1Password for Windows gets much needed 4.0 update


1Password is a solid solution for those who require apps to store randomized passwords. Agile Bits, the development house behind the service and apps, have announced version 4.0 for Windows on their blog. Sporting rather old and basic apps for both Windows Phone and Windows, this is welcomed news as what's contained in the release is a bunch of revamped features.

The team have loaded in a bunch of new features for not only the Windows 4.0 app, but also the browser extensions too. Here's a list of what's new in this release for a quick read through:

  • Watchtower – if a Login's website has had a security breach, our new, free Watchtower service alerts you to whether it's safe to change your password
  • Favorites – give your VIP items the VIP treatment so they're just a click away
  • Security Audit – new categories that point out Weak Passwords & Duplicate Passwords to help you stay on top of your security
  • Tags – a flexible way to organize and find items with one or more keywords
  • Sharing – Send an obfuscated copy of a Login or any other item to someone you trust via email
  • New toolbar – a simplified, powerful, and beautiful new toolbar puts all the important features at your fingertips, including search!
  • Demo Vault – show off 1Password without showing off your personal information
  • Multiple URLs per Login item – sometimes one just isn't enough
  • Custom fields – store all the information you need in each item


As well as the new app and browser extension, here are some improvements for syncing everything across platforms:

  • Wi-Fi Sync for mobile – you can now sync with an iPhone or iPad on your network, no cloud required
  • Vault awareness – during setup, 1Password detects all vaults in your Dropbox

We'd definitely like to see some OneDrive support listed above, especially since we're seeing a strong push in the Windows ecosystem with a revamped 1Password client. Should Agile Bits finally update their Windows Phone client, we would expect to see OneDrive integration worked on.


Finally, we have a list of changes to the brand new browser extension (Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera, and Internet Explorer):

  • One extension, many browsers – our extension now looks and behaves the same way in all browsers 1Password supports
  • Analog to Mac – our extension features, design, and overall awesomeness are now nearly identical across Mac and PC
  • Multiple Vaults – switch vaults right from the extension
  • Detect password change – when you change an existing Login's password, the extension will verify that you want to update the existing Login
  • Auto-Type in all web browsers
  • 64-bit extension for IE
  • Unlock on Secure Desktop
  • Tray icon is now more informative about 1Password's status

We're still holding out for a super-packed Windows Phone update (with OneDrive support) before we'll actively recommend 1Password for the Windows community, but since Agile Bits don't even list the client on their website, we're not holding our breath. That said, it all works as one would expect and is a solid solution nonetheless.

Those who already have a Windows license will be able to continue using 1Password for free. The upgrade price for all other customers is $24.99, while new accounts have to fork out $49.99. Finally, the family 5-pack is $69.99.

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Source: Agile Bits


Reader comments

1Password for Windows gets much needed 4.0 update


I don't trust the Windows Phone version... On iPhone for example is it a paid app. And the WP version isn't even mentioned on their website.

I just use internet explorer to store my passwords on windows 8. And with two-step verification required from my smartphone, good luck trying to get into my Microsoft account ;)

I know with Windows 8 (PC and phone) the way passwords were saved changed and tied to your account for sync across devices, but I couldn't find a white paper on it on Microsoft to know if they use at least the equivalent security to Lastpass and 1Password.

I use KeePass, sync to OneDrive, and use it on any browser including IE metro or windows desktop/metro app or game to login

I've been on the beta for awhile. It's a shame they don't put nearly the same focus on non Mac platforms, and using the app really shows. I'm sorry to say if you aren't all in on Mac, go lastpass.

I can't remember, can extensions be used on IE for RT? IE on my dad's surface refuses to recall a saved password for a specific site and he keeps going back to his old netbook. Anyone?