ZTE executive casually mentions Windows 10 during an Android product demo

The ZTE Spro Plus is a curious product that runs Android and has a built in projector. At the IFA Global Press Conference in Shenzhen, China, ZTE's Waiman Lam, casually suggested the gathered press imagine the device running Windows 10.

Specifically while discussing accessories you can use with the Spro Plus, such as a keyboard and mouse, Lam suggested that such a product with Windows 10 could be your complete portable PC. Nothing more, nothing to suggest that there is a Windows 10 version of the Spro Plus being made, but it was a curious comment to come from a senior figure.

The Spro Plus is part high-end tablet, with such hardware features as a QHD display, 12100 mAh battery, LTE connectivity and wireless HDMI support, and part mobile projector. It runs Android 6.0 Marshmallow and gives you such freedoms as streaming Netflix and projecting it to a wall at 120-inches in size.

There's nothing to say such a product will exist any time soon, but it's an interesting idea. A Windows 10 tablet PC that you can project to the wall as well as or instead of plugging in to an external display. Would anyone want such a thing in their lives? Let us know in the comments below.

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  • That is a huge ass battery
  • For a projector, no it's not!
  • & an intel tablet nonetheless
  • Anyone else notice the spelling error on the windows central actionable notification "add repy" for comments?
  • Yes.. Its repy.. :D
  • This one's just for you.   http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-3515520/Are-grammar-****-...
  • Ok
  • Why people do not write correctly anymore? Because whenever someone points out a grammatical error appears someone else to call him/her a grammar ****, jerk, pedantic, introverted, disagreeable, less open.
  • I don't care though so it's ok
  • *Why don't people write correctly anymore? Because whenever someone points out a grammatical error, someone else appears to call him/her a grammar ****, a jerk, pedantic, introverted, disagreeable or less open. Sorry... Had to be done! :P
  • And I thank you, sir! I learned English on my own, and yes, I have a lot to improve :)
  • You must not start a sentence with and (a conjunction).  ;) 
  • Lol, upvote for you sir
  • Has someone let the cat out of the bag?
  • Yes, it was in fact a ninja cat ...
  • Nice! Nice piece of kit decent specs, and a mother of a battery! With something this well spec'd why android?? I've always found android tablets awkward to be productive in a business environment with. I don't know why, I just have. Marshmallow isn't a great OS either. People bemoan MS for their mobile platform, but I bought a nexus the other day and had 4 security and patch downloads within 5 mins of signing in to Google. Just get 10 on these and there you have your (sort off) surface device (phone ;-) ).
  • Nexus get monthly updates now. A new phone is going to need to catch up. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • I think he's referring to the fact that they were for security, not because he had to update his phone.
  • I think he is trying to say there is something wrong with getting regular security updates. He just doesn't really have anything bad to say about Android even though he wants to.
  • I think it's more along the lines of the necessity of having to get extra security updates on a phone.  He's not reaching to find something wrong with Android, he's saying he doesn't care for the fact that his phone has enough vulnerabilites to warrant extra security updates.  It's a matter of personal preference.
  • He must really hate Windows then. Security updates never stop!
  • The point is going over your head. This is one area where it would be annoying for the phone to mirror the desktop.
  • A small monthly update isn't too annoying. Not sure how else you mitigate new security issues. No software is 100% secure. Like with Windows, owning 80+% of the market puts a giant target on your back.
  • Maybe ZTE is waiting Microsoft create the drivers for such a piece of hardware.
  • Why would MS make drivers for their hardware?
  • Beause it makes sense?
  • I've been saying that the "Surface Phone" better spew out holograms and/or a hologram of a Windows 10 whenever it enters continuum mode if it expects to sell. So yeah, his comment does not surprise me.
  • Crappy senseless project !
  • I've seen more terrible projects. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android (Nexus 5x)
  • Mother of battery.....
  • By the looks of the picture,  this thing is as thick as a websters dictionary.
  • Lol...epic Steve
  • What I would imagine is Lumia 950 XL with the built-in projector. It's just the same, isn't it?
  • Yes it is, only people would stop crapping on continuum just because they don't carry around a monitor with them everywhere they go. That said, the surface phone should spew out a holographic continuum monitor, holographic keyboard and trackpad to be a credible all in one device.
  • Yes, and then we can carry a phone as thick as a brick just to have somewhat adequate battery and hope that people stop laughing at our phone block long enough to see that it projects a screen. Seriously, do you see how chunky that tablet is?
  • Who cares. Its cool and really, thats all that matters.
  • The people who care will be the current generation who absolutely must have a beautiful phone in addition to the functionalities.  Did you miss the entire debacle because the 950/XL aren't made of metal?  If the current trend is to have phones as thin as possible, then going back to an early 2000s-esque brick aesthetic​, no matter what the slam-dunk feature is, is only going to garner mockery from the tech press and leave it as a niche device.
  • There is better solution for L950XL.  Get a Sony HD Laser pico-projector MPCL1 which is about the size of L1520.  Take one with you on trip and use it for Continuum if no screen is available.
  • As long as the projector is a second display, not a clone of the primary. That means Continuum would function without the need of a Continuum dock or additional hardware.
  • If I could get a zmax 2 with windows on it I would be happy.
  • It's a zte. So pass.
  • Bezel! Pass
  • +640
  • Lol, what the hell is that thing? :D
  • Tardifs lol
  • "He said my name. Did you hear it? HE. SAID. MY. NAME."  
  • Wonder if he means Windows 10 PC SKU or Windows 10 Mobile....If they could put this into a smaller package and allow Continuum via the projector as the second screen that would be awesome. Even if you ended up with a smaller battery you would generally be near enough to a power supply when you wanted to use it like a PC.
  • If you use it in your cubicle, you can just plug it in anyway.
  • Excellent specs and it will indeed work best with windows. Good to see a company like zte acknowledge this and soon we should expect windows phones from Chinese companies too
  • yea, and how about a 6.4" Phablet, WIN10M and ability to project Continuum. that is mind blowing :P
  • Projection on android device is just entainament but i def want to see one with windows maximum productivity, maximum entertainment.
  • Take my money! SKYVIN surfaced pro 4