We'll admit we've grown a little tired of the whole "Zune phone" back and forth – is the Zune software coming to Windows Mobile? Will there be a full-on Zune phone? Someone says yes, someone says no. But it's looking more and more like we may be seeing much more of the Zune in the future.

And with that in mind, feast your eyes on the purported ZuneHD, as spied by wmpoweruser. And the reported specs are enough to make any WinMo fanboy foam at the mouth.

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  • Capacitive touchscreen (!)
  • Multitouch OLED capacitive touchscreen (!!)
  • Multitouch OLED capacitive touchscreen with a 16:9 aspect ratio (!!!)
  • TV-out (and possibly HDMI)
  • HD radio (as in FM tuner).
  • 16- and 32-gig capacity.
  • Multitouch-supported Internet browser.
  • High-def media playback.
  • Wireless sync.
  • Rumors of a Tegra processor.

Anything there you wouldn't want to have in a Windows phone? And there's no mistaking the resemblance to a certain HTC touchscreen phone we're expecting real soon. As for the ZuneHD, WMPU speculates that we'll see it this fall and that it will also be available outside the United States.

The question still remains: Is this a sign of things to come for Windows Mobile 7? Sound off in the comments.