Lumia 630 over Lumia 520

5 reasons why the Lumia 630 is better than the Lumia 520

I’ve had the new Nokia Lumia 630 (dual SIM, international) for 24 hours now, tinkering with it here and there, learning what’s new and what’s good and bad about it. I pay a lot of attention to what people write in our comments and our forums to get a pulse on what you think about the latest devices or apps.

It seems that a lot of people have read the specifications of the Lumia 630 and determined this is not much better than 5xx series from Nokia. For myself, it’s odd to compare because, by default, the Lumia 630 should be better than the Lumia 520 (or 525), though people see some of the ‘missing’ features of the Lumia 630 and think it is some weird 520 successor.

I think that’s wrong, and I have a few reasons that will show why the 630 fits nicely into the 6xx line.

1. Gorilla Glass 3 and ClearBlack Display

The display on the Lumia 630 is nice. It’s a 4.5-inch 854 x 480 resolution (really 800 x 480, the extra space is for the virtual keys). For one, that’s a 1/2 inch bigger than the Lumia 520 or 525. But that’s not that big of deal. What is a big deal is the inclusion of Gorilla Glass 3 and Nokia’s ClearBlack technology.

Corning Gorilla Glass is super important for scratch protection, durability and being a higher quality glass. The Lumia 520’s display is a bit on the rough side when compared to higher end Lumias as it gets more fingerprints it’s harder to clean, and it’s not as smooth as the Lumia 630.

ClearBlack is Nokia’s dual-layer polarizer technology found on the 6xx devices and higher. It’s what makes the blacks black, colors more vibrant, low reflectivity and better outdoor reading. In short, it’s awesome, and it makes a huge difference in quality when comparing the Lumia 5xx to the 6xx series.

Winner: Lumia 630

2. Snapdragon 400 vs Snapdragon S4

The Lumia 630 has a Snapdragon 400 Quad-core processor clocked at 1.2 GHz, versus the Lumia 520’s much older S4 dual-core clocked at 1GHz. While I wouldn’t call the Lumia 630 very fast, its processor takes on Windows Phone 8.1 appropriately with little to no stutter at all. The Snapdragon 400 is also much newer, handling the latest technology including Nokia’s SensorCore, enabling the pedometer in Bing Health & Fitness.

Winner: Lumia 630

3. Camera

The Lumia 630 has a 5 MP rear camera. The Lumia 520 has a 5 MP rear camera. Both are 1/4 inch sensors with f/2.4 apertures and the same focal lengths. They should be the same, right? Wrong. As you would expect, the latest software and firmware of the Lumia 630 outshines the Lumia 520, especially in image noise. A lot of that is probably attributable to the Cyan firmware, which the Lumia 520 will get too, but the sensor in the 630 may also be newer and of better quality.

As can be seen in the crop samples above, the Lumia 630 has much less noise and greater sharpness.

Winner: Lumia 630 (notwithstanding Lumia 520 Cyan update)

4. Battery and talk time

The Lumia 630 comes with a larger 1830 mAh battery with a rated 13.1 hours of talk time. The Lumia 520 has a smaller 1420 mAh battery with a 9.7 hour talk time.

Will that hold up in the real world? Probably, but we’ll need to test to find out. It shouldn’t come as a surprise though that the new Qualcomm chipset improves battery performance in the Lumia 630, even while giving more CPU. We’ve seen that in the Lumia Icon and Lumia 1520 as well with their 800 chipset.

Winner: Lumia 630    

5. Device Size

But the Lumia 630 is bigger, right? Yes and no. It is taller, but the Lumia 630 is only a hair wider, and it’s slightly thinner than the 520.

Lumia 630 – 129.5 mm x 66.7 mm x 9.2 mm; 134 g

Lumia 520 – 119.9 mm x 64.0 mm x 9.9 mm; 124 g

As you can see by the dimensions and weight, you’re getting significantly more battery, CPU and a larger display on the Lumia 630 with a negligible 10 g in weight and a thinner phone. (Seriously, in the real world you can’t call the 630 heavier, as 10 g is not noticeable).

