Lots of news happening today regarding Microsoft and their new fitness smart Band and one of the big questions people have: Do you need Lumia Cyan? The thinking here is Lumia Cyan disabled Bluetooth Smart aka Bluetooth LE, ergo it cannot work with a device like the Verizon Lumia Icon. Right?

Luckily, for you we just successfully paired up our Lumia Icon running Windows Phone 8.1 Preview for Developers, not even the latest version, and we had zero issues synchronizing and pairing.

So long as your Windows Phone has Bluetooth and Windows Phone 8.1, you should be able to use the Microsoft Band with no issues. Of course, we have not tried every phone out there, but at least for Lumia Icon owners, you are cleared to buy the Microsoft Band.

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Speaking of, make sure you see our unboxing and hands-on of the svelte Microsoft device. Then run to your Microsoft Store to grab one! Still have questions? We are answering them throughout the day, or you can hop into our Microsoft Band forums and chat with some new owners!