • That's great until you're half way through a season and the provider just pulls the series. I'll never rely on Netflix again. At least they can't come and take your DVDs away.
  • old people watch sports on tv, and many still have cable, through cord cutting is QUICKLY picking up across all ages. Most young people have NEVER had cable, and watch sports and shows online, through things like kodi and unofficial streaming sites, both of which are essentially legal in Canada.  we are the world's #1 pirates per capita, and ALMOST NOBODY youngish has cable anymore. I am always surprised when other countries still use these out dated technologies. So yeah, watch your sports online, finish that show on streamlord or 10000000 other sites. Paying monthly for cable? Not in Canada.  https://www.thestar.com/business/2015/01/16/how-canadian-law-views-onlin...
  • "essentially legal" Translation 1: It's easy to get away with it, so we pirate all of our media without hesitation nor do we ever consider the consequences of our actions. "we are the world's #1 pirates per capita" Translation 2: We're entitled millennial who's motto is "we want it, we want it now, and we want it for free". Congratulations on being a pack of thieves.  Also, I used to live in Canada. If you think that Canada has some kind of technological advantage over "other countries (that) still use these out dated technologies" then your living in some alternate reality.   
  • Yes, literally the entire nation pirates all of their media, regardless of age or generation. I wasn't joking about grandmothers. They're literally running android kodi boxes or streaming over the net. Kodi boxes were recently looked at by the government as piracy boxes and explicitly approved. lol @ your millennial whining. "Easy to get away" with doesn't equal legal. it's legal. the law, passed recently to deal with piracy by the conservative pro IP government, is shaped in a way to allow for temporary versions specifically allowing streaming. You might not like it, but it's not "easy to get away with." it's legal, and last I checked, American laws didn't have power in Canada. QQ moar, kid. Technological advantage? To some extent, since we're not still using DVR's and cable like it's early 2000. This is a result of policy though, not some inherent additional technology.
  • I got a good laugh at you calling me "kid" when you're the one who is acting like a spoiled child and using sophomoric gaming culture terms like "QQ moar". You keep trying to justify your misconduct by falsely claiming that "everyone" pirates and it's legal." Perhaps you should recheck your sources regarding the legality of your actions . Massive Drop In Canadian Online Piracy Under New Law -- Huffington Post "When Canada enacted its “notice-and-notice” system to combat unauthorized downloading, many of Hollywood’s biggest copyright holders argued the new law wasn't’t strong enough to stop piracy. But only a few months after the law took effect, copyright holders are changing their minds — and some are urging the U.S. to adopt the Canadian system. That’s because, according to data from CEG TEK International, piracy of copyrighted material has plummeted in Canada since copyright holders started sending letters to accused infringers under the new law. CEG TEK, which describes itself as a “copyright monetization firm” and which is described by its critics as a copyright troll, says piracy rates have dropped by 69.6 per cent on Bell’s internet network; by 54 per cent on Telus’ network; and by 52.1 per cent on Shaw’s network." How new online copyright infringement laws are affecting Canadians -- Financial Post "Under a law popularly known as notice-and-notice that went into effect in January 2015, ISPs such as TekSavvy are required to forward copyright infringement alerts to customers suspected of illegally downloading copyrighted material like movies, television shows and music. Copyright holders, of course, have enthusiastically participated, as the thousands of notices TekSavvy has to process daily demonstrate. And proponents say the requirement to forward notices to suspected pirates is reducing online copyright theft." So, it seems that your definition of "legal" may not be entirely accurate, which is no surprise since it appears that you didn't even read (or comprehend) the article that you cited in your prior comment. I know that you think you're being "edgy" by boasting about your pirating exploits. It's OK, kids do a lot of foolish things especially when they think it makes them look cool. Perhaps when you grow up and assume some responsibility then maybe you'll see things differently. Then again, maybe not...    
