XDA launches XDA ROMS

Need a one stop shop for custom ROMs? Want to see what a particular chef has cooked up?  XDA ROMs is hoping to fit those needs.

XDA ROMS is a clearing house of sorts for cooked ROMS that has been created by bowpay, an XDA Developer's Forum member.  The cooking is categorized based on the device, chef, language and OS. XDA ROMS also has the ability to compare up to five ROMS side by side and you can also rate the ROMS. 

The site is still in a Beta stage so it may take some time to iron out all the bugs and get the ROM database fully stocked.

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  • As if they weren't drawing enough attention to themselves already. Yes, I know they've lasted this long, but I fear for their lives...I NEED THEM!
  • While it was first reported the XDA ROMs was the product of XDA Developer's, it is actually the product of an XDA Developer's Forum member, bowpay. The story has been since corrected. Sorry for the confusion.
  • Nice save on the correction, but now it sounds like a clearing house for only ROMs that are created by bowpay! If I am not mistaken, what you are trying to say is that XDA member bowpay has decided to launch a subsite featuring all the roms of various popular XDA chefs. ;)
  • This valuable resource has served as a de-facto testing ground for improving WM performance and adding features to the mobile platform.
  • The O2 Xda Atom Exec is believed to retain the original Atom's size, measuring 102mm x 58mm x 18.5mm and weighing 140g. This new smartphone is expected to cost around $845.