XDA developer working on Market 2.0; will support Windows Phone 7

Well, the tweet says it all.

Of course what it means exactly is unclear, but with the recent ruling on DRM and 'jailbreaking', there's no reason to think that XDA members won't be able to unlock our devices at some point and support 'sideloading'. Just like we suggested.


footnote: While XDA Market is the product of XDA-developers member davidgiga, it isn't an official XDA-developers product. 

Daniel Rubino

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  • Recent ruling or not, I say good luck to the hackers. With Xbox Live on board, devices having a hardware ID I dont think MS will be as forgiving to WP7 hacks as they were with Windows Mobile.
  • I think you raise a very valid point theefman. I'm not willing to take the the chances of getting banned on XBOX Live just because I wanted to sideload Swype on WP7. Windows has made it incredible difficult for me to upgrade to a WP7. It's like iOS but worse, because at least iOS has a shit load of apps to compensate for it's shortcomings. What do we have for WP7, a NY Times app? Get the fuck out of here. Thanks for the ride and bugs Microsoft, you successfully shitted on ALL of your power users and made it much easier for me to get my next device.
  • I like how you're going to knock the WP7 marketplace when it's not even open and out yet. You ask about lack of apps for a platform that's not even on sale yet. Good going there.
  • **@theefman** Sideloading is easy--just have to unlock the device. Who else can unlock the device? Developers. In other words, the practice is sanctioned but only for developers, not consumers. I'm sure if some mechanism comes out that simulates whatever developers get to do with their devices, it won't screw up Xbox Live or other services. Microsoft would have to scan your phone for non-sanctioned software--not even Apple does that as you can have Cydia and Installous installed and still sync with iTunes. While messing/hacking with XBox Live would be dumb, simply loading 3rd party software is hardly as dangerous as you're suggesting. Thousands of developers will be doing it everyday.