  • See, in the future you might want to actually know what you're talking about, or at least read something before commenting.  YES, we have a notice system. Yes, it's been successful at REDUCING PERMANENT COPIES OF MEDIA. This is of course, as mentioned, covered under canadian law, and is considered ILLEGAL. HOWEVER, KID, STREAMING (TEMPORARY COPIES AS LISTED IN THE TORONTOSUN PIECE I LINKED EARLIER) ARE LEGAL. STREAMING, THE ONLY THING I'VE EVER SAID IS LEGAL, IS LEGAL. IT'S ALSO HUGELY POPULAR AND PEOPLE ARE DITCHING CABLE LIKE CRAZY: http://mobilesyrup.com/2017/03/16/2016-banner-year-cord-cutting-canada-s... #readingishard #researchnexttime   I'm a father of 3, whose been married for 14 years. lol. 
  • Here is an excerpt from the article that you posted: "The most controversial sources are unauthorized streaming websites that offer free content without permission of the rights holder. Canadian copyright law is well-equipped to stop such unauthorized services if they are located in Canada since the law features provisions that can be used to shut down websites that “enable” infringement. I don't know how anyone could read this statement and think that streaming copy written material without consent is legal. The article does go on to say that it's almost impossible to prosecute the individuals who watch this illegal streaming content. But that does not mean the viewers are not infringing on the rights holders property. It just means that it's easy to get away with it...just as I said in my prior comment. #readingishardwhenyoudon'twanttoadmityou'rewrong #stopjustifyingyourmisdeeds   "I'm a father of 3, whose been married for 14 years. lol So In Canda that makes you like, uh...26?
  • yes. You're not allowed to distribute permanent copies of copyrighted material. See our above discussion. Torrenting is a no no for exactly that reason.    i think it is legal because viewing temporary copies IS legal, and the gov just decided kodi streaming wasn't currently illegal. SELLING kodi pre configured to view content IS, using it is not. you might think it is IMMORAL, but that's another discussion. Streaming is legal AND ubiquitous in Canada. And that's all I've ever claimed. I see this is a triggering issue for you. My intention is not to make you mad, just goofing around.    and in Canada that makes me 18, since I am on my second marriage, since my first marriage to a moose fell apart and now I'm married to a beaver. 
  • I'm not "triggered", never have been. Maybe you're confusing me with the guy using ALL CAPS and slinging  insults. It's not a moral issue either as I've done my share of nefarious deeds. The thing is that I typically own up to them. I have more respect for someone who is not afraid to admit their wrong-doings than someone who hides behind juridical grey areas and semantics.  So if you want to appropriate streaming content that you haven't paid for then have at it. I just find it amusing to read all of the justifications that people use as an excuse to pirate media.    Beaver is way better moose.  
  • the gov just decided kodi streaming wasn't currently illegal.
    I don't know how the laws in Canada are written, but I read an article on this topic a few months ago on one of these tech websites (can't remember which one). Basically, the concept of "Kodi streaming" as a whole isn't immoral or illegal (depending on the jurisdiction) because its designed purpose is to agregate media content that the user personally owns or content streamed from an official source that has been licensed by the copyright holder to be shared in this way (e.g. YouTube that has copyright checks in place within their platform or official add-ons from a TV network). Because Kodi is open sourced, people are able to write their own software that allows streaming from other, non-licensed sources, which is where the question of legality would come from. The devices themselves aren't illegal, but the user has the option and ability to use Kodi boxes beyond their designed purpose and possibly outside the laws of the land (whichever land you happen to reside in).
  • Australia used to be the number one pirates, but now that we have things like Netflix, Stan, Presto, etc. The only thing that gets pirated here in super large quantities is Game of Thrones, because screw Foxtel.
  • Maybe in Canada you're not saddled with draconian data limits. Many places here in the States you could quickly blow through your 300-400GB data allotment streaming programming that would be available free OTA. Plus, the picture from OTA signals can blow cable or streaming away.
  • Plenty of people still use those. 
  • Used PS4 Slim and Xbox One S and couldn't agree more that Xbox One S is the better media box. Playstation is desperately trying to sign you up for PS Vue - so a lot of the apps like Fox Sports Go, NBC Sports, etc are not on the PS Store, since you can get those channels on PS Vue. Though PS4 does have its bonuses - PS Vue from what I heard is pretty good and Spotify is the default music player as well. 
