Xbox One sales numbers crush the Xbox 360 — combined consoles hold 43% of the market

After Microsoft’s Xbox One Reveal event, we were not sure exactly how the console would fare in the marketplace. The original variation of the console, which was originally tied down by strict digital rights management protection created a backlash that we were unsure if Microsoft could shake even after their decision to rethink the decision. Do not be worried though – Xbox One is the most successful Xbox console sold to date.

The National Purchase Diary group recently released sales rate for Microsoft’s Xbox One entertainment console. The numbers show a record shattering 258,000 units sold in the United States in the month of February alone. When Xbox 360 was launched in 2005, the same time span on the market revealed over 61% less in console sales.

That does not mean that the Xbox 360 is not currently a seller, the last generation Xbox console continues to grow and sold 114,000 units in the United States in February; the date also marks the 100-month birthday for the Xbox 360.

Despite many thoughts that the Xbox 360 is a dead console, the unit continues to sell at extremely large rates and includes some of the latest games to land on its older brother, the Xbox One. On March 25, Xbox 360 gamers will be able to join in the Sci-Fi action fun and purchase Titanfall.

Compared to all competitors within the United States market, the Xbox platforms (Xbox One and Xbox 360) hold a strong 43%. The remainder of the market is largely held by both Nintendo’s WiiU and Sony’s PlayStation 4.

Other highlights from the February 2014 National Purchase Diary include:

  • Xbox One continues to see impressive software sales with an average of 2.75 games sold per console.
  • Xbox One sold 772,000 games in February and Xbox 360 sold 2.46 million, totaling 48 percent of the total software market share (Xbox 360 and Xbox One combined).
  • During the month of February, Xbox One and Xbox 360 games in the top 10 title lists were as follows:
    • Xbox One held five top titles in the generation eight top 10 console game title list in the U.S. including: “NBA 2K14,” “Battlefield 4,” and “Thief,” “Call of Duty: Ghosts,” and “Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare.” 
    • Xbox 360 held six top titles in the generation seven top 10 console game title list in the U.S. include:  “NBA 2K14,” “Call of Duty: Ghosts,” “Fable Anniversary,” “Grand Theft Auto V,” “Minecraft,” “The LEGO Movie Videogame.”

How do you like to get your game on – are you using the Xbox One or do you prefer to use another platform to dive into adventure?

Source: Microsoft (opens in new tab)

  • Just think, that's BEFORE Titanfall, it'll probably go up to like 55%
  • I am not impressed with titan fall at all.
  • Nor am I. It's just another shooter to me.
  • Tense how much time have you spent playing Titanfall?
  • An hour.
  • Seriously I respect everyone's opinion, but an hour is not enough time to form a real opinion about anything. I should state I haven't played a minute of titanfall.
  • It is when it's a multiplayer game. There's no story to experience. I'm NOT saying that's bad. It's multiplayer game, it wasn't meant to have single player. But what that means to me is that I can firm an opinion on a game faster. Really guys, I never said Titanfall was bad. It just didn't live up to the hype for me. :/
  • You clearly only played the beta. Yes, it's online only, but there is very much a campaign and a story.
  • Here are three pro tips for anyone finding themselves NOT enjoying Titanfall:
      Get off the fucking ground, and go vertical.  The ground is pretty much no mans land, and all the more proficient players will stay off of it, as much as humanly possible. If you play it like a normal shooter, Titanfall is only going to disappoint.  Trust me, I know from first hand experience.  You have a rocket pack and ninja parkour skills for a reason in Titanfall.  USE THEM, and stay off the ground. Learn to become proficient at their use, and how to effectively string their use together, and the game will become a helluva lot more fun to play.  Also remember, the timing for effective wall running in Titanfall, is more like Mirror's Edge, and less like Prince of Persia.   NO CAMPING!  If your idea of how to play a normal shooter, largely flows around camping (spawn camping, resource camping, sniper camping, et al.) . . . well shame on you in the first place, as no one likes campers anyway - which is why Respawn designed Titanfall largely as an anti-camper FPS experiece. Titanfall moves too fast, and shifts too dynamic to make camping of any sort an optimal play style choice.  Couple that with certain level design choices, and every pilot having a rocketpack and ninja parkour skills, and effective camping becomes next to impossible to be a successful game play style in Titanfall (and good riddance, too).  The best course of action in Titanfall, is to always be on the move. If you find yourself stopping, to set up shop somewhere, you are only hurting the experience of playing Titanfall for yourself. There are no hot routes through Titanfall levels - so stop looking for them, or attempting to play the game like they exist. Both the level design of Titanfall's maps, plus the vericality of the game, pretty much put a complete end to the tired, and boring hot routes through FPS maps.  Get used to the more dynamic, free form, 'invent-as-you-go' styled routing through the levels in Titanfall, and you will not only traverse the levels more efficiently, but also enjoy the game much better.   Once you understand that Titanfall changes almost all of the main conventions of a normal shooter, and how those changes effect gameplay, you are going to get so much more out of the game, than by trying to treat Titanfall like it is COD.
