Zoom's May 24 2021 update sports enhanced video features and improvements aplenty

Zoom Windows
Zoom Windows (Image credit: Robert Carnevale / Windows Central)

What you need to know

  • Zoom's May 24 update doesn't have much in the way of new features.
  • It features lots of enhancements to existing features, such as better virtual backgrounds and low-light adjustment.
  • The update contains lots of enhanced data privacy notices.

A new month, a new slate of Zoom improvements for Windows. There are a lot of items in May 24's update, though most aren't new features. Rather, there are many enhancements to existing features on the docket for this month.

Here's what's new when it comes to meeting and webinar features (it's all upgrades to existing features):

  • Virtual Background enhancements: Account admins can require users to use virtual background when their video is on, as well as set a default virtual background from the default or custom uploaded options. If the device does not meet the system requirements for virtual background, the user is not able to turn on their video.
  • Improved low-light adjustment for backlit environments: Participants with a backlit environment are brightened while the lighting behind them is unaffected.
  • Enhanced 3D transformation of video filters: Improvements to video filter rendering, providing better 3D effects and transformations when applied to face.

Zoom's also getting additional MSI/GPO options. Here's what's coming:

  • Enable Silent Automatic Update - EnableSilentAutoUpdate: Disabled by default in the MSI package, this option allows the desktop client to silently check for updates and install upon launching the client. This option requires the existing AutoUpdate option to be enabled, which allows the client to check for updates, and if this is disabled, EnableSilentAutoUpdate will fail.
  • Persistent Notification banners until dismissed - AlwaysShowIMNotificationBanner: Disabled by default, this option will force on the "Show notification banner on screen until dismissed" setting within the Chat settings of the client.
  • Disable Accessing Zoom Apps in Client - DisableZoomApps: This MSI/GPO option is disabled by default, and, when enabled, prevents access to Zoom Apps in the client. Zoom Apps is not included within this release. This option is being shared in advance so organizations have sufficient time to review, test, and deploy this setting if desired.

There's also a new phone feature that'll allow users to add emails for their synced cloud contacts. Beyond those major items, the update is mainly a wall of enhanced data privacy notices. Panelists, unmuted attendees, and those joining webinars without registration will all receive better data privacy notices, as will those who are live streaming via Zoom.

Beyond those items, a few bugs and issues have been fixed as well. You can view the full May 24 changelog at Zoom's site.

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