Yahoo Go: Now on Landscape-Syle WM Devices

I've complained more than once that Yahoo Go's compatibility with Windows Mobile devices has been, well, nonexistent since they moved to their fancy new Beta. Well they're finally starting to remedy that, as it's looking like their WM Phone Selection page now no longer says "Coming soon" on every last Windows Mobile device. Specifically, it looks like Smartphone/Standard edition phones with a Landscape-style screen are ready to go. That means Dash, Q, and Blackjack owners can get hooked up with Yahoo! Go! Goodness!

The goodness that's specifically most exciting to me is push IMAP email from Yahoo. This means that out of the big three free webmails out there, two of them (Live/Hotmail and Yahoo) now offer free push email to WM devices. But if you're a Yahooholic*, most of their other services (including contact and calendar sync) are also available via the interface.

Now - bring the support for the rest of the WM styles, Yahoo.

(* No, I don't feel good about using that word. But until Yahoo gives me what I want, I'm going to mount a "Corny! Yahoo! Punctuation! and Grammar! Assault!" on them.)

WC Staff