  • So true. I am enjoying this game more now that I don't play it like battlefield or cod.
  • Best. Comment. Ever.
  • Seriously dude?!!! Titanfall is Awesome
  • Well everyone is entitled to their own opinion.
  • And so far, around 90% of your posts have been pretty negative.  So why do you spend time here?
  • Because I am a fan of Windows Phone and I'm pretty sure I'm allowed to share my opinion.
  • Why are so many people here so immature and closed minded? smh
  • It may be immature, but it is kinda funny. (just my opinion)
  • Yes, you are allowed to vent your opinion but NO, you're NOT a fan of WP. You only post negative comments on Xbox articles but you never make comments, positive or otherwise, on WP. Your main preoccupation here is to put down Xbox.
  • Oooo. Busted! Seriously. People never think their comment history won't be reviewed.
  • Seriously? I commented positively on an Xbox article just today and I made a comment on an article a day or two ago about a case for the 1520. I love Windows Phone, Windows 8 I think is pretty good and Xbox I'm not a huge fan of. I comment mostly on XB1 articles because I feel there's more for me to say in the articles with all of the extreme fanboyism that comes with the articles. I don't know why people are getting angry, seriously. I just said I didn't like Titanfall, this has nothing to do with my opinion on Microsoft's products. Jesus.
  • And you do realize this IS a "fan" site, right? So don't be stupid and make comments like "I feel there's more for me to say in the articles with all of the extreme fanboyism that comes with the articles.". Because that just makes you look like a fool. Sure, you are entitled to your opinion, but don't expect others to not lash back. also, I shared the same sentiment as you, but do find Titainfall very interesting, and does have a campaign, even though it is all MP. I love the Mechs, and brings me memories of MechWarrior, even though this is NOT a MechWarrior game.
  • This is a windows phone fan site, not an xbox or Microsoft fan site. There's no reason why he can't comment on why he's not a fan of the xbox, or anything not relating to WP on this site. I don't come here to get my xbox news, I come here for WP news.
  • It's alrite Tense, don't fall into the mess. I've not read any of your other posts on different topics, but I agree, you and all else are free to post their opinions. Not sure if I'd be as supportive were your comments a bit more... on that level of immaturity, but what I see says not. I think a good 80-90% of my posts here can be taken as bashing Windows' and WPs'  to some degree, but it's just pointing out hard truths as a fan, least for me. And that's sometimes hard to see for others, or a straight up point they disagree with (like the more open WP argument). I liked Titanfall from what I played, I do know it has a story for the campaign and personally applaud their effort on this new trial -> It's a story that's all MP, so the campaign's intertwined. I like the mechanics and I think it's very approachable.  I also recognize it's a shooter, and less you're a fan of em, I don't see anyone seeing much from the beta, or only an hour of the main release, to move forward with it.  But meh, just saying, you had your point, you defended it, but don't get dragged down.
  • If he's a fan, can you imagine what's he like if wasn't?
  • Although I love Titanfall, I agree with your statement. However, the person needs to play it first before judging.
  • I'm almost through Donkey Kong Country on my Super Nintendo. One more level and I can get an XBox.
  • I mean you still have to beat donkey Kong country 2 before dude. I'll lend it to ya.
  • Damn!!
  • Lol
  • Agree with you. Said of an hour of playing then you jump into the conclusion is not a good way to judge a game. Do play it for 2-3 days and you can go give it some thought.
  • Why would someone play more if they hated the first hour? Of course, training took up at least the first hour for me (learning how to wall run, shoot, call down titans, etc.), if I'd only played it for an hour I wouldn't have even got into a multiplayer match. Or if I'd jumped right in, I wouldn't have understood the subtleties and wouldn't have enjoyed myself. So I am sceptical about the 1hr. claim.
  • You are entitled to your own opinion but only if your opinion is the same as mine.
