Snapchat Windows Phone app 6snap gets filters, tilt-effect, landscape and more in latest update

Last week we told you about the impending update for 6snap, Rudy Huyn’s popular Snapchat client for Windows Phone. Today, version 1.2 is now live in the Store, ready for your latest snaps.

Missed our article last time? We’ll tell you what’s changed.


6snap version 1.2

  • Support "custom" value for story privacy (select which friends can see your stories)
  • Include all 6tag filters
  • Blur your pictures: manual blur, manual focus, tilt-effect
  • Landscape view to edit your picture (add text, draw, etc...)
  • Fast app resume
  • Optimization for low-spec devices

That’s a fairly significant changelog and makes 6snap more full-featured than the official apps found on Android and iOS. It’s also great to see Huyn bringing over some of his other features from 6tag, his Instagram client, which also received an update today.

If you use Snapchat or want to on Windows Phone, 6snap is currently your only option. Perhaps someday there will be an official app, but until now, 6snap nicely fills in that gap.

Pick up 6snap version 1.2 here in the Store. Windows Phone 8 only. It’s ad-supported, but you can remove them for $1.29 with an in-app purchase.

Thanks, Lee C., for the tip

QR: 6snap


Reader comments

Snapchat Windows Phone app 6snap gets filters, tilt-effect, landscape and more in latest update


My cousin can do it with his HTC One on the official app, why can't we with 6snap? I guess if Rudy doesn't want us to do it that'd be fine but to me the whole point of this app is to bend the rules a little, isn't it?

We spoke of this on the podcast. Snapchat's model is to NOT be able to screen cap. Your cousin's phone is 100% irrelevant, especially since on Android you can do all sorts of hacks. Regardless, Rudy won't allow that feature since Snapchat can at anytime have his app revoked--like the previous apps who COULD screencap.

If you want to violate a company's trademark/service and undermine their model, that's a quick way to get a C and D from them. Be grateful this app is here and that it mimics the official app.

Actually, the iPhone and Android versions of the app DO allow screenshots, but they instantly notify the person that sent the snap that their receiver screencapped it. I believe the reason why Swapchat was taken down was because it would tell you if someone screencapped a snap you sent, but it wouldn't tell them if you screencapped what they sent you.

So yes, the official apps allow screenshots, but as long as the other user is notified. I assume Rudy removed that feature, since Windows Phone doesn't allow the user on the other end to be notified of a screenshot.

Also, I LOVE the app and don't give a crap about screenshots. I posted my reply simply to inform users, so that they can stop asking. Rudy's app is AMAZING and this latest update makes it even better than Android and iOS counterparts, so I'm more than grateful. 6snap is my most used app by far

Correction, Snapchat doesn't ALLOW screenshot on IOS, you can but it's not what they want. Due to a change on the ios SDK api, they are not allowed now to block screenshots, they currently search a solution to bypass that.

Snapchat philosophy is to block screenshots (and you know why), the notification sent to the sender is just a "patch" cause technically they have no choice.

So to summarize, snapchat do all they possible to remove screenshot and if I allow them, you can be sure that 6snap will disappear in 1 hour from the store.

Android and iPhone versions you can screenshot. Not entirely sure where you're getting you cant. That's why snapchat built in the "screenshot!" text when someone screenshots your images.

I can easily touch the picture with one hand and push the Windows and power button to make a screenshot with my other hand.

I don't really see the problem, because you can easily take screenshots this way. :)

(Maybe it's just because I've got a physical Windows button, or just a different phone than you guys, I don't know)

I am not sure but for starters I think his app allows filters while the official apps don't. I could be wrong as I have not used an android device in ages haha thank god.

But as we know the filters are a big thing in this day and age

You can't insert pictures on official apps either. Have to take a picture inside the app on iOS and Android. People are jealous and wonder how I can send saved pics :)

Yes, my girlfriend immediatly asked me how I was able to send her a saved picture! :D I absolutely LOVE that feature!!!!

Snapchat missed their chance to take all of the WP users who wanted the app. Now I (and many others) will be sticking with this app if snapchat ever comes to WP. Awesome job Rudy.

Not necessarily. Some people will greatly prefer the official snapchat app, for whatever reason.

My friend got a 920 two months ago and I told him about 6tag and 6sec and as soon as instagram came he went to the official app. Of course in his case, he is used to the way instagram looks and feels on android thus 6tag was a bit different from him so he preferred the official app.

I like 6tag but then again I've used it more than the official instagram app.