Winner: Draw (though I’d give the Lumia 630 a nod for ‘more for the size’)


You can get the Lumia 630 with dual SIM (and that’s way cool).


What is the Lumia 630 missing that has some people upset?

  • Dedicated camera button
  • Ambient light and Proximity sensors

The dedicated camera button is “solved” by having the quick action keys in Windows Phone 8.1 or the camera Tile. I think most people would prefer the dedicated camera button, but in using the Lumia 630 I can’t call it a deal breaker for my own use. You may be of a different opinion, but since most smartphones don’t have a dedicated camera button, I don’t see it as a sin against humanity.

As to the ambient and proximity sensors, I can see how they’re nice but so far in using the device I don’t notice the difference. On the Lumia 630, you can change brightness with the Quick Action keys, and even set them to their own custom levels. I personally don’t find it a big deal and many people like to manage their own display brightness.

But what about phone calls?

So the million question: how does the display turn off if on a phone call without a proximity sensor?


Yup, when your ear/face hits the touchscreen on the Lumia 630 it turns off. The experience is exactly the same with or without the proximity sensor, so most people won’t notice. I assume the proximity sensor may be more accurate, especially if you’re one of those people who tips the phone away from your face, but let’s just say Nokia “solved” that too. As to whether you like it or not, well, that’s a personal choice but for myself it’s irrelevant.

Finally, there’s price. You can find a dual SIM Lumia 630 for just under $200, which is certainly more than a single SIM Lumia 520, which can be had for around $60 (on sale) from AT&T. There’s a good reason for that though, which is the Lumia 630 is not a successor to the Lumia 520! So yes, it costs more. But when the ‘Lumia 530’ comes out, it too will have a better processor, better camera, larger display and be cheaper than a Lumia 630.

Lumia 630 vs. Lumia 520

Wrapping it up

In conclusion, the Lumia 630 is a better phone in many ways than the Lumia 520. It’s meant to be, after all. That doesn’t mean the 5xx series is still not important. Quite the contrary when you take into account Windows Phone market share. But those who are dismissing the Lumia 630 right off the bat due to changes in Nokia’s priorities I think are mislead. It’s a quality, well-built phone.

Now, is it an upgrade from the Lumia 620…Well, I can do that next if people are interested.


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5 reasons why the Lumia 630 is better than the Lumia 520



It gives the moto g a good run with only just the camera. You just can't get a good picture with that thing.

With these phones directed to compete in merging markets, pics, just like the RAM is of no importance. The price point is everything.

Yes, but so is what you get at that price point - if two phones are the same price, better pics will make a difference at least to some of the buyers. :)

[ slightly off-topic ] Agree, for emerging markets. For budget conscious, MS/Nokia has 520. For budget conscious yet gamers, 525. But for budget conscious with mid-high end specs seekers, we still have no answer. This is where Moto e wins (no need for Moto g yet) eliminating 520, 525. And 630 isn't even comparable due to its higher tag price. Don't know if any WP can compete this little giant.
PS: moto e is spreading like a virus at least here in India.

Yeah, at double price tag of Moto e. I'm not saying it hasn't done well or it's not mid-high end but at the same time price is a big point for emerging markets like India and China (as aitt told in above comment)

lumia 520 despite being an year old can give moto e a run for money..yup indian mkt seriously needs a successor to 520 in a price bracket of 7k-8k!!give 630's camera a flash you will have a serious competitor to moto g(or rather eliminator)!! in short in india we want a true successor to lumia 620.which still is nowhere to be seen!!

Nope at least i don't think so Moto e won't be a match even compared to 520 let alone 630!And with the windows 8.1 coming up these phones won't stand a chance.Ok moto series performs a bit better coz its android but still no expandable memory and a shitty camera-these are the major factors these phone will run out and this is where Wp8.1 will pick.Besides major apps are on the roll.Now if in the future a low cost wp device with a Quad Core processor and 1 gb ram comes up then that will be end of Moto.But till then...lets c

I dont know about the cost at your place but the moto g 16gb non expandable, cost WAY more than the 630 in my place. We have to wait for the 730 to really compete with the Moto G.