  • If you like shooters and lets be honest if you are a 360 owner or now a One owner this is the large majority then Titanfall is a milestone release in this genre and is looking to be the Halo of this generation (well until they release the Halo of this generation that is) however it does not have a master chief to fall behind but what it has are awesome game machanics. Mind you large majority leaves a larger minority too, I for one use the 360 and now the One for lots of Multimedia duties and actually do not play that many games, but I can see the value in Titanfall and have it spinning around in my console now loading.
  • Would be neat if you explaines why... If its something you didnt do your research on before you bought then you have noone to blame but yourself
  • I am. It completely redefines the multiplayer FPS genre. And it's fun as hell.
  • A single game alone will not account for a 12% jump in sales. Most people I know are getting Titanfall on the 360.
  • There was more incentive to buy that with how cheap the console was, it's huge game library, etc. Xbox One does not have a huge game library and is not cheap.
  • I feel bad for them. They will highly regret it.
  • wat. It's not about not being able to afford games, it's about the PS3/GTA bundle being a whole different kind of deal.
  • No, seriously one game can easily boost sales by way more than 12%. Halo for example, 99% week on week increase in sales (ie double) Your pesimism is clearly based on your own bias. Dislike the game thats fine, but don't extrapolate from your not liking it to how the market works. Trust me Titanfall has been massively advertised and MS are banking on it driving sales. They are already very pleased with Xbox sales, which I am sure is much to the annoyance of PS fans. I am not sure why they should care, but everyone loves to make it a phony war and a versus.  Live and let live I say.
  • So to give some figures on that I went to the midnight release at a local gamestore of Titanfall. There were maybe 120 people there. Out of those 120people I watched at least 25 of them walk out with the Xbox One Bundle with Titanfall and those are the ones I saw when i past by the counter on my way to get the game there were another 10 xbox one bundles still there to be picked up. So if 120 people in rural Louisiana were there and 35 of them walked away with systems 12% doesn't seem that big. I understad that that could be the out liar but this could be the first game on the new consoles to be a "system seller". Unfortunately we won't know anything until Xbox or respawn rattle off some stat saying they had the best console or game sales for march
  • Since they started promoting titanfall a few weeks ago it is rumored xbox one sold another million units. If that is true, one single game is responsible for quite a large sales jump.
      I'm also sensing from your posts that you don't own and xbox one or titanfall.   So it's hard to take your post serious.
  • Tell that to all the muppets who buy phones because of Candy Crush, I would agree though that due to a number of reasons moving from the 360 to the One is not as seemless as you would think. One barrier is the price you only have to look at the Plant V Zombies FPS and see the gulf in price to understand that even if you own both you have little or no incentive to move to the One. Couple this with existing game libraries and your mates and it is easy to see a large number of people holding off. That all said Titanfall is a game best served on the One and the recent at least in the UK combination of bundle and price cut will see significant box shifting easitly 12% in one month of realse.
  • Of course it will, agreed. Getting below 400 quid was a huge physcological barrier removed. The price difference on the street is much closer between PS4 and Xbox One now which was a hurdle before. MS have been smart just lowering the price slightly and Titanfall is a perfect system seller. Interesting times.
  • Halo 5 and the next GOW & Fable will drive future Xbox One sales the most  
  • Did you catch that they compared Xboc One and 360 combined vs the Wii U and PlayStation 4. Kind of unfair, and I bleed Xbox.
  • I think the comparison was by console brand xbox 360/One vs. PS3/4/Vita vs. Wii/U/DS though the article may not have made that clear.
  • When the article said: "The remainder of the market is largely held by both Nintendo’s WiiU and Sony’s PlayStation 4." the word "largely" implies it includes PS3 etc. It's fair because the comparison is between combined Xbox360 and One with 43% versus PS4 and the others combined with 57%. What is unfair about that!
  • I like Titanfall, I finally have a reason to turn the One on, now. Whereas I normally play TDM on CoD, the Domination/Hardpoint mode is more fun on Titanfall. Is this as good as CoD Blops2? Too early to tell. Blops2 is my favorite fps by far, and Titanfall has a ways to go yet.
  • It does suggest that 50 million PS3s and 100 million Wiis simply don't exist in the US.   Or to put it another way, the PS4 and WiiU combined have outsold the 360 and Xbone combined.   It's not "unfair", it's just... incorrect. Either that, or the PS4 and WiiU sales are 10:1 ahead of the One. :D
  • Dale North. That is all.
