What you need to know

  • A developer released an app inspired by the Untitled Goose Game.
  • The app has a goose run around your desktop, making mayhem.
  • The goose muddies up your display, drags GIFs around, and can even grab your mouse cursor.

The web is a wacky and wonderful place of memes, GIFs, and layered entertainment. A current phenomenon is the Untitled Goose Game. The game features an annoying goose that annoys you in a way that's a bit addictive. Now, you can bring an annoying goose to your desktop with Desktop Goose. The new app brings an irritating goose who "assists" you on your PC (via The Verge). Developer SamNChiet released the app recently and has already updated it to up the mayhem.

Desktop Goose is a free app that's just here for a bit of fun. The developer's description should give an indication of the tone behind the app:

HONK HONK, HEAR YE. I have created a goose for your desktop.

He'll nab your mouse, track mud on your screen... leave you a message, deliver you memes?

Play video games with a desktop buddy who will attack you if you poke him.

Fill out spreadsheets while your screen fills up with instances of Goose Notepad.

The developer even issued a 0.2 update to increase the insanity. It allows you to place memes and GIFs into an asset folder so the goose can drag them around your computer.

Once you've played with the goose to your heart's content, you can just hold the escape button to send it on its merry way. To close Desktop Goose, you have to hold the Escape Key for a few seconds.

Desktop Goose

Desktop Goose

Bring a nameless goose to your desktop with this fun little app. It can drag GIFs and memes around your PC and even grab your mouse cursor.