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3 in Sweden offering free Xbox 360 Slim with new Windows Phone

Good news for those of you in Sweden: Not only do you get to still live in that awesome country, but the carrier "3" is offering new Windows Phone, including the Optimus 7, Omnia 7 and 7 Trophy and are also willing to throw in a 4GB Xbox 360 Slim to the deal as well.

Of course you need to sign a 2 year contract.

But for signing away you get the phone and Xbox 360 for 299 Swedish crones or about 30 Euro, which ain't half bad if you ask us. In addition, you get 10GB of free data (10Mbit/s) on their data 3SurfMax plan Heck, they even note that the long anticipated Spotify app is "coming soon".

All in a all, a good deal if you are in the market for a new Windows Phone. It's good to see carriers taking such aggressive and logical approaches to promotion with WP7, our only issue is wondering (a) where are the new Generation 2 devices and (b) will they get the same deal?

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Reader comments

3 in Sweden offering free Xbox 360 Slim with new Windows Phone


I said it before, and I'll say it again, This is what Microsoft should do world wide. They should offer a free XBox 360 with the purchase of a Windows Phone and the activation of an annual Zune and XBox Live pass. The converse should be true as well. Even its about $160(I personally think they should offer them for $99) for the first year of services, but users will get hooked on having access to all of the services and renew at least once. Even if they don't the chances that they'll buy a Kinect, games, apps, and additional services for WP7 and XBox would be more than worth it. Now that they are out from the DoJ agreement they could do this.

Great idea!Now if Microsfot could only give us in Sweden a Zune Pass option!Or better yet... Why not give us in Sweden access to the Zune Music store! ;-) Hard to sell people on the excellent Zune services when we cant even buy music on our phones!!Ahwell, spotify is the thing here in Sweden anyway and that is coming to WP7...