  • *clapping
  • I also use geekbyte on WP and all the top news outlets have not reported this other than PS4 beat Xbone by small margin in February US sales, especially BGR. BGR even states from one source that "its official", Kinect is a failure. Huh?
  • Xbox and xb one both sold my ps3...wii not worth the gas to drive it somewhere to try a trade on
  • 80% of my gaming is done on my Xbox One with the rest being split up with my 360/Win8.1/WP8 devices.
  • I am going with PS4. After the 1080p controversy, the lack of power become more clear to me. Also kinect takes 10% of GPU. I will play titanfall on Xbox 360, that was the best videogame system on last gen. PS4 seems to have better policies around the customers and deliver more for less price. I will wait for Metal Gear and The Witcher 3, both 1080p on PS4.
    4k is nice on PCs, but high end PCs are expensive, and also there are some games that debut firstly on video games. Like GTA V
  • That is changing now that they have taken some GPU power for more 1080/60 fps games
  • I believe when they release the new Directx 12 on Xbox One, many things can change. But it will be catch up game. PS4 also will boost their graphics, and like Xbox 360, the sony's machine is clearly easier to develop for the studios. I love the Xbox 360, but I will stick on PS4. PSN+ also is giving more games than Live. I hope Xbox One, succeed too, competition is good for game industry.
  • I recommend checking out the Xboxone sub on reddit. Many converts are explaining that they bought in to the original hate hype and have now moved to Xbox. Sure some are possibly non legit fanboys, but there are many with well thought out posts explaining the experience they had on ps4 and their now Xbox experience. Key being experience. Also, ps3 had more horse power, 360 was still a better experience. I am not saying don't go PS if you want to, just don't let the hype/hate sell you. Make the decision on personal preference. My personal preference, Xbox One truly feels next get and is a stellar experience.
  • I don't have hate at all. I was going to buy Xbox ONe. I believe Directx 12 will be nice and MS will improve their SDKs. But, I will stick with PS4, because it probably will handle the new games better on the future, since it has more horsepower. I am gamer too, not looking for media content . I love the share button on their controller (although the xbox controller is better for FPS) and I like the region free of PS4 :)
  • Xbox One has region free games, too.
  • Again, dont fall into the trap of believing the performance idiots. Some of the Playstation 4 titles sacrifice smoothness for that extra resolution. And actually in most realistic situations (6 to 10 feet from TV, 42-50 inch screen) you would not know the difference even if you had them side by side. Its a pathetically small difference on "some games". Don't forget, Playstation engines are _all new_ as they changed architecture. Many of the Xbox One engines are _modified_ due to their roots from PC. They are not ESRAM optimized yet. Games that do have new engines like FIFA 14 do run at 1080p and do look amazing and have perfectly great resolution. AND !! Remember, the Xbox is doing all of this whilst have 3 Virtual Machines . OK, only 2 your care about and 1 bridge VM. But what that means is that TWITCH recording, Game Clip Capture, TV Viewing, TV Schedules are all done without hitting your gaming experience. Lets see how much Twitch streaming impacts PS4. Twitch have already said that the Xbox One version has more features, higher resolution. And this is what we mean. The "experience" is better on Xbox. Forget kids arguiing over specsheets which are not that meaningful. Also, Xbox Live (Windows Azure) versus Sony's? LOL Not even close.
    Go and look at the videos on this website: MS's datacentres and Cloud power is AMAZING. Truly awe inspiring magnitude. But if you think arguiing over the chip revision inside a black box is the way to go, you chose it :)
  • I have no hard ties to either console... for the most part you get the same games... With that said, i purchased an xbox one and I have a PS3.  I may get a ps4, but no need now.  The ps3 is still super solid and I play that thing just as much as my xb1 because I am the only one in my group with the xb1 and I have a lot of great unfinished games for the ps3. Still I saw a lot more promise out of the xbox one than the ps4.  I dont game as much as I did 10 years ago, but then I was 18 and lived at home, lol.  The xbox is a nice media device that truely owns the living room.  I have no issues with kinect and I wish Microsoft would left the xbox one as it was originally intended/designed.  People always blow thins out of proportion... Yet they give up their privace to facebook and other sites...  XBOX ON... XBOX GO TO TV... XBOX GO TO TITANFALL... XBOX GO TO SKYPE... Gestures work, sound works, etc. 
  • I don't believe people truly see diff between 1080p and 960p unless they look at still images. If you look at the games comparison on youtube there's really no clear difference for top games they tested Forza 5 runs 1080p/60 so it can be done but first games aren't best technically which was not that different when Xbox 360 was just released. That said if you don't care for Kinect or the Xbox One additional functionality you might go with PS4. Not sure which better policies Sony has?
  • On my tv I can notice the difference between it, specially on FPS games is more clear. Forza is a racing game, the enviroment is not heavy like FPS games. In order to achieve 1080p/60fps on Xbox One developers needs to turn off many features (like multisampling)...The studios believes that 32mb Esram is too small to boost xbox one graphics with all the the features turned on. PS4 it is easier to do so, since is more raw power. The better policies from Sony are that PSN+ is giving more games for free, also they are listenning customers better, offering a geunine gaming machine. I don't care about media content on Xbox One ( I don't live on United States) and I care less for kinect. I love games, playing and having what is believe to be standard today: 1080p.
    Any old Tv Led, LCD or even Plasm can handle 1080p. It is standard...even Titanfall is not delivering 1080p...only 792p. But like I said, there is hope that Xbox One get better and better. Sony only improved PS4 in way better than Xbox One, because the success of xbox 360. Competition is good...
  • Is there a reason people announce what they plan on buying?
  • Dude, get a PS4. We tried to help you realise its not all about pixels, but for you it clearly is.
    Go get a PS4, be happy. Stop posting. The Xbox One is a genuine gaming machine. To suggest it isn't just means you are a trolling Sony fanboy. Which will just incite everyone. Please refrain from doing that. The value of Kinect is up to the purchaser not you. I personally love the Kinect Sensor for voice control and Skype. If its not for you, as I said, go buy a PS4. But don't post about how Xbox is this, and Xbox is that because your ascertions are the same juvenile non thruths that trolls spout.
  • The Xbox one isn't that expensive infront of ps4 hardly 2k
  • It is only few bucks more, I agree. But is Sony is delivering more for less...1080p is not anything great, only standard. But if you buy a system that has problem to handle even standard resolution, how could you believe that the system will last for many years?
  • You are joking right. Sorry i read you previous comments but had to bite when i read this one. In the end you will see. The x1 may not be doing 1080p games "yet" but i expect that to change real soon. Unfortunately MS messed up getting the drivers to devs but now that these are rolling out, i expect more games will be 1080 going forward. Build i suspect will reveal more than wp8.1.
  • A number of factors are important the 1080p resolution that some games do not support on the One does not mean that in other ways it may not be better. The current consideration is gameplay which for me is more important. However I am not here to convince you to purchase a One you do whatever floats your boat. These issues for me are not so important and for you they sound like they are.
  • Killzone multiplayer is not 1080p, and their single player was not at 60fps. Plus battlefield was 900p on PS4. So, no, 1080p @ 60fps is not the standard. Also, PS+ does not allow you to keep your "free" games if you don't renew your subscription. XBL might not give away the most desirable games for free, but they are yours to keep. Just say you prefer the PS4. That's a good enough answer. don't try to legitimize your preference with nonsense.
  • Only battlefield 4 is 900p. But it is 720p on Xbox One. BUT ALL OTHERS ARE 1080p on PS4 and Xbox One is 720p or 900p. I will always renew my subscription since it gave the best games. Xbox Live in other side give bad games but allow to keep.
  • You have a clear bias, and Killzone campaign runs at 1080p/30fps and the multiplayer 960 x 1080 @ 50fps. So, please don't say that PS4 has a standard, when it clearly does not. You prefer the PS4, plain and simple. There's no need to legitimize your purchase with us. But you are saying that the XB1 doesn't live up to standards that even the PS4 doesn't live up to. Misinformation doesn't help your case. And it's your opinion whether or not the Games for Gold are good.
  • Bad games? You are kidding right? Please don't tell me the release date of the game is what makes it "good" to you?
  • The whole your choice is right, his is wrong is pretty lame. You can't just say they are both good but you prefer ps4? To say Xbox gives you "bad" games to keep solidifies you're biased.
  • I would despite you get more for your money you get a different console is all. Also I would suggest the 1080P is more PR spin than a serious impact. I for one would not trade my Kinect features for a PS4 and I suprise myself by just how much become used to talking to my One.
  • Wouldn't "older brother" here be the Xbox 360 not Xbox One?
  • I was thinking this, "bigger brother" maybe but not older... that doesnt make sense.  