  • PS Vue is also none existent where I am. Big negative there.
  • deleted: irrelevant reply
  • BUT what do we want? Do we want a combination of a gaming console + other TV functions... or people need only a good gaming console? If we look at the number than people want only a GOOD gaming console so thats why is the PS4 LEADING the market, X is far behind
  • Frankly, as usual MS was a little ahead of the curve. They tried to sell the XBox as the ultimate home entertainment device and forgot most buyers were looking for a game device first. They got steamrolled buy gamers that didn't care about the entertainment features. As time has evolved even Sony has embraced the one device for all your entertainment with Playstation Vue. In 2017, I think the attraction of a one device to control all your entertainment is much more enticing. Especially with the addition of the new Hulu TV cord cutting is definitely more of a option.
  • I too wish they would have kept up the dvr. The one problem I have right now is not enough USB ports. Is there an adapter that works well to give you more ports?
  • Adapters, yes. Tbf you can probably just get a powered USB hub and hook that up. Something we'll have to look into :)
  • Rich, I love your articles. I completely agree, that said I wouldn't have minded seeing the Xbox Streaming Stick that everyone kept rumoring last year. Running on a lower powered chip and at a much lower price point combined with a more couch friendly UI than standard Windows 10 would've been a huge success.
  • DVR doesn't really matter to me that much, although I probably would have used it for a couple shows. Anything OTA is typically also available on the network's website for a week after, so as long as you don't miss that window, DVR is a bonus rather than a necessity (it would be better quality and faster to access on the Xbox if that network doesn't have a good app). The two things I regularly complain about are OneGuide and search. Sure, I can get basically all my media on the Xbox, but integrating all of them would be so much nicer if they all appeared in one spot and if I could universally search for content without having to remember which service it is available from. I know Roku offers universal search, but not sure how good it is, and I don't know if anybody else offers any attempt at a unified guide, so this doesn't directly dispute that the Xbox One S is the best... it just has room for improvement that they seem to have long abandoned.
  • Most, not all, networks require you to have a satellite or cable subscription in order to stream from their website. This is where DVR's for those of us with only OTA come in handy.
  • I don't disagree with the article. In fact, until the last XBoneS update I'd sign under. Unfortunately the last update was the worse of all in terms of UI changes and what was once a great media-centre is now an absolute crapfest. And this won't change until Microsoft stops being stupid and brings PiP to the console. Until then they should have never removed the active tile and snap mode. But they have and ruined the experience for all of us. In my case, so much so that I disconnected the cable box from the Xbox and returned to the PlayStation whose UI is infinitely better (I know you disagree on this, Richard ;) ). The XBoneS is now a glorified 4K player to me where I occasionally game. The PlayStation is now a proper gaming console and the cable box (which includes DVR etc is working as a standalone machine as it would normally do). And until Microsoft starts thinking their UI decisions through before pushing out changes, I think it will remain that way.
  • Tbf if we're talking UI then Google wins with Android TV. But yes, I do disagree there, I've never liked Sony's UI frankly!
  • Does NAS device media server shows up on Xbox One S? mine doesn't. I have to use Plex or Duplex Player to play videos from NAS. But both fails to play 4k videos.
  • Playing 4K over a network isn't something I'm familiar with I'm afraid. I don't have a 4K TV so it's wasted on me!
  • I'm using a WD My Cloud and it does show up on the console's "Media Player" app. I don't know about 4K videos specifically though since I don't store those on the NAS, I prefer them on disc. On the NAS I only store 1080p versions of those videos and those versions play fine.
  • Richard, I use the OTA adapter to watch regular TV (ewww) sometimes and I was never able to make it play the shows full-screen. I have a launch edition XBONE. Same goes for my dad using his One S with a Sammy 4K on Verizon FIOS TV. If there is a way to make this work, I would love to know. Otherwise, that is a major negative from our end. Its why we still HAVE to use an old school cable box for proper viewing.
  • Hmmm that's odd, I reviewed the original Xbox branded tuner and it worked just fine here in the UK. On the Hauppauge one I assume?
