Xbox shares sustainability report, with new features for Xbox consoles

Xbox Sustainability
Xbox Sustainability (Image credit: Microsoft)

In an effort to help improve air quailty and reduce waste, many companies around the world are looking at ways to be more sustainable. Microsoft is among the biggest and most transparent companies when it comes to corporate climate responsibilities, and by extension, that also includes Xbox.

Today, Microsoft shared a few updates on their progress with Xbox's sustainability efforts, and new features for Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S consoles.

  • Microsoft is gathering data on enhanced power management on Xbox consoles to explore reducing electricity consumption.
  • New Xbox consoles will be set to Energy Saving mode by default.
  • Microsoft will allow Xbox consoles to continue to download updates even during Energy Saving mode, which reduces power consumption by up to 20 times overall.
  • Xbox Series S consoles now contain "at minimum" 28% recycled plastic resins.
  • By 2025, Microsoft aims to have shifted the entire Azure architecture to 100% renewable energy.
  • By 2030, Microsoft wants to ensure all Xbox products and packaging are completely recyclable in OECD (Organisation for Economic Co-operation) countries.
  • Microsoft has certified that 97% of the materials in an Xbox Series X|S console can be fully recycled in the OECD.
  • Microsoft has reduced plastic waste by 500,000 kg by converting all Xbox gift cards to paperboard materials.
  • 15 Xbox controllers from the Design Lab currently have 25% minimum recycled materials, with aims to put it up to 28% by May 2022.

Microsoft also shared some tips on how users can contribute to the sustainability effort. Turning on Energy Saving mode on your Xbox console, using the Microsoft Store Trade-in Program to recycle your devices, as well as their mail-back program for devices that are broken.

Indeed, Microsoft in general is working to reduce its carbon footprint, across Azure, Surface, and its other products and services. It's also investing in carbon capture technology in Iceland, among other science-led initiatives.

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