  • They would have sold more than PS4 if they either wouldn't have included Kinect and lowered price, or if they had released some dedicated Kinect games like Kinect sport rivals (delayed to next month). What's the point of having to pay $100 extra if there aren't any dedicated games announced for it? I think they let Kinect community down so far. There's still some hope E3 might see some announced Kinect games.
  • Kinect isn't just for gaming. I'd have a hard time using XB1 without voice commands.
  • What? Really?
  • Yeap, it is pretty suprising how quickly you get used to the speech functions. For me the ability to turn it on and off and link to my TV is worth having it on its own. You really can control a lot and now that the accuracy is a lot better its not painful to use. Also the limitations of the first Kinect have been substantially reduced. Example: Xbox on Switches on and TV comes on Camera recognises me and logs me in Boom I am ready to go Xbox go to Netflix Profile1 Select1 I am watching a film Now with the 360 this was not nearly as easy to do...
  • True but that's a very small part of Kinect. The new motion tracking improvements are really great so it's unfortunate we don't see that utilized yet. When Kinect just came out for Xbox 360 much more games were announced (now only KSR?). That said quality was mixed on 360... So maybe it takes more time.
  • Examples of motion tracking Battlefield 4, Forza and Skype all out the box. For me the Kinect full on games are only a small part and the least important part of the Kinect features it is the seamlessness of integration into everyday use that makes it for me.
  • Of course there will be plenty of kinect games anounced in the future, they just need time do be made. The whole point of bundling kinect with the xbox One is to ensure that any game developer has the possibility of including kinect in their games without worrying about their target audience owning one. Furthermore kinects is extremelly usefull for multimedia navigation, and overall menu navigation on the console.
  • There's only a $50 price difference in Australia.
  • For people who want Titanfall or Forza 5 anyway... then it's technically only $40-$50 more than PS4 now... but I get what you're saying.  I was fine with having Kinect included, but they should've had more Kinect games at launch. Fantasia looks promising, but I was hoping for another Dance Central because Just Dance doesn't interest me, and I hope for more Rabbids, Pixar, even a new Disneyland Adventures game (though walking was frustrating in the 360 version). I do like yelling at zombies in Deadrising 3, giving orders in Ryse, making plays in Madden, leaning my body around corners in Thief, Xbox Pause/Play for movies/shows, Xbox record that, and auto sign in... but it needs more.  Kinect 2 seems like Kinect 1.5 at this point, but it might get better. I was disappointed that Powerstar Golf wasn't Kinect enabled.  Plus, I miss bowling... which is coming soon.  The wave race thing got old fast.
  • I have a gene in my body cells that transcribes and translates into a protein the makes me addicted to Xbox. There's nothing I can do about it cuz it's written in my DNA. Xbox is part of me :)
  • The Xbox one is the older brother? I thought it was newer than the Xbox 360? I might be wrong though. :P
  • I noticed that too.. One is younger Bro...
  • How much do others hold in that 57% remaining?
  • For a less biased view and some real news reporting without a one sided MS bias read: The Xbox One Team Is At It Again Making News Out of Nothing at All here:  
  • GTFO.
  • Sorry, but the fact that a next-gen console is struggling with 1080p (and mostly fails to meet this mark) is really beyond me. It is 2014, after all.
  • You mean the PS4 right ? Killzone was shown to only be running at 720p multiplayer and Thief running around 10FPS on PS4 LOL The only next gen game in multiplayer running at native 1080p at 60fps so far is Forza 5 on XB1 so tell me which console is the more powerful ;)
  • Actually, my comment refers to any next-gen console struggling with what has been the de facto resolution for PC gaming for years. So yeah, it does include the PS4 as well in certain respects. Still, the PS4 currently does a better job at multi-platform titles, not surprising given the significantly weaker Xbox hardware. To sum it up, the PS4 is decent, the Xbox One barely adequate.
  • Seems faster
  • Crushing the 360 should be a given, crushing the PS4 would be something to get excited about. A bit too much MS kool-aid flowing, methinks.....
  • XB1 on sale in 13 Territory's compared to around 50+ for PS4 that's the only reason PS4 has sold so much more.
  • Tru n still not getting blowed out
  • I dont care about sales really. Unless it means my console of choice wont be getting support or good games. PS4 can sell more units for all I care as long as XO keeps getting thr gamea I want to play. Titanfall, Halo, Dead Rising, Forza, PvZGW... All the good excusives and all the good multi-plats.