  • Yes, that's the one I have. My dad's system doesn't need it though since he plugs in the Verizon cable box to the HDMI-IN of the XBOne S. The viewing experience has not been ideal, but the channel browsing was very smooth and a lot more likeable than the standard Verizon UI on its cable box.
  • We don't have OTA TV in our area (except a couple of channels from Mexico), so the only choices are satellite or cable (we have Dish).  The reasons we bought the original Xbox w/Kinect for have all but evaporated. The One S does nothing to solve that, because Microsoft deprecated the capability.
  • FYI, the Kinect voice functionality to control TV, etc. still works just fine. I also bought Xbox One for this, and I use it to this day. It's also a great Blu-ray 3D player (both original and S models) in case you have a 3D capable display.
  • Not as useful as it used to be, now that they've removed OneGuide from the Xbox app, removed Snap mode thereby taking away multitasking capabilities, nerfed voice commands on many apps and removed gesture commands, thereby requiring a controller for use. The Day One Xbox One was much better as an all-in-one entertainment hub than the current, nerfed version of Xbox One is. It's a shame.
  • I mean, that's your opinion and kinda knew you'd be here voicing it ;-) PIP should be a better trade off than snap mode for home entertainment.
  • PIP would certainly be better than nothing, but, as Ybarra said, it's not in the works, just like OTA DVR. It's disappointing, especially for those of us who bought Day One consoles. Gone are the days of watching a video while playing a game, Skyping while watching a video, etc.
  • From playtv to Xbox one with OTA in hope that they would enable dvr. When I heard they canned the dvr function I gave up and bought fetch TV. The Xbox had so much potential. It literally could of been the only box I needed under the TV.
  • I have sky q here in the UK, do you know if the HDMI pass through can handle 4k/UHD
  • It cannot, unfortunately the 'HDMI In' on the back of the console is only HDMI 1.4b and cannot handle the 4K@60 passthrough.
    This is ludicrous to me as I have the Xbox One X and Sky Q in the UK, you'd have thought the One X being the "4K console king" would do this, but not even that has HDMI 2.0.
    I only use the 4K Sports channels though, so just swap cables on the weekend for the football anyway, still, it's annoying the overlooked this.
  • Amazon Prime is indeed available as Amazon Video. I think that with Hulu now offering a better option for live streaming, it is the best alternative to cable. Even when I had cable I used the services available via the XB1 for my media consumption.
  • Yep, this is what I'm getting my parents when they cut the cord in a few months to replace both their cable box and DVD player. One point that is (or may be, depending on the person) worth noting is users can get to Google Play Movies & TV through the YouTube app. I've got a bunch of content I've purchased and received free over the years with Google Play Movies & TV, and my parents will be able to access that as well.
  • Great article. I'm in the process of trying to cut the cable, but the sticking point really is the DVR. Any inside info if MS is even considering DVR on the XBox, or maybe Kodi will have it when it comes to XBox?
  • Kodi doesn't have anything built-in, it's a front end to other services. So you'd still need to use Plex, HDHomeRun, NextPVR or something like that.
  • Tablo + Xbox ftw!!
  • Any good remote control for bluray/dvd available for Xbox One S? When I had a PS3 I bought a good remote control for the bluray player made by Sony, I can't stand controlling the movie playback (play/pause/stop/forward/back) with the game controller or the Smartglass app so I still use a regular bluray player for movies.
  • I use the XBox Media Remote. It works fine with dvd's, Netflix etc.
  • How do u turn on hdr mode for forza
  • Just Bing 'xbox one media remote'. There are tons of them, one even by MS. Can't speak to any of them, though I own the MS one. I just don't think about the XBone for that sort of entertainment. Haven't bought physical video in years. (still buy a music CD now and again) renting a movie once, even twice, is still cheaper than buying it, and we don't tend to rewatch much. I am not a particularly rabid gamer, I don't buy physical Blurays, and OTA TV goes straight into the TV. The XBone wouldn't be high on my list of settop boxes. I think if you are a gamer, buy one, and it will suffice for the other stuff. If you are looking for a settop box, there are many much cheaper alternatives.  P.S. while the HDHomerun is more expensive than the Hauppage tuner, the HDHomerun provides two channel streams to any almost  IP connected device in the house, including the XBone. They also now provide a DVR solution, though I believe it is a subscription based one. If it were free, which it should be, as it stores on local hardware, I'd take advantage of it. As it is, if it isn't important enough for me to make time to see it when it is on, it clearly isn't important enough to me to pay to watch it later. That's just me.