This phone is not for me. I only am here for high end Lumia but I have to say they design of the 630 os quite attractive.

Though I thought most people complained about the ram of the 630

That is a legit complaint if you're a gamer. I'm not sure the 630 is aimed at those people, but yeah, even I'd like to see that 'solved'.

Gaming wasn't an issue few days back but with emergence of developers who wouldn't / can't make even small games work on low ram devices, it's becoming a pain for majority of WP users. So, as a new device, it had to be taken into consideration watching the current scenario where games like subway surfers won't run on it (i know it wasn't targeted at gamers but then it shouldn't be a let down). I wonder if it was more important to put a sensor core than installing a GB of ram to maintain price?

i heard about many 630 dual-sim handsets having an issue wherein call audio completely stops on earpiece as well as loudspeaker. and can only be fixed by restarting the phone after removing the battery and sim and putting them back again. and it is said to be WP8.1 dual-sim software issue, nothing particular to Nokia's Cyan firmware (no sources, so can't say if it's true).
other than this, i simply can't understand why they only have 1gb or 512mb ram phones (excluding extreme high end 2gb ram phones). why can't they have a 768mb ram device too? it could help drive devices with 480p displays well while supporting more apps and better multi-tasking.
it's so simple. some may complain about developers having to go through one more app support check for those devices, but it'll be worth it.

Yep,no compass,so no City Lens.
No camera button,but then I hated accidentally hitting it on 920 and Ativ,5mp I won't miss it.
Facing cam,only seen the girls use it for putting on makeup,knock..
512 ram,this phone locks up less...0.... and runs cooler than 920,haven't tried it on bigger games,it won't load,maybe it says more about the buggy games that had memory holes on 1 & 2gig....
I do miss the equalizer in audio settings tho,but am still pretty impressed at the value of this phone.
But for games...I think I really do need to bite the 1520 phablet,if performance increase is better than this,phabulous.

Just tried subway surfers on this phone.AAAwesome.Great 3d game and phone.World at Arms can give me a refund,hope the class action kicks in,I'll join.
Hmmm,1520,probably won't need it to play anything but next decades games(and buggy World at Arms).Thanks guys,any other good games I can try on it?

I've got both high end and low end devices in past two years including 920, 1020, 1520, as well as 525 and 620. But I still think this 630 is attractive! I don't mind to get one if it come to US sometimes soon. Though, still waiting for the successor of 1020...

Ditto... I was all interested in this because I was *SURE* that the days of 512MB were gone... and the Lumia 525 gave me good reason to think that... and then they announced this. Yeah, the processor is a tad better, the screen's made of better material and the camera performs a little better... but without 1GB, this is very very hard to consider a viable option with the 525 being the true resolver of Lumia 520's major problem. If they'd thrown in a front-facing camera (how much would a cheap little VGA quality front facer have bumped up the cost, honestly?) and 1GB RAM I'd be all over this.

*Sigh*... that's kind of like leaving a plumper for a model chick... then going back to the plumper.

MS has said "…apps written using Windows 8.1 app model and XAML stack consistently
runs 30% faster than apps written using the Windows Phone 8 Silverlight
app model. It also consumes significantly less memory…"

Thus, with these optimizations and new app models, perhaps  512MB on the 630 is much less of a "problem" (and thus less of a mistake if at all) than on the 520.

I'm testing the 630 and I really, really don't miss the 1GB memory of my 1020.

Are you a gamer? That's another story. But if you're a gamer, maybe you won't go for an entry level phone, isn't it?

My wife has had the 720 (512 ram) for a year now and not even once complained about lack of RAM. Not even one single time. In fact she probably doesn't even know how much RAM her phone has. Not everyone is an enthusiats about their phones and not everyone plays 3D games on them. 99% of smarphone owners care about calls, txts, emails, whatsapp (and alternatives) and internet acces as well as a half decent camera so they can send picture messages to friends and family, and most of those pics will probably never make it to a big screen.