  • +1
  • Personally, for me Titanfall is awesome. Based solely on the fact that it's fun. A fun FPS like the days of GoldenEye 007. Granted, more advanced players will talk about BF4 and COD having more technical abilities or better matching, skills, etc. That's nice, but for me the fun got stripped away from those FPS games. Titanfall has brought that back for me in spades. Great game.
  • Xbone all day
  • Don't want to be that guy, but I noticed PS4 numbers aren't showing up for comparison
  • I'm really happy with my Xbox One, I'm really looking forward to Middle Earth Shadow of Mordor on it.
  • Not sure what I will get yet, but I lean PS4 mainly because I resent needing XBox Live Gold to be able to use Netflix.  Also, I do not like that having an XBox Music subscription isn't enough to let me use my XBox Music account on my XBox 360 (and on your XBox One) for music without the Gold account.  I have Windows Phone and subscribe to XBox Music, but no dice on my 360 without also having the Gold membership.  Sorry, but that is akin to getting screwed in my book.
  • I am in the same boat as you in regards to having an XB music subscription, a WP, and a 360. However, I don't get the whole anti XB gold subscription? I can understand if you bought an XB just to single player game and wanted to use Netflix or something. It makes no sense to be upset if you play multiplayer games. You have to pay on PS4, just like XB. I feel that my XB Gold subscription is so worth it. The features and clean, fluid interface and backend infrastructure that's been paid for with XB Gold subscriptions is well worth the money. Sony realized this too. That's why they started charging for PS➕. Maybe they'll now start having a better experience for their users now, but I already have an excellent service with XB Live and all my stuff (WP, XB Music) works so well with it.
  • I don't play multiplayer games on XBox so it isn't worth it to me. I play multiplayer on PC.
  • You have a plethora of other solutions at your disposal to play your music and Netflix. Getting an XB one for just single player seems to be a bad purchase if you ask me. You knew what you were getting into when you got it. Don't blame MS for your boneheaded decisions.
  • So you are telling me I am a bonehead if I don't buy a PS4 instead evidentially.
  • No, I'm saying you've been boneheaded for buying something you knew very well wouldn't work for you unless you paid for a fantastic service. Why would you buy an XB knowing you wanted to use XB music or Netflix and then complaining about having to pay for XB Live is dumbfounding. The more I hear the more trouble I'm having believe it. If you truly want to watch Netflix there are a boatload of options for you. Roku, Chromecast, TV Apps, Connect your PC to your TV, blue ray players... To complain that the XB is being unfair when it's probably not even an issue seems childish. As for XB Music, there are ways to play your music to your TV that don't entail an XB. I rarely use my XB to play tunes. Mainly use Bluetooth speakers, but that's me. XB1 still is the better console IMO, and XB live is well worth the cost.
  • Look dude, my XBox 360 is connected to a pretty damned good sound system and when I bought my Windows Phone and subscribed to Xbox Music I was pretty dumbfounded when I tried to play music from my Xbox Music account on the 360 and discovered that I couldn't because it requires two separate subscriptions, one to music and one to Gold. I have other media devices that can play Netflix but the last time I checked there are not any TV connected devices other than Xbox or a PC that can connect to a TV system for Xbox Music. So if you don't believe me that is fine. I guess that I forgot that this is WPcentral, the one place where people can't handle honest criticism of a Microsoft product regardless of how reasonable it is. My comment pertains to the One because I am considering buying one but am frustrated by the fact that you have to pay not only an additional 100 for the device mainly due to its entertainment hub capabilities but then additional money to use web based services that are accessible from a multitude of other devices and even to use existing Microsoft Xbox branded services that I already pay for. I can't even stream music from Xbox Music on my phone to the thing. I could care less about multilayer games, the device is more interesting because it is a media hub, multi player games only mean I would have to put up with punks like you. 
