Acer announces the W4

After being fairly quiet in the world of Windows Phone, Acer has finally announced the release of the Allegro handset. The first entry from the manufacturer will set the buyer back €299, slightly less than the price of the Nokia Lumia 710. Specification readout of the handset is as follows:

  • Dimensions of 11.6 x 5.9 x 13mm
  • Weight 126g
  • LCD 3.6-inch WVGA (480x800)
  • Qualcomm MSM8255 processor 1Ghz
  • Storage capacity of 8GB
  • 5 megapixel camera with LED flash
  • 1300mAh battery with autonomy of 6 hours talk time
  • Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR
  • Wi-Fi 802.11b/g/n
  • Various sensors (accelerometer, proximity sensor, light sensor, accounts)
  • A-GPS

The Allegro will be available in black and white in France. The expected release date is mid-November. 

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Acer announces the W4


With the way its going, I'm going to walk in to a phone store and see more mid range Windows Phone's than Android Phones.Keep it up! :-)

WP base specs are now really mid range, we wont see a super hero WP based phone till MS add Dual core, NFC, bluetooth 4 etc support to WP. For now may as well saturate the market with mid range devices and get the product into peoples hands.

Agree. This device will compete with the ZTE and Nokia 710, but given that the 710 has replaceable back plates, led flash,and Nokia services, I think the 710 will sell alot more.I hope that all of these devices sell well.

...Or a T-Mobile guy....(Yo, T-Mo, you ever think one reason you are #4 is because you have so few choices in phones?)

Yup, this is great! Flood the market with phones!Of course I wont buy these phones. I'm only going for the top of the line rare beauties (I remember lusting after the Dell Venue Pro a full 10 months before its release). So I'm holding out for the top of the line. But still nice to see these all over the place (albeit in Europe and not U.S.)

Why is putting a microSD card slot so much to ask for in ANY of these post Mango releases?? My Focus with 40gb isn't getting replaced by anything until a 32gb or something with a uSD slot become available

they weren't supposed to add microSD in the first place... You may have been lucky but a lot of people who added microSD's to their Focus had problems.That said, a 32gb version would be very nice.

Sure, they could add a microSD slot. But think of the hordes whining and complaining they have to wipe the device everytime they insert or remove a microSD card.

Another one with specs no better with the 1st gen line of phones. I couldn't be happier to have gotten a good deal by signing a 2 year contract on my HD7 because I haven't seen a single phone I'm dying for yet.

8GB, this is huge ! Thank you so much. We are so lucky.Are they aware that iPhone and Android have 32GB, sometimes 64GB and sometimes also a slot for SD card???I am leaving wp7. Really fed up with always low end devices.

lol , -wel NO iphone have SD slots- and Android have WAAAY more mid range even low end phones.you reason for leaving are not the best lol . do you even own a WP? LOL troller.

His reasons are pretty solid, actually. Lack of memory is the number one reason why I won't buy a Windows Phone currently. I'm waiting for a Windows Phone that has 64GB and a 4" screen on Verizon.

the FIRST 64G phone came out less then 2 weeks ago LMAO!! and its ONLY on the Iphone 4S ( not android )second , get a 16G WP and add a 32G SD card and be done with it!and you get 48G witch is more then MOST phones on the market ( exeption being the Iphone 4s) up till about 2 weeks ago WP7 had some of the bigges Memory (with the SD card slot ) on the market till the 4s came out. lol

Most Windows Phones don't have microSD card slots and they don't support them very well, either. The Nokia N9 offers 64Gb, and I'm sure there are others.

That may be enough for you. I have 58Gb of music, which I want the majority of to be on my phone. I also have videos. Add to that apps, pictures, and other miscellaneous stuff, and the device will fill up fast. If I'm going to have a smart phone I want it to hold a lot of media. I don't want to have to stream stuff most of the time. So I would appreciate at least 64Gb of memory.

Dang. At 8MB per song (assuming a really high bitrate) that's 7,250 songs. Guess you are really into variety. Hope you don't have to hard reset very often. But maybe you should wait for the 1T phone. Never know when you might be taking a road trip....to Venus.

hahahaha you must be a apple troll here. dont you know windows phone 7.5 dont need that high end hardware because OS works great with 1ghz and most of them have a microsd card slot troll. Go get your lack of features iphone has good luck with your iphone has it will be scattered with all those apps, and you cant swap your battery and NO 4G on iphone and No Flash still hahahaha

Beautiful from the front and back, but that thing seems to be twice as thick as my HD7. . . which is saying something.

with memory prices where they are, 16gb should really be in all mid range windows phones, with 32gb being in all the top tier devices, 8gb is a joke unless the handset will retail for under $100.