You are here for 1020, 930 and 1520, I understand, so am I, but you and I represent the other 1% of smartphone owners, which 630 is not targeting.

yup and that's what low budget phones are aimed for.Still being a gamer i love my 520 despite the fact i can't play many top games on it but only for the fact that it is hell lot of buttery smooth than those low cost laggy Android phones.

Yes exactly.  My wife has a 720 and she loves the phone.

My only complain about this 630/635 phone is the lack of front camera. I was planning to give one to my mom, I'm encouraging to use more skype video and because of no front camera I must skip this phone.  The 1320 is huge for her, and I know she doesn't need a high end (1520-1020-930).  So I don't have a Lumia for her ... (which is disappointing....)

The 720 is impossible to find these days.

+1020 on True Black. I dont think Nokia/MS gets enough credit for the quality of the displays on their phones.

Absolutely true. But the perception from people seems to be that the 630 is a 520 follow up this more expensive and has major flaws. But that's just not the case. You do get more for your money with the 630.

Quite true, I don't feel the difference between 1gb and 2gb on my 1520 and 920...but I did feel the delay on the 525 and 620...just not sure about the plan of MS launching a device with 512mb at this moment...even motoG and motoE have 1gb...

If they give this 1gig of ram who will buy mid end phones then, remember 520 did it with with just 630 wth 1gig would imbalance things in WP

In the US at least, the 620 is hard to find, so I think many were hoping the 630 would have a front facing camera (and a flash, maybe) to feel like a real upgrade from the 520. I know I did. CPU and Gorilla Glass is all good, but the 520 CPU did the job (even in 8.1) good enough, and fewer people care about the glass I think than the FFC.

But you're making a strong case for the 630 over the 520 for sure.

I also suspect that Nokia/MS also may have just moved the whole price point placement of the lower end. 630 launched at a lower MRSP than 520 did, and 530 will be even cheaper. Give it some time and 630 will be quite cheap (and already is, particulary on carries that subsidize them in some contract models) to buy and 530 even more so, once it has come out and been on the market for a while.

Nice yes but the features that are lacking makes me wanna stick to my tried and true 820 :) hoping for a 820 successor or mid range device from Microsoft

I agree that sales performance weren't great but having a device akin to a flagship like the 920 is awesome my Device has alot of the flagship features such as Carl Zeiss optics and glance but priced reasonably and I'd like to upgrade to another mid range

but the problem with the 820 is   just   both are like  the same, have same  lens   but the 920 have  pureview  technology, so the people that see the 820 later of  think very well  go by the 920 because by a bit more money they get an 820 upgraded version, just is that, i am not saying that the 820 and 8xx series should come with a classic plastic  lens and underpowered but   probably phone companies   prefers offer the 920 by   margin of sales that they get   which is a percentaje of the cost of the phone which the operator  gets, in my case  with claro Chile operator they offer the 820 but is not that louder    offered  i think because cost 200 dollars less than the 820 and get less money the operator by  the sale of the  820 versus 920 sales

They were too mean on 820 it lacked important things, I had money to buy 820 but without much effort I chose 720...value4money

Interestingly though, the 820 with 8.1 on it becomes waaay more relevant. The biggest issue was internal storage. Toss in a 64 GB card with 8.1 and NOW you have a great device!

Battery still sucks though, lol.

You chose to have a lower spec cpu and gpu you obviously do not play heavy duty games so a 820 would be a waste on you.

The 820 is like a 920 mini same specs my mom had its a great phone with micro SD something the 920 didn't have. It's Nokias fault the 820 didn't do to well no advertising lack of details.

Still wouldn't buy this over the 520, let alone the 620 which imo destroys this phone. CPU in particular isn't really a pro as even the quad core devices aren't really significantly faster than dual core WP so no real benefit there. And with the cyan update who knows how much better the camera will get in the low end WP's. No thanks.

I see in almost no way how the 620 "destroys" this phone. Care to elaborate? I can't even find ONE reason (I say that as someone who really likes the 620; the 630 is a followup to that phone).

Quad core matters. I'd pick a quad core Windows Phone over dual core any day of the week.

They are for me. I don't use my FFC much, but it seems like minimum basic equipment for a smartphone in 2014. The flashlight I use almost daily.

