Okay. Remember the Zune HD? Well, it appears to be dead again.

We first saw it removed from the sales channel, then we were told that was a publishing mishap. We then saw it being removed from production on the support page.  This was again reported as a publishing error when @WP_DownUnder looked into things further.

Now the support page is back and again, we are being told by Microsoft that the Zune HD is no longer in production. The support page that re-appeared over the weekend is the same page we saw last week (that was reported to be a publishing error). 

Microsoft is still going to honor existing device warranties and support.  Which is a good thing.  It would have been nice if Microsoft would have added "Seriously. We're not fooling this time." on the support page but that might be asking too much.

So far no officials odds have been posted in Vegas on whether or not Microsoft will come out and say this was another publishing mishap. If so, they may want to re-evaluate who's hitting the "publish" button on their websites.

Source: Zune.net via: LiveSide

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