You have spoken: Itsdagram will be renamed to Instance

Earlier today, the popular (and unofficial) Instagram client for Windows Phone, Itsdagram, faced a dire situation: be renamed or face removal from the Store. Developer Daniel Gary was scrambling for a new name (and font and icon) for his prized app and he had less than 24-hours to do so.

To make the choice more fun and to give you folks a voice, we suggested a survey followed by a poll. From one thousand responses, Daniel Gary and our team whittled it down to five choices. From there, it was all in your hands.

With 31% of the vote and a 10% lead over the runner-up, you as a community have decided on ‘Instance’ as the replacement name for Itsdagram!

Here are the full results.

  • Instance – 31% (Winner)
  • Pseudogram – 21%
  • Livegram – 18%
  • Lensa (for Instagram) – 17.5%
  • Spry (for Instagram) – 12.3%

Total votes came in at just over 2,000, making this a significant result—especially if you consider that Daniel Gary could have just renamed his app to ‘Fluffy Bunny Lens’ if he wanted! (Actually, he did prefer the runner up, Pseudogram, but alas, even he doesn’t always get what he wants. Heck, our preference came in dead last!).

So who was the lucky winner? Well, this will get a little sticky but technically it was clindhartsen, who posted it at 7:04pm. We say technically because actually a new-to-the-site poster suggested that name (and about four others) at 6:45pm. That poster, who goes by 10701353, unfortunately did not follow our directions which said only one entry per person, so they have to be disqualified.

So clindharsten gets the $50 gift certificate to the Windows Phone Central Store and his name in the app as an acknowledgement! But hey, we’re not complete meanies here, so if 10701353 actually sees this post and contacts us, we’ll give him/her a $25 GC too. Booya.

It’s late tonight, so hopefully we’ll hear more for Daniel Gary tomorrow on the app redesign, including the new font, new logo and the new name that you came together as a community to select!

Congratulations to everyone and thank you for participating.(And try not to be too upset if your choice wasn't picked--it's just a name, folks, have fun with it!)

Daniel Rubino

Daniel Rubino is the Editor-in-chief of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been here covering Microsoft since 2007 when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, Microsoft Surface, laptops, next-gen computing, and for some reason, watches. Before all this tech stuff, he worked on a Ph.D. in linguistics and ran the projectors at movie theaters, which has done absolutely nothing for his career.

