Age of Empires: World Domination coming to Windows Phone this summer

Age of Empires World Domination

Summer is about to get a lot better now that we know of a new mobile game coming to Windows Phone, Android and iOS. Fans of the Age of Empires series will be especially excited to learn of a new game coming. Microsoft and KLab have announced Age of Empires: World Domination for mobile coming this summer.

Age of Empires: World Domination will feature an all new battle system that’s been redesigned for mobile. Look forward to playing as the Celts, Vikings, Franks and Huns in this free-to-play game. Age of Empires is collection of real-time time strategy games published by Microsoft Studios. The first game, Age of Empires, launched in 1997 and was well received by most critics.


We can’t wait to get our hands on this. Anyone else looking forward to playing some Age of Empires on their smartphone? Sound off and let us know below.

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Age of Empires: World Domination coming to Windows Phone this summer


Yes, I hope so too. Age of Empires was the first game I ever played, glad to see it reborn after 8 years :)

Age of Empires 2 and Age of Mythology have new HD editions with extra features now. Go check them out on Steam!

dont' worry captin obvious is here for the rescue : this comments are cheