Xperia X2 announcement next week?

It's entirely possible that the unsourced rumor emanating from SEMC Blog could be true, and the Sony Ericsson Xperia X2 could be announced next week. But we've been down that road before, haven't we?

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  • hmmmm I like the first deisn.
  • @Anonymous. I second that. I just hope SE releases an official, keyword: official, updated ROM to 6.5. Highly unlikely, but we can hope...
  • will it be released to a carrier or will it be the same fiasco as last time?
  • It can not be released to a carrier. SE X1 is an unlocked phone w/o a provider, so SE must, 1. adopt 6.5, 2. pay micro for it, and 3. edit it to adapt to the X1, which is in a class all by itself, unlike other winmo phones. It would be a lot of work for SE to do, which is why it's unlikely they will release a ROM. xda has a few for the X1, but I'd rather stick w/ 6.1 until 7.0 in 1 yr.
  • 100% not interested.