28 Windows Phones controlled by 1 for one big Bing Maps [Video]

Ah, we always loves these cool little projects for Windows Phone enthusiasts.

Take this case where, as our title says, 28 separate Windows Phones were linked together and controlled by one phone using Bing Maps. As a result, when you scroll at the one Windows Phone, you'll move the map on those 28 screens at the same time. What's it called? How about "Bi(n)g Maps", eh?

Who was behind such mayhem? Why it's Rudy Huyn, the man behind the super popular Windows Phone apps TVShow, Fuse and MyEncyclopedia, of course.

Useful? Not really. Ingenious and clever? Definitely. (See the similar 144-screens linked together for a world-record here)

Source: Rudy Huyn; Check out another video with a different angle after the break...


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28 Windows Phones controlled by 1 for one big Bing Maps [Video]


Pretty cool, but pretty pointless, don't think we needed 3+ minutes to get the picture (no pun intended)

What a surprise!

Some information, this is an application that I developed during an event named "hackathon" organized with Microsoft that took place in France with over 100 developers. This is not a real application, it's just a challenge I do :D

The event taking place in the countryside, the internet connection was very very small (0.8Kb / sec , back to the future!), This is why the tiles takes time to appear, but with a faster connection, there will be no problem (actually each phone downloads its maps and the phones communicate with each change of positions).

I will write some posts on my blog explaining how it works.
I expect you like this !
(I will share the app with some people in order to make bigger challenge during some events)

PS : there is no limit with the number of phone, if somebody can have 300 windows phone, it will work ;)

Ingenious indeed!! Great job rudyhuyn!! I guess a geography teacher would highly appreciate your effort. Just imagine you could do this to teach students!! Could make a nice interactive way to teach continents and countries and so on...

This could be very cool when most phones have NFC. I wonder if it would be possible to play a movie like this or would you have to zoom the video to fill that many pixels?