  • My only complaint with the xbox one S is the lack of apps that support 4k. The amazon app still doesn't support 4k. It's ridiculous that the Youtube app doesn't support 4k. And the 4k content in the microsoft store consist of a handful of movies that no one has ever heard of. I know 4k is stll a niche market but i was disappointed to find out that the youtube app doesn't play in 4k. 
  • Both u tube and mytube support 4k after u turn it on in settings. Vudu/amazon/ultraflix/hulu/netflix all support it by default if u have the right services. Netflix needs the 14.00 plan and Hulu only works on no commercial plan. Also fandango go supports 4k too.
  • No built-in Cortana mic is a killer for me. The one device on which I do talk to Cortana regularly is my Xbox One.
  • Keep your old one? Kinect still rocks my house
  • The DVR thing is very big... A lot of content you want to watch right away, cant be veiwed on streaming sevices for a few days. A DVR allows me to watch TV on MY SCHEDULE, NOT what the providers tell you it needs to be at but, be able to watch it an hour later if I wanted to. And most streaming sevices that are free, will have ads in them, If I DVR them, I can skip over the ads if I wanted to. There still is a LOT of advanages of a DVR system over streaming services, never mind quality can be better if a service is very popular. Windows Media Center (a older WIndows 7 machine as a dedicated DVR with 6 tuners using a cablecard) AND a Xbox one S....the best of BOTH worlds... Streaming services on the Xbox one S (and some on WMC) and my full DVR that is completly configurable and hackable on my Windows Media Center system... You can even extend the DVR to other rooms with a Xbox 360... and if you have a Xbox one, chances are you have one collecting dust somplace...
  • That set up was pretty much perfect wasn't it? I never should have given it up...
  • Grab the 6 tuner hd homerun and your good to go with the hdhomerun app.
  • For me, all the Xbox One needs to do is a whole home dvr just like Windows Media Center used to do. At one point, I had 5 Xbox 360's through the whole house that had a shared guide, shared DVR, and shared music, tv, and movie library. All with a great 10ft interface that even the wife approved of. Too bad I bought into the hype of the OTA tuner demonstration and how Windows 10 oneverything was going to be fantastic. I guess ill have to give the PLEX Dvr a shot.
  • Screw all the haters I love my Xbox One S and stay watching TV on it and also playing all of my favorite games. Can't wait for Kodi to come to XBOX1.
  • Kodi is on Xbox..
  • Dude, his comment was back in May 2017, the article has been updated/re-published so Kodi wasn't on there back then.
  • I like my Xbox One S, but I only like it. I agree that it is by far the most all powerful box out there, but it aims to be and others really don't, they have very different markets. The box that has the same market as the Xbox is of course the PS4, which from my experience (early days) has a superior selection and performance of games, which is why I buy games consoles. Don't you agree? I want the Xbox to have awesome exclusives like Horizon Zero Dawn so bad, but they just don't seem to care about games unless they're multiplayer or over rated (Quantum Break). Even when they get good games, they perform better on the PS4, indicating as a games console it is inferior (see FFXV). It makes me sad :(
  • Missing Dolby vision. https://xbox.uservoice.com/forums/363186--new-ideas/suggestions/32139115...
    Vote for support.
  • My Xbox one is my main gaming unit and TV. Combine Sling/Netflix/Antenna. I get all the shows and sports I need. Just have to add $5 to my Sling package for extra sports channels not on the basic package. I pay $35 a month for 50+ channels I actually use and Netflix
  • No Amazon Video 4k HDR support sucks.
  • It does support Amazon 4k and hdr. My tv picked up expanse in hdr.
