Aaron Paul thinks Xbox One is 'bad ass' in new commercials

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Microsoft will officially start selling the Xbox One without its Kinect add-on for $399 next week in retail stores, and as expected, it has launched a new TV campaign to let the world know about the cheaper console.

The 30 second spot breaks out the celebrity card as Breaking Bad's Aaron Paul is seen spending some of his precious down time on a couch playing the Xbox One version of Titanfall. He demonstrates how the Xbox One can snap a TV show to the side while the user plays a game on the main screen. It also shows how Paul can use the now optional Kinect to say "Xbox, record that" so that memorable gameplay moments can be saved and watched later.

Microsoft has also released a longer clip which shows Paul just playing Titanfall and getting coached by a member of the game's development team at Respawn Entertainment during the filming of the commercial. The clip ends with Paul chatting with the executives at Respawn on the Xbox One's Skype app. Unfortunately, his famous phrase as Breaking Bad's Jesse Pinkman never comes up, which is a shame.

What do you think of this new TV commercial and do you think the combination of Paul and the lower price will make people pick up the Xbox One?

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Aaron Paul thinks Xbox One is 'bad ass' in new commercials


Of course the man is getting paid but it doesn't take away from the fact that the console is indeed nice.

Yeah, who wouldn't like getting paid for endorsements?  Woohoo!  As for his trademark phrase, well hey.  He's Aaron Paul.  Not Jesse Pinkman.  He deserves to be his own person and not be defined by a single role or phrase for the rest of his life.  Now, if he could just get another role as good as that one...

If you don't know Jesse Pinkman, that's an instant fail, bitch

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Not only don't know of him, don't care either. Sounds like he's half asleep. Never watched 'BB' either...see nothing to glorify in drug dealing, its just a soap opera on meth...a hyped up JR Ewing causing everyone else problems.
And isn't it an instant fail posting on a WP website using an android device...kind of like saying "Hey, look at me, I'm a troll!"
It's only a tv show, people. Most peoples lives do not revolve around the tv, and not knowing your favorite tv show does not diminish another's worth.

"Most peoples lives do not revolve around the tv"
well then it's obvious this ad won't be aimed at you... if you don't know enough artists why would they impact in your life?
I dont say you should go and watch tv all day to know them all, but if it would be easier (if someone cared) go and faid "aaron paul" in wikipedia or something, and don't ask like an idiot "Who the heck is Aaron Paul?" just to get attention. of course it wasn't you asking that, but it would be the same.
it would be easier than get defensive for something silly... you know, the ad its with Aaron Paul, if you don't care about him or don't know him but don't care to find his info, then what is the point of coming here and leaving your comment? so, of course, you are not better than the guy above you with an android phone (which i don't see it wrong since this is a about Xbox, not WP).

You never watched it but you can instantly classify Breaking Bad as a soap opera. How do you even know they are glorifying drug dealing? I'm really curious, I haven't watched it either.

Hey, I'm a WP user also carrying an Android tablet. Wouldn't you want an android user interested in WP? Stop being dismissive toward others and just humor my original comment. No need to be anal about it. Btw my response is from my 920 using the app; Cheers.

I don't know who he is either. I am not so feeble-minded to allow miscellaneous actors to sway my opinion of a product. The 'celebrity' path for commercials is the last cash-grab attempt in a dying campaign.

Now Microsoft is making commercials with the Kinect and people who don't know will get confuses now cause they are selling Xbox one for 399 without kinetc and I bet some people will said hey my Xbox cannot do that, when u speak to xbox

Exactly, where was this commercial when Microsoft was trying to sell the Xbox One WITH the Kinect. BTW, can you "side-snap" TV shows manually without the Kinnect?


Should be able to. There is a snap "app" that shows what you can snap and believe will allow you to do so with a controller. I use my Kinect though.

You can, but it has several steps as opposed to just saying "Xbox, snap....". I believe you have to go home, highlight the app you want to snap, press the menu button and select Snap. Or some such similar list of steps :)

Nice ad.  Very well done.  Though it seems the Xbox One is not actually on according to comments on YouTube...

It was on, its just hard to tell in that well lit room. Go into a MS store and look at the ONEs the there you'll have a hard time telling their on lol.

it's an ad though.... it's not supposed to be on and make a real gameplay and share a real experience. he is being paid for saying all this words... you know, too many devices you see on ads, are not really on, or not even real. but then they add the UI or the device or anything by nice softwares like Nuke, Fusion or After effects or any compositing software. I like that part.
it's like watching a hamburger ad from mcdonalds or burgerking, with nice red tomatoes and nice green lettuce and nice juicy meat... it's fake and it won't look like that in real life. but it's done to sell the product, and make people want it, not to be like a home made video just becuase "we have to be honest and put real life stories in our ads".

so yeah it's a nice ad. but again, it's an ad so if it wasn't on, it's not a surprise or something bad, since that's what companies do.

Confused. I'm not sure why they, or anyone, would associate these videos with the Kinect-less SKU. Kinect is in constant use in these videos.

Really its not like hes gonna say its freaking shit after being paid million by Microsoft.

PS4 it's much more friendly platform and not too expensive. Xbox One have new politics like a big fascism ( Rome ) corporation who is active to make lobby after modern wars in east.

Loved how he was always playing his Xbox 360 in Breaking Bad (you can tell by the controller). He makes a perfect spoke person. Love this dude.

Gawd, the ONE TIME that Aaron Paul's use of the word "bitch" wouldn't have been gratuitous, and he screws it up!