XdaRoms.com has added a membership system to their website. XdaRoms is a relatively new website repository for custom or cooked Roms.  As the inventory of roms build, it may very well become a one stop shop to satisfy your cooked rom appetite. 

XdaRoms membership gives you the ability to post roms and news. We have also been told by the website creator, bowpay, that in the very near future XdaRoms will have a few more new features.

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The features include Rom Favorites which will alert members when an update to your favorite rom is posted; Rom Reviews which will give those shopping for roms a feel for what's out there; and Carrier Integration which will tie each rom to the various carriers. It is hopeful that these new features will give romaholics (or the casual flasher) more resources to choose a compatible rom and avoid bricking your Windows Phone.