I know this isn't that kind of website but is there a chance for you to run some games or heavy duty apps between one dual core and quad core WP? I'm kind of curious about the OS or the apps using more than 1 or 2 cores.

Not every program in a PC uses more than 2 cores and 4 cores has been there since a long time. So, quad cores being new to the smartphone arena... well I'm curious xD


Agreed,I just upgraded from a 620 to a dual sim 630 and I genuinely miss none of the' missing' features, and love the new size, speed and features of 8.1 ruining on cyan.


The 620 has a sane size.

The 630 loses features in favor of increased size - Ambient light sensor, camera button, flash.

The 630 is not the successor to the 620. It's a bigger and more powerful version of the 520 with round corners.

620 has a nicer design, proximity and ambient light sensor, LED flash and a camera for video calling.

630 has: 2 extra cores that don't make any difference in performance at all.

Yup.. Whatsapp chose to unpublish their app to fix a notification issue that is only there in wp8 with gdr 3 which eventually will be superseded by wp8.1.. Couldn't get any stupider than this

Obviously its temporary but unpublishing the app is an extreme step which makes no sense.. Also how would you pitch this to any new WP customer !!

Seriously?!, I am going to sell every product I own that begins with an 'M', just to be sure I get them all

Of course it's better than 520, it's everything you should be expecting on a 530. The fact that you have to compare it to 520 speaks volumes. Not to mention less ram than 525.

Nah, I think it's perception from users who see no camera button, etc. and think this is worse. I've seen quite a few comments of "this phone sucks" from people who haven't touched it. I think it's a great phone so far.

Let's face it. Some of the finer distinctions between the 5xx, 6xx and 7xx series are lost on people. I'm telling you what those differences are.

Then you've wasted a lot of time explaining CPU and camera etc. Those are not the differentiators at all.
And the key complaint is the RAM. I mean c'mon 512MB is just inexcusable. If it were named 530 sans ClearBlack, it's a no brainer. But the current form is just sub par for 6xx.

Like I noted above, MS has said "…apps written using Windows 8.1 app model and XAML stack consistently
runs 30% faster than apps written using the Windows Phone 8 Silverlight
app model. It also consumes significantly less memory…"

Perhaps 512MB is a less of a problem going forward and a draw for new OEMs to join - they can still deliver great performance with low bill of quantities.

There are too many "fine" distinctions. MS needs to simplify the product lineup, especially now that more OEMs are coming on board. They should stick to a Low/Med/High lineup, maybe occasionally adding a specialty device like the 1020 or 1520.

I really couldn't agree more! Given how low the specs are on this device a 530 seems redundant. Any cheaper and you might as well get a Nokia X otherwise what's it there for? So I'd say 630 (low) 830 (mid) 930 (flagship) 1030 (beast camera phone) 1330,(bugdet phablet) 1530 (flagship phablet). There's absolutely no need for anything else.

Dedicated camera key may not be sin against humanity, but it sure is sin against Nokia Lumia lovers.

We have the Lumia 630's in testing and it is impressive, the design is perfect and 8.1 is great though was disappointed that no all video playbacks have scroll :-(

Would have been happy to pay the extra for front camera and dedicated camera button because that part is a pain.

How does the 630 stack up to the 625, overall?

And how are you finding the battery life? I read a review that criticised the fact the screen would not always cut out, and this affected the battery detrimentally (think it was gsm arena or techcrunch, I forget which)...

Daniel...Why you keeping silence under RAM.....And what its good over 525....It looks like Nokia made him write the review...Pardon if am Wrong

I don't think I was arguing against the 520. But it should be obvious that a 6xx serious would have more features than your 5xx series. I'm simply illustrating those here because I don't think it's clear to some people.

Lumia 520 is 512 mb, Lumia 620 is 512 mb, Lumia 625 is 512 MB, Lumia 630 is 512 MB. There is no winner/loser there.

Nokia made me write this? I bought this phone. I'll be frank: I've seen lots of stupid complaints from people on the 630. I felt like telling them what advantages it has. But hey, if it's easier for you to accuse me of being dishonest, then go ahead...

