As many people flock to the franchise AAA games, others are most excited for the indie titles. Most of these games try something new and different which leaves a lasting impact that those big name titles don't. With well over 1,000 indie developers working on ID@Xbox games, we're more than sure that we'll have a bunch of these experiences on our Xbox Ones.

However, with so many games in development and no marketing push to bring smaller games into the spotlight. So we've decided to dig deep and give you a look at some indie games that probably aren't on your radar but definitely should be, and a trailer for each one. Enjoy!

1. Planet of the Eyes

In this retro sci-fi inspired game, you crash land on a mysterious planet as a nameless robot. The robot then discovers that the planet is emitting a strange signal and decides to find out what it is. Along the way, he discovers encoded messages from a survivor who gives the history of the planet and seeks for outside help.

The game is an atmospheric puzzle-platformer that relies on the musical score and those encoded messages to tell the story as the robot doesn't talk nor is there a narrator. The fate of the robot and the survivor lies within the player and to save them you must make your way through some fierce platforming and mind-bending puzzles.

2. RymdResa

RymdResa is a self-proclaimed "roguelike space odyssey in a procedurally generated world." The game features no combat and instead focuses on the solitude of space. You fly around exploring the depths of the galaxy looking for a new home as well as loot to upgrade and enhance your spacecraft.

The game has some text-based adventures as well as poetic narration from jazz musician Eric Reed. If you're into stylized, atmospheric games, then this is one that will appeal to you.


STARWHAL is a local multiplayer game in which you play against three different players in an epic narwhal battle. Use your customized narwhal and your tusk to penetrate the hearts of other narwhal's and become the last man standing.

The game features four unique game modes to be played on 32 different levels. So if you're looking for some crazy couch co-op fun than definitely keep this game on your radar.

4. Rive

Rive is a platforming shoot 'em up game in which you play as a small robot who is working his way through missions by destroying enemies. While doing so you will come upon hacks that will allow you to upload them to enemies and alter their behavior.

The game looks like a perfect blend of a bullet game and a platforming game. It is the first hardcore game from a usually casual game developer so it will be interesting how it holds up.

5. Adventures of Pip

In Adventures of Pip, you play as a boy named Pip, who can evolve from a single pixel and into an 8-bit and 16-bit version of himself. Some levels require him to switch between his alternative versions to complete puzzles as each version of himself have their advantages and disadvantages.

The game takes a page from Super Mario as your main objective is to rescue the damsel in distress from Queen DeRezzia by making your way past her henchmen that she has sent to bring you down.

6. Rivals of Aether

Ever wanted to play Super Smash Bros. on your Xbox One? Well, that will never happen, but Rivals of Aether is probably the closest thing we'll get to it. The game so far features six different characters to choose from that each utilize one specific classical element.

Gameplay is very similar to Super Smash Bros., defeat your enemy by launching them off of the stage a couple of times and they're done for. Although each player has a damage total, they never die from it going high. Instead, the higher the damage total goes the further a player will fly when hit.

7. RUN

Isaac Wain, who suffers from schizophrenia, was falsely accused of the murder of his family. Now, as he lives his life in prison, he finally has the opportunity to learn the truth but first he must escape his imprisonment.

The gameplay in RUN is focused around stealth, which means you'll be sneaking past guards and the likes to escape this prison. The thing that intrigues me the most about this game is the sad/dark atmosphere that is a product of the music as well as the Noir art style.

8. Space Dust Racers

Space Dust Racers is part Mario Kart, Crash Team Racing, and Micro Machines. The premise here is the same, race against your opponents on wacky courses and slow them down using power-ups. Where it is different than others, is that it allows up to 16 people to play on one machine using their smartphones.

9. Phantasmal: City of Darkness

Phantasmal is a survival horror game in which you can't simply rely on your last experience before death to get you through a level. Why is that you ask? Well in Phantasmal, everything is procedurally generated. That means when you die rooms that you explored before become something new, and it could have a creature waiting inside for you.

To survive, you must rely on stealth to sneak past enemies. If caught, you now must rely on whatever you can find to take your enemy down. But be wary of using things that cause too much noise or bring more attention to you in any way because it may just end up being a liability.

10. Sword Coast Legends

Sword Coast Legends is an isometric RPG that is set within the Dungeons & Dragons universe. Not only will it take place in the universe, but for those that love the tabletop version, it will allow you to play as a Dungeon Master. If that hasn't sold you, maybe the fact that the campaign is written by the leadership team from Dragon Age: Inquisition will be enough to sell you on this game.

11. In Closing

Well, there you have it guys, after going through hours of videos these are the top 10 lesser known ID@Xbox games that you guys should put on your radar. Hope you enjoyed these just as much as I did. If you agree or disagree with the picks let me know in the comments below! Who knows, if there's enough chatter I may do a post of some honorable mentions.