Exactly. The same thing as 6tag which i use even having the instagram beta instaled on my phone. Once a dev catches gets me onboard i rarely dump him for an official app. I also use Beem Plus over the official Digitaly imported app (electronic music apps). I will never dump an app for other just cause the other is official, especially official apps lacking features the others have.

Yeah I guess I should of clarified. While people are getting more and more use to using 6snap, when snapchat comes out they wont even care about switching (part cuz of the now extra features). But to say a lot of people would still switch regardless, is definitely still a valid statement. I know ill at least have snapchat downloaded if it ever does comeYeah I guess I should of clarified. While people are getting more and more use to using 6snap, when snapchat comes out they wont even care about switching (part cuz of the now extra features). But to say a lot of people would still switch regardless, is definitely still a valid statement. I know ill at least have snapchat downloaded if it ever does come

Sometimes i really miss the explanation for all the buttons(if you can actually realize it is a button). For example after taking the picture - there should be the dotted menue and the icons should be placed in it - at least IMO. Just makes it look more "windows phone" The add friends button is also not explained that it actually is a button :O it just sits there in the friends list

The front camera no longer seems to work for me on my 820, just black, strange

Tried reinstalling too

Find why, the 820 front camera has a very little resolution, I've forget that, it will be fixed before the end of the week

some problem with some phone number, hard to find why.

You can use the "hidden" link at the bottom of the form (where you enter your phone number), it will skip this step)

I tried that, but get the same error message. Also tried to uninstall and reinstall. I can't think what else I could try =\

By the way, when I created the account, although I always got that connection error, the first time I received the sms from them. But ever since, nothing. Could it be they're blocking usernames?

When trying to make a video snap, the preview and the final version will just show black but I can hear the audio....anyone else suffering from this?
I have a HTC 8x if that helps

Agreed. It's one thing making a good app but to tackle apps not yet official or those that don't have available API. Thanks RH

Actually I was referring to that link... after clicking it, it returns "an error occurred".
Same with the previous app version.

No... actually I have very few contacts compared to most of people.
Less than 200 including exchange, facebook and linkedin.

Same problem here, I get an error message both when I put the confirmation code in, and when I use the "hidden" link. I find this to be very annoying because I simply cannot use the app without contacts.

The app seems to be very good otherwise, so thank you for the hard work!

If IOS & Android allow you to screenshot the photo, does this not defeat the unique 'selling' point of snapchat? I am talking about either developers implementing the feature or reluctantly forced by apple/google. You may as well an image using whatsapp no?

Did the "video zooming" issue get fixed?  Doesn't look like it.

On the Lumia 810 videos that come in from Android clients appear zoomed in, and only a small portion of the center of the video is visible.  The same videos work fine in Swapchat.

It seems to be a resolution problem, like 6Snap is rendering the videos like we have higher res screen, then it isn't fitting on the lower res screen of the 810.

I think 6snap is greater then the original app itself.. Especially with the new filters and tilt shift. Also you can snap pictures from your camera roll. The official app can't do that

I haven't been able to download a snap from teamsnapchat in about a week. It just keeps saying tap to load then downloading for a few seconds then back to tap to load. It's very annoying constantly seeing a 1 on the live tile and in the app -_- Other than that it's a great app!

Windows Phone does not allow Push notifications for this app... It is an SDK Issue... It checks for snaps once every half hour... (^_-)-☆

has anyone else had battery life / data use / phone running hot issues with this app? I installed the 1.1 version on my 920, and my battery started dying halfway through the day. I started getting data use warnings from AT&T (which i never get), and my phone would basically run hot all the time.


I ended up uninstalling the app, and the problems all went away. Not sure if i messed something up with the settings (i disabled running in the background). I'm wondering if my situation is unique... i hated uninstalling the app because it worked so well, but I can't have an app leaking data all day and killing my battery.

Can you send snaps to people on iOS and Android too? and not only between other Windows phone users??

I can't create an account as it keeps asking me to update it to the latest version? I can't seem to find a solution to this anywhere.

is there a 'correct format' for filling in my contact number? the app refuses to aceept it

does anyone know how to get the notifications on 6snap to come up straight away. I have the lumia 625 and it is on the 1/2 hour update notification and I can't find how to change it.



How to create an account on this because I'm trying to create an account but I don't know how to veri
fy if I'm not a robot. How to pass that step?? Please help

I'm trying to create an account but i don't know how to verify if i'm not a robot. I know there need to come some pictures but there don't come pictures. What do i need to do?