But no front facing camera, that's what these phones need to blow away the competition at these price point.

520 doesn't either. I wasn't reviewing the 630, I was comparing it to another phone. Save your comment for another article ;)

There are certainly some serious tradeoffs between the 620 and the 630. I don't own a 620 but if I did, I would really think hard about upgrading to the 630...

My sister in law has the 620, it's a neat little bugger (you're right, it is pretty small). I recommended it to her and she really enjoys it. She likes to take a lot of pictures and this is where the 620 has an advantage over the 630. Don't get me wrong, I'm sure there's a very large segment of the market that will be beyond satisfied with the 630. As with anything else, one needs to buy according to their needs; but if you think you need a FFC, dedicated camera button, flash, (and NFC, the sensors mentioned in the article, etc.) then, as I mentioned, you'll need to really think hard about upgrading to the 630 if you currently own a 620.

I seriously think on buying the nl630 two sim ver and leave my beautiful tiny nl620 in the drawer. First it has a new processing unit and better battery. Still I would make a trade off: Glance, front camera, flash and camera button...nfc

daniel i think you just forgot that you are talking about second most sold smartphone of lumia range!!if bigger means a better phone then i dont know what to say!! processor, screen size and gorilla glass sounds like an upgrade... but why do you always talk about pros??are there no cons??these are better than 620 but mind you 620 can still run WP efficiently..yours could be slower but not seriously dont understand the emerging markets!!here we want everything a budget phone can give u ie flash ffc and we seriously dont mind a slower processor if we get those things !!an avg user sees no flash no buy instantly...but not pays that much attention to dual or quad!!in india flash is used less as a flash more as a torch..some pedometer sensor cant sell a phonee dude, it has to get some legs too!! 630 an upgrade from 520---definitely without thinking....630 an upgrade from a 620--thought once twice..could be better but not worth an upgrade!!

I have a 620 Dan ....  its too tiny .. though ... 630 is good good Upgrade ....  Flash is not  a big deal considering  nokia camera's   night photo  qualities  ......  am gonna get a 630  for my Mom on my 1st salery !!! :D 

Why waste your money????

Better off saving a few more weeks and getting something with at least 1GB ram


But how is it possible to use the dialer while on a phone call? If someone needs to press the number 1 to get to the support area of a company or something like that?

they thought of that. I believe the screen turns off if a large area is in contact for more than a tap. Smartphones differentiate between taps and swipes routinely, so there's no reason it can't also differentiate a large area.

By the way, how does Glance work if it's set to peek? Don't other lumia's use the proximity sensor to know when to show glance?

I'm guessing the surface are of the touch is part of the equation to turn off the screen. It's a guess, let's wait for Daniel to cofirm or deny.

The screen only turns off if a large area (like you cute little cheeks - boy you look young for a cell phone user, good for you for picking WP!) of pressure is held against it. When you take it of your cheek, it turns back on and "fingering " it does not turn it off.

A successor is suppose to have better specs then the previous gen when it comes to mobile.. So a 1gb ram is a must.. U give a quadcore processor with 512mb of ram!!! Seriously? Its like a huge body builder with a small d****!!! :P the phone built is awesome..i expect nothin less from NOKIA... Oly complain is the ram...if moto e can provide a 1gb ram at such a small cost thn y not Nokia...

The problem is simple.  That there has to be an article explaining why the $200 630 is better than the $60 520 does not bode well for the replacement of the 520.

520 has been out a long time and is being phased out. 630 MRSP at launch was lower than 520's. 530 launch price will be lower than 630's. Bodes quite well, actually.

According to me people find it a deal breaker because of two main condition!!!
1) Ram
2) No front facing camera
Otherwise the phone is awesome...

I don't find the lack of 1 gb ram or an ambient light sensor or flash or a camera button a problem.
But really the lack of front facing camera in the 630 is an issue. Especially with selfies being the trend nowadays.