  • LOL, OK.  So, let me get this right.  You have a smartphone, an XB Music pass, a Netflix subscription, a PC, a kick ass sound system, probably an HD TV, an XB 360 and are considering getting an XB1, but you're complaining about the cost of XB Live?  (Which if you buy at the right place and time could be as as little as $3.33 cents a month.)  Obviously it doesn't have to do with the cost to you but more the principal. My argument is that the brunt of you're problems is centered on you not doing your research.  If I buy a VW Bug expecting it to go 200 MPH and when I got it home it would only go 80 MPH who's fault is it?  In fact, I'd be a bit embarassed that I didn't know that it wouldn't go 200 MPH.  But that's just me. Playing online with punks is a pain.  I hate it.  Unlike the PS4 the XB1 has a reputation system.  If you get enough complaints by other gamers about a certain player they'll be grouped with like players.  That means punks end up playing with punks and respectable players play with respectable players.  So, since I'm obviously a punk in your book we wouldn't be playing together on the XB1, but on the'd be stuck with me.  This is just one of the many reasons that I pay for XB Live.  Obviously, since the principal of paying for XB Live seems to be such a burden on you maybe the XB1 isn't for you.  I'm more than happy to pay the small cost for XB Live and having a service that provides so much more than anything else out there.
  • I hate "X", therefore everything about it sucks, I love "X" and everything about it is awesome, everyone who likes the first "X" clearly hasnt a clue what they are talking about... Unless you agree with me, you are clearly an idiot who didnt spend enough time with it to form the same opinion as me.   :P!
  • Don't tell me not to be worried. It isn't good enough to crush a competitor that you also own. You have to crush the actual competition. And Xbox One isn't. Being the best isnt good enough. Your marketing also has to be the best. And if that isnt good enough, your price has to be the best.
  • You've seen me use the term "making lemonade" with regards to Xbox before, but this is arguably the best example yet. This week, Microsoft is touting that its Xbox One is "continuing the most successful launch in Xbox history," while ignoring that this success is coming amidst the Xbox One getting thrashed, month after month, by the much-better-selling PlayStation 4. "Xbox One continues selling at a record-breaking pace, with 258,000 units sold in the United States in the month of February, surpassing Xbox 360 sales by over 61 percent at the same point in time," the firm notes (but doesn't tell you that it was outsold by the PlayStation 4 again). I understand the need to market this thing as successful, but how about communicating the real victory? That is, the Xbox One actually closed the gap with the PlayStation 4, at least in the United States, in February, with the PlayStation 4 only narrowly beating Xbox One with an estimated 287,000 units sold. Using the type of math favored by Apple fans, that means the Xbox One led hardware sales on a dollar basis. Of course, with both consoles losing money, that also means that Microsoft lost more on the Xbox One in February. Never mind.
  • What the real issue for xbox one is price, Titan fall so far is the only exclusive game. You can get all the shooters & sport games on ps 4. And alot of people are waiting for price drop and second generation of one. When buy xbox one for Titan Fall if it is on 360. Halo 4 and a price change may be the only saving grace.
  • ?   Titanfall is not exclusive. It's on three systems, in fact.
  • Xbox One all the way! Loving mine, now even more with Titanfall! :D
  • I really hate to harp on this, but do you guys (WPCentral Bloggers) have any grasp of the English language? Do you have an editor to clean up your mistakes? Despite many thoughts that the Xbox 360 is a dead console, the unit continues to sell at extremely large rates and includes some of the latest games to land on its older brother, the Xbox One. How can the latest iteration of a product be called the older brother? Common sense tells us that the Xbox 360 is the older brother. I'm sorry, but the English (yes, these bloggers are posting to a USA site) displayed by the WPCentral bloggers is terrible. If you can't get your grammar correct, how can we trust you on real facts? Call me old fashioned, but if it's worth doing, it's worth doing correctly. Sam is awful. Michael is a little better. Daniel comes across as intelligent when he's not trying to prove he's a superior being. Please, please guys...get your act together. As Daniel once said: we throw so much verbiage (crap) out to the public, we don't have time to think about spelling and grammar. Mark L. Cooper PS - I do not hide behind fake credentials/email - Daniel.....  
  • I think a lot of us have noticed the sloppy writing. I was most interested to see that quote from Daniel. If accurate, he has no business being the "editor-in-chief" of a middle school newspaper, let alone WPCentral. It's his job to make sure that what goes out is ready for publication. In the end, it's all on him. There are rarely lengthy articles on this site, so it should only take a few minutes for him to proof what goes up.  This "older brother" thing is slightly more forgivable (it's not spelling or grammar) than a lot of the other errors I see on the site, but it still should've been caught.   Oh well. Not my problem. 
  • The Xbox 360 is still better than the Xbox One
  • Shouldn't you have said Younger Brother? The Xbox One is newer. Anyway.
    I'm completely content with my Xbox 360 and see nothing compelling me to purchase a Current generation console. Yes people the Xbox One and PS4 are Current generation consoles. Not Next generation consoles! They're already here!