6tin returns to Windows Phone after Tinder complaint

If you've been displeased at the fact Tinder filed a trademark complaint against Rudy Huyn and his 6tin app, you can now take a step back and relax a little bit because the app has once again arrived on Windows Phone and is available for download.

There's no full on explanation as to why it has returned, however Huyn noted earlier today he was in the process of removing the offending naming of Tinder in the app description so that may have just been enough to appease the Tinder legal team and have them back off from the situation.

In any case, the app is back and even the download link for it remains unchanged at this point so you can get all the 6tin goodness you want on Windows Phone. Hopefully, with the adjustments made that will be enough for Tinder and this won't be an issue any longer.


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6tin returns to Windows Phone after Tinder complaint


Why not let Rudy do it since he's shown he's capable? Pay him a little dough and you've got a great looking app to reach more people. Sometimes businesses make idiotic decisions.

Wow, your comment is just plain dumb.
Why don't they develop an app and support all 3 OS ? They can get more users which somehow mean more money

Because that's not my job, and I don't have consumers to please, if they don't want to make one fine but don't be an a$$hole about it and take down someone else's

But it belongs to them. Look I'm all for wanting the apps, there's too many that I want, way too many, but I've begged and begged companies and nothing happens. We know what the problem is, without users there's no apps, without apps there's no users. Without new phones there's no new buyers. Don't expect people to just make apps, they won't. Not until the media favors WP.

I know it belongs to them, I'm just saying if they don't bother making an official app, why take down an app from someone who's doing it for them? Like I said "little b!tches"

Its not even 50% belong to them. They gathered data from Facebook, Bro... But, they own word "Tinder" 100%

We need hipsters and the popular teens in on the platform. Lets face it, we are a different breed of consumer. That's how we can praise WP for being different while hatin' on it for not having everything else others have.

Yes yes it's the whole chicken and the egg thing. However Rudy offered them a loophole. They can get his app for free, make it official and see how the WP market respons to it. If there is enough demand then they can continue to invest in WP, if not then retract the official branding.

I don't know if MS has a WinPhone developer of year award. Rudy gets it. His dedication to WinPhone is amazing!!

The only thing I has about this is when you get a message it scrolls back up to the top which makes going through a long list tedious.

Everyone, make sure you mention Tinder in your reviews of the 6Tin app so that it will still be searchable for "tinder".

I may be wrong, but I don't think it works like that. It uses the store description, and keywords set by the developer

Then it's up to us, the community, to provide links to 6tin whenever someone claims WP lacks Tinder.

This is how you know a company has something against Microsoft and windows phone, when they have an app already made by someone and instead of working with him they wish to stop him.

Good on Rudy.

He's still butthurt from the 6tag/Instance thing. Saw him trying to trash Rudy in a Twitter convo between Daniel Rubino and Tom Warren earlier today. I say trying because no one acknowledged him. Like a little kid trying to get his parents' attention lol. What a righteous cunt.

What exactly happened in the 6tag/Instance thing? I know they have some sort of beef over that but I have no idea the details about it.

Rafael wrote a blog post about the security holes in 6tag. People were upset because he reverse engineered Instance for Daniel Gary, so they thought he was trashing a "competitor", Rubino then called Rafael's post "alarmist", made Rafael mad, and so on.

I wish people could come together and converge on a company that won't make an app because of "lack of demand".  I've written companies before and got the response that mine was the only email that they've ever received.  It's WAY more productive to write the actual developer/brand than to complain on WPC.

Strange, the link works but the app cannot be found in search


btw I don't understand all that legal stuff, the claim for using their name? If they want the app down can't they just claim its using their database? I mean that's what the app does with no royalties. But what do I know

Cheers for making it =)

I search for Tinder, no 6Tin, then I searched for 6tin and no 6tin but 3 other Tinder wanna-bees.

Doesn't really matter I have it already, but strange for it not to show up - though I have often found a delay from news mentioned here to when I see it reflected myself.

It depends on the market. Not just the app offering but the search index as well, it lacks behind.

If you leave it charging for awhile and then throw it, someone will get a concusion and will be seriously burnt!

+920. I'm not a fan of transparant tiles at all. It doesnt work well with live tiles. I'm all for customization and this is the opposite. Instead of giving us options they are forcing us into one corner. I got WP for the awesome live tiles and no I have an ugly start screen. In my opinion iOS looks better than WP now.


I hope the merger of RT and WP will force MS to provide us with the best of both worlds.

Tinder devs sure do throw tantrums a lot. All they need do is develop for the platform especially when they know we want it. Do what makes you look good Tinder. This is bad for your rep.

Maybe they saw all of our emails? I for one know I emailed them and had my friends do the same even if they didn't have windows phones.

I want to see what all the fuss is about, will it spam my facebook feed or should I create a new account?

It only uses your facebook for login and interests. It doesn't post anything there. You're safe.

Well, Tinder got their way. 99% of users will never find it now. If you search for Tinder in the store it doesn't show up but there are a ton of other apps, many of which use Tinder in the name.

Drama. Rudy should just stop and pull the app. Let Tinder and their apparent lack of WP knowledge sort it out. They will come back, crawling.
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Good luck with that. It'll just be another forgotten social networking platform (you know, like Hike, Path etc)

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Well 6tin is not listed in the store (search can´t find it), so its back but pretty much dead anyway as no one can find it. 

I understand Tinders point of view in this matter (their service and API) and they are within their rights to do what they want legally. However I also belive that the WP community can and should put pressure on Tinder. It´s obviously not about user base so they kinda deserve what they get. Still they might never make a official app, but that is their choice.

Twitter: @Tinder  ;)

Do I need a Facebook account to be able to use 6tin?? I don't have one, and it seems like I cannot open the app.
Is this the same thing with Timber?