The only way I would consider, buying this phone is if it had 1gb ram. But as it doesn't, I'll pass. Hoping for a 730 or an 830. Fingers crossed. :)

The primary differentiator between 5xx and 6xx is the screen.   I think you are right, 7xx & 8xx devices will come with 1GB.  I know there were some sale issues with prior mid-range devices but I think those are going to be the most desireable devices for current 5xx owners.  Hopefully Microsoft is making that point with carriers as they decide which devices to carry. 

I can. More importantly, I can imagine a significant reduction in the profit to the OEM. And: even a few % points on that is significant.

Could be several things 1) some of the other materials/parts are cheaper in the Moto G 2) Moto has ordered a larger number of those memory chips and has a lower unit cots 3) Google was/is (afaik Lenovo deal has not closed yet) subsidizing Moto G and is willing to take a lower or no profit on it.

The 3 option is probbably the most important  - how would you otherwise explain there was (and perpaps still is) no other major brand Android phone with equal specs at the same price point?

Furthermore, perhaps Android needs 1GB to run smoothly enough for a device at this price point, whereas WP8.1 doesn't? Btw, RAM, afaik, also consumes battery power fairly significantly so I guess that is another point of optimization.

Unless you work for Msft/Nokia you are the consumer.  Why as a consumer are you defending an OEM and criticizing another?  Shouldn't you be criticizing MSFT/Nokia for not giving you more bang for you buck.  I get fanboyism, but not at the value of the consumer buying power. 

Also there is more to 1 GB of RAM then just OS.  Take for example the GoPro app.  It won't run on a device with less than 1 GB of RAM.

Hey Daniel, is there a iSupple teardown of this phone would love to know the costs????  I tried Google/Bing and nothing.


I am not defending or critizing any OEM, just trying to explain and understand.

IIRC, the recommended price for the Lumia 630 at launch was $159 (before tax and subs). Typical margin is something in the order of 10%. $16. I would (purely) guess the price difference between 512MB and 1GB is about $2. That's 12.5%. Not insignificant.

IF the OS runs well on 512MB, MOST apps run on it OK, AS MS has done a lot of optimization with 8.1. allowing more apps to run on 512MB better, and AS the phone is targeted to lower end of the spectrum, one can perhaps understand WHY Nokia chose to put in 512MB. :)

Of course, if Nokia could profitably give me 920is specs or even more  for the same buck, I would be happy. :) I do think they are already giving quite bit of bang for the buck with the 630.

Based on your math your trying to tell me the cost to build this device is $144 ($159-$16).  I highly doubt that when the price to build the most expensive iPhone 5s is $218 or the price to build an iPhone 5c 16gb is $173.  Even the 1520 est cost to build is $213. Nokia is not loading this phone up with high end materials, the amount of RAM is a good indication of that.

No, not at all. Bill of materials of a given phone is not the only cost an OEM has.  I was talking about the overall profit margin.

AFAIK, a typical industry margin is somewhere around 10% (obviouly Nokia's smartphone business did not get anywhere close to that, unfortunately, in the recent years; Apple probably has much higher margin, and I recall seeing that Sammy too has something like 15% nowadays). On a cheap phone the device specific margin is probably slightly lower than on a higher end phone.


Please Help me I have get a nokia lumia devices. but i have two choices nokia lumia 630 and nokia lumia 920

Please tell me which is better.

but i only have 350 dollars is that any midrange device coming from microsoft

if any midrange coming from microsoft ill wait for that phone

please please solve my problem

sorry for poor english

I would pick the Lumia 920. You can have a quad core CPU in the 630 but the Pureview camera does worth more in my opinion. Also there is a 512 MB vs 1GB of memory in favor of the Lumia 920.

You need to ask your self what you need/use the phone for. 630 is a newer and better phone in some aspects and 920 is a old, and better in other departments.
If gaming in your phone is important 920 wins with more memory (all games will work)
If your living a active life and exercise is more important then anything else, 630 wins.
Keep doing this comparisons and you get your answer. 920 is old now, but still a great phone and used to be a flagship phone.

