Yahoo! recommends the Lumia 710 Windows Phone as an affordable option

The Lumia 710, a budget low cost Windows Phone, has been featured in an article over at Yahoo! recommending good free smartphones (tied to carrier terms). There are six handsets in total: iPhone 3G, LG Phoenix, Droid Pro, LG Enlighten, LG Rumor Touch and the Nokia Lumia 710

As noted in the article, the 710 sports 4G connectivity, a 1.4Ghz chip, 3.7" screen, 5MP camera and the latest version of the Windows Phone OS. Looking at the other competitor handsets, it illustrates just how aggressive Nokia is with pricing their Lumia family of smartphones.

Soruce: Yahoo!thanks soulzero for the heads up!

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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  • I just cry when I see them calling WP7 "the less popular". Why not mention that WP7 has the highest ranking of customer satisfaction?
  • I just got my Nokia Lumia 710 today and I had a LG Rumor Touch since October 2010. It's definitely the best feature phone I've ever had and has the one of the best QWERTY keyboards I've ever seen on a phone. However, the Lumia 710 is just on another level. It's astronomically better.
  • Yahoo could start by giving us Yahoo messenger
    With video embedded.
  • Isn't yahoo messenger already integrated in to the various chat apps? Without video obviously
  • I love my 710, its the best phone I've ever owned, but like someone else posted I've only used feature phones and a Nokia 5230 was my last phone running s60. So this is a huge leap in performance for me. My wife has an HTC not sure what model, but the Lumia just looks and handles things much better.
  • When will we be able to get the different color backs separately?
  • Other than the size of the secreen my wife 710 blows away my HTC HD7 in every aspect. form speed to volume low price device that thinks it's high end. where the 710 fails is the 8gb but for what she uses the device for it's perfect though she is hitting on me saying if Nokia puts a biger device on T-MO can i get one... No darling you have a new device I get
  • I agree with u, I have both phones ryt now, and I was wondering why in the hell my lumia is so much faster than my hd7..i find my self using 710 a lot more than hd7..its like my hd7 is my dumb phone
  • I've got a NOKIA lumia 710 since 3 Jan 2012. Oh, it says soruce instead of source
  • It is the 3Gs not the 3g. The 3G is a terrible phone on today's standards. The 3Gs still performs pretty well.