  • I have an original Xbox one and I don't game but my nephew uses Steam.  I find the Xbox one interface confusing and clunky especially when it comes to the oneguide.  Plus it's missing tons of TV channel apps.   The   Nvidia Shield is so much better in my opinion plus it's also a Chromecast.  Not sure why everyone loves Microsoft when Google and Android deliver the best features!
  • Because many of us don't trust what Google is going to do with the data they collect about us. People seem to forget that consumers aren't Google customers. The companies they sell add and data to are.
  • I don't think I could agree more, particularly if we're talking to a person that has absolutely nothing invested in any platform but is looking to jump in now.
  • If you buy media from Apple or Goole just plug their device into the HDMI port, say "Xbox, go to TV" and like magic your Google Chromecast stick will pop up (in my case). Or for the trogledites that hate Kinect, they could push a button and get the same result :)
  • I do this with the old Lumia streaming thing I got free with a phone.
  • I may have missed it, but does the HDMI passthrough support 4K too? I'm looking to upgrade my DirecTV Genie HR-44 to the 4K Genie 2. My TV only has one 4K compliant HDMI port and currently goes through my XBOX ONE.
  • On one occasion Phil spencer insinuated the one x could do that with a firmware update.
  • Not at the moment on either the Xbox S or X.   Really silly for this not to be on the X at least!!
  • As you may know you can use DVR with Plex server now and access it via the Plex app for Xbox For me the one app that I need most is Pluto TV. Here's hoping
  • But you still have to run it through a third device (Plex Server). Would be perfect if you could set the XBox as the server.
  • Litterally, like all other Microsoft hardware, they do an aweful job of marketing.  It is just terrible.  Everything you said in this article should be a television commercial for the product.  The DVR functionality is simple to implement but it remains missing.  I suspect some sort of legal battle is happening behind the scenes as it makes no sense not to offer the functionality. 
  • I don't agree. I have both Xbox One and Apple TV, but use the ATV way more then Xbox. It's just more convinient, use less power, no noise, and for a settop box it's way too big and clunky. People also don't use game controllers to navigate. Sure, you can buy a remote, but you can link ATV with your TV remote, so you don't even have to switch remote. Not to mention, apps that are not available on the ATV, you can easiely stream to ATV with AirPlay, which Xbox lacks support (or buy a third party app). Almost every app in the Netherlands has support for AirPlay. Also most people I know who want a settop box don't want to play games, and those people who game are not intereseted in the settop box part. I wish Microsoft follow trgough on the plan to launch an Xbox mini, to truly compete with ATV and Chromecast. On the other hand, Microsoft is not the best in providing streaming media.
  • Xbox did have stream and mirrorcast support in preview but it was axed 6 months ago.
  • Miracast has it's limitations. It doesn't work from iDevices and problem 2 is that you have to keep your phone/tablet running. With AirPlay it runs in the background and you can do other stuff on your mobile while streaming.
  • IMO, the Xbox is too slow in performing tasks and the UI is just terrible. They really need to start putting SSD's instead of HDD
  • Considering, a XBox X is already $500 adding a 1+ TB at around $300 isn't really feasible.
  • Use pins and pin only media apps. Then pin games to home.
  • Glad to see this article today. I thought it was curious that a previous article about cord cutting cable TV made no mention of the Xbox family.
  • No Dolby vision support. Head over to Xbox user voice. Please ask for support by voting. https://xbox.uservoice.com/forums/363186--new-ideas/suggestions/32139115...
  • The biggest thing missing is full app support from streaming services. That and a Bluetooth remote that doesn't require line of site
  • I love people like sweatshopking that know everything about everyone. What you do is not what everyone else does.
  • All well and good with wanting more apps and BT remotes, but for some countries in Europe, the biggest problem is that we cant watch TV, because our cable operators require CAM modules in order to operate. So we are stuck with OTA.
  • The Microsoft Xbox One remote is terrible. The PDP remote is much better, but it's still more of a traditional remote with a ton of buttons. We need a nice compromise between something like the PDP remote and an Apple TV remote.