In My Country Nokia Lumia  630 cost about 170 dollars and Nokia Lumia 920 cost about 290 dollars. i have 350 dollars tell me which best to buy

I think it will sell very well. The screen on the 520 was an eyesore. The screen is the first thing people see and it will make sense as a 520/521 upgrade, especially in a store setting with blinding lights. I think the design is intentional and well aimed.

I haven't seen one in "person" but I have seen 625 and 520 and I assure you that touching and feeling the devices side by side, the 625 is waaaay better than the 520, it feels more polished and premium.  I know that the 630 is very similar to that one.

I own a 520 the screen is really not that bad.... Better than similarly priced droids.... And few reviews I read state 630s display is worse than 520s

Uh, OK. Wipe your paws on both screens for a few minutes, then go use the phone outside in the sun. The difference between the 520 and 630 is where they put the money, which is clearly the screen first. I think you're "not correct".

Nice to see images improved on cyan. 720's camera looks yellowish, too much noise. Hope this will be fixed on cyan.

But they 'forgot' to provide a standard handsfree headset in the package. That's gonna be a deal breaker in countries like India. After spending so much(Rs.11k+) they have to buy a headset separately?? ..

That's stupid.


Larger screen means lesser PPIs .... And I have heard 630s screen is poorer than 520s in terms of quality... Sure clear black is a welcome... But the lack of even the most basic sensors is unacceptable....512 RAM will do but cant they just add a flash?

Unacceptable? How. Why? Explain to me like I'm five why you think a proximity sensor is so important to your daily usage of a phone.

"And I have heard 630s screen is poorer than 520s in terms of quality."

That is complete FUD. How is that even possible. The 520's screen is pretty much crap compared to the 630. Night vs Day.

I own two 520's as backup to my 820 and my wife's 925. The screen on the 630 's similar to the 820 so I am sure it is better than the 520. As I see them side by side daily. But I would hardly call the screen on the 520 crap. Especially considering the price difference between the two. I think the comparison will be how it does in sales vs the Moto g and to some degree the Moto e. 200$ may be a bit much. 

Proximity sensor may be not and Nokia has also provided a way around but I surely would like an ambient light sensor. I have used phones(android) without one and I hated it and its quite annoying to change it manually and windows only gives a low, medium and high to choose from.
Regarding the screen quality, I read it on NDTV gadgets. They said colors look washed, viewing angles are poor and the low PPI count made 3 column view look terrible

I'm using Lumia 630 for a little while ago (belong with my very own Lumia 920, 925 and 1520), I'm very annoying because of proximity sensor and light sensor.

Graphic is pretty great! Performance is good. No proximity sensor is sucks!

To the untrained numpty, surely by definition a 6 series is better than a 5 series, a 7 better than a 6, 8 series better than a 7 and so on and so on etc............doh !!!

Lets say I need to buy my son a Windows Phone this summer before he goes into highschool. What would be a great choice. Yes he has an XBox One, games, chats, takes pics all of that. I'm not looking for the cheapest phone not the most expensive. Sound! Thanks

630 would be great.. It's cheap.. Only downturn is the ram... But there are many games available for 520 as well... And developers have started optimising their games for 512mb (e.g temple run 2).. Or other option is 525 if he's into gaming a lot...

If you're on AT&T in the US you should be able to find some good deals on the Lumia 820 out of contract... I think I remember seeing it on Amazon for just under $200.

Ok, sure it is better but I have a question for you Daniel, is is worth 40 € more ? Lumia 520 is 100 € in Germany and Lumia 630 (single SIM ) is 140€. Thing is, that's not phone for me ( I will keep my Lumia 820 for one more year :P ) but for my mum. She uses my ex phone , Nokia C6-01. She is not power user, hardly can do anything more than calls and SMS. I'm not sure if  purchase of Lumia 630 is justified for her. And sice she also has small hand she is not a fan of big phones.

I think the Lumia 730 will be the perfect WP:
- perfect price;

- FFC;

- 1gb RAM;

- HD display;

- perfect size and weight;

- 4G.

Sorry for a complete off topic comment.
A like the Lumia 630. Is a good smartphone. Even better here in Brazil. But Nokia Brasil is doing a horrendous job and every day I hate her more.