  • Hope the new version will find Friends. The current one won't do it for me :'(
  • Maybe you don't have any?
  • LOL
  • BAAAM!
  • "Apply cold water to burned area"
  • Haha!
  • BOOM! Headshot!
  • Did he died?
  • no, but your grammar did.
  • Google it, it's in the trolls' expressions book :P
  • bad. Did I died?
  • Location tagging (and seeing your friend's location tags) should be top priority dude. Its an essential part of Instagram that's simply missing completely from this app.
  • MadSci2- I'll be ur friend ....HI BUDDY!!!!
  • Luvin the responses - I may not have any Friends but I've got laughs! It was late and that was a bit of a wet blanket thing to say. Just a tad annoyed since I paid for the App, the Dev said this has been fixed (nu-uhhh!) and its useless to me as a result :'(
    Course, he's been too busy dodging Lawyers to work on his creation so who can blame him. Maybe the next post-Legally Required update?
  • Instabook :/
  • Let it go, dude, let it go...
  • Lol!
  • When we can get it for 7.8?
  • +1
  • +1
  • Yes, I'm hoping Instance for WP 7.8 is released too.
  • hahahahahahhaahhaha.... people in the office are asking me why im laughing hahaha, they wont get though :P
  • Lol. Daniel you guys should really have a like button for the commens.
  • I would like this, but I can't.
  • Like button ...really lol What THA FUQ
  • I would like to see them switch to Disqus or livefyre
  • Or go one step further: Instabookspace
  • Hahahaha
  • Hehe.
  • Would've been better. Instead we got "Instance for instant diarrhea relief"
  • Congrats Clindharsten...
  • Thanks.
  • Congrats for picking a catchy name
  • Congrats man! Love the name :)
  • Was it world of warcraft that inspired you or another MMORPG?
  • Congrats. Are you going to Disney World now?
  • Congrats
  • I won
  • No you didn't :P
  • They can call it InstaFML, as long as it works
  • Insta F*** My Life? Sounds accurate enough
  • Nice. My top two choices were Instance and Spry. I think I liked them the most because they're the least app-sounding names.
  • Instamatic!!!!
  • *sigh*
  • Here come the Lawyers!
  • I wonder who helped with the logo design.
  • Fun competition, Daniel. Thanks! Now enough about instagram clients ;-).
  • I would suggest having "Instagram Client" or something similar (as long as it says Instagram) at the end of the name of the app so it will be easier to find and easier for new users to recognize and install.
  • I think/hope that developers can put keywords in for Store searches.
  • Even if they put keywords in searches the bottom line is the user doing the downloading doesn't recognize "Instance" as a desirable app. Most users don't read wpcentral and have no idea about this poll. They will search for "Instagram" and will skip over "Instance" when it shows up in the search. I think this is a bad move especially for Daniel Gary's pockets. I hope I'm wrong though.
  • I hope so, too. Still, I think people figure it out. When I went looking for a twitter app, I got results with names like Mehdoh, Rowi, Gleek, and Cowlick. So, it can work, but I guess a name like "Gram Cracker" would catch the eye quicker.
  • Exactly.
  • You can't use a copyrighted name. We learned this a week or two back with the Facebook apps disappearing from the story. Ideally, the app will be tagged well, the community will advocate it, and users may take a chance to look at an app to see if it'll do what they want.
  • That's not how I operate at least. I search for what I want, and if I see something that has close to a 5 star rating with hundreds of ratings, I'll definitely check that app out.
  • I agree. I think "instance for Instagram" would work, though.
  • @TJWINS...I really don't think people will skip over the name 'Instance' especially if the app is able to keep the same reviews - currently there are over 5,000 reviews for this app.
    When I see a lot of reviews, especially when they are favorable, I stop to read the description of the app AND those reviews.  And if the develper wants, he can simply note in the description that the app was formerly known as itsdagram :)
    Instance will be fine.
  • ratings and the number of ratings are very marketplace specific. As I posted earlier, it'sdagram is the fifth/eight result on a search for "instagram" with 69/123 reviews (allthough pretty much all of them favourable)
  • I voted for instance but my choice was " Its 10 Grams"
  • In the original article, you said that you would leave the reason why it had to be renamed up to our imagination. Is it because the official client will be released tommorow?
  • Good lord no...there is no official Instagram app coming, but they do reserve the right to exercise their TM.
  • I don't get how a different word can violate their TM, though.
  • Different words but sounds too much like the original trademark
  • I don't understand the why there is no official Instagram client for WP.  Facebook owns Instagram and Microsoft owns a huge amount of Facebook stock. So why are they holding up on the instagram client?  Is Apple somehow involved in this? It is not so complex an App that they should be having problems with the coding. Does anybody know why?
  • The head honcho at InstaGram hates MS with a passion....btw - MS doesn't own all that much of FB <2%.
  • Yea. The rumored story is he's still seething that he got fired from MS.
  • DAMN...Really?? He needs to let that go...LOL
  • That might have been fine while it was run as a private company, he could do what he liked. But now Instagram is owned by Facebook, his hate should not come into it. Facebook has a responsibility to all its investors and should be running all its businesses to maximise its return.
    If Microsoft or even Nokia waved enough money in front of the board of Facebook, it could sway them. Facebook needs the money as well.
  • Weak Board of Directors
  • Apple has nothing to do with the delay of the release of the official Instagram App (which had been ready for a while). GOOGLE on the other hand...there's were you'll find the culprits behind the pressure upon Instagram to delay it.
  • "there is no official Instagram app coming"- Are you sure?
  • No, he's not. He just says that because no one has given him a pre-release of the App or confirmed it to him in exclusive. And so he preaches that there's no official Aop. But Nokia already has the App being tested for a while and that information has leaked sometime ago (remember the App showing in the WPStore a few months ago? Yeah, it was the real deal. Just wasn't supposed to show up.) and some Nokia employees have SEEN the App.
  • That information leak was never confirmed, nor was it confirmed that the app is in testing. Who are your sources?
  • What I'm getting from all this, is that Instagram is now cool with 3rd party clients. Is that about right?
  • Really liked spry, but this works
  • First off, congrats to the winner. That was an awesome name that would have beat anything I could think of.
    On a recent yet relateed note...Daniel, from your previous reply, (the article was deleted)
    I'm Simply suggesting that if you hold contest they should be in the best interest of your viewers. Look at the results from the spring into tegra contest..and then here...spry? I am saying that if you aren't going to take it seriously then why bother. Just pick a name yourself. A guy holding up a kids tablet with a frowny face won the tegra competition...That competition was to be elaborate and creative. How creative was the final decision? A guy holding a kid's tablet...Anyone could have taken that picture. "Hi, my name is joe and i need a Windows RT tablet because i'm tired of using my son's leap frog tablet (whatever its called)." And that was the top pick? It specifically said to post "Why you deserve a Windows RT or Vivo Tab". I had to delay college just because I couldn't afford a tablet at the time and I took valuable time and effort to share my elaborate story yet i feel it was overlooked and not considered due to some guy holding a kid's tablet not even explaining WHY he needs an RT. That was part of the explain why, and the contest winner never did! There's you're proof, go look it up on here I'm not linking it.
    I'm not saying I should have won this competition. No. One of your top picks was "Live Gram" and you posted that "Gram" was not what you were looking for. My choice was "Live Share" and even though it wasn't the best name here (Instance was and deserves the win) my choice was, according to your preferences in the previous post, better than "Live gram" Because "Live Share" did not contain gram but contained something other which you recommended. Do you see what I'm talking about?
    I'm merely saying that if contest are given they need to be more carefully looked at and taken more seriously. There are people on this website like me who can barely pay their car insurance and cell phone bills every month yet when an opportunity arises to actually put forth effort in hopes of winning something for a change, Joe, in his luxury home takes a goofy picture or throws out this name that doesn't even make sense and he's a lucky winner.
    There are so many people that appreciate the support and community on WP Central so the least you could do is take us more seriously. Thank you
    Nothing personal, your system is flawed thats all.
    Side note: You asked why you should care...because you have to. Your website is improved through criticism. I can leave this website in a moments notice but you have an obligation. I'm criticizing the methods here for the better of the community, that's why you should care.
  • Since when does attending a university require you to own a tablet??
  • When your class requires a laptop/tablet. Sorry I know it seems trivial but im a poor man.
  • Technically you should be more worried about the tuition! Lol Buy a $0.50 notebook and "borrow" a pen from the person next to you! Update: Or put a $300 laptop on your student loan. Lol
  • No! Tuition is free for me using the GI Bill. Once I'm registered they put a hold on my tuition payment until the GI Bill kicks in then it takes over from there. It's the books and supplies (computer) that I have to purchase before school because they take so long to process paperwork that I recieve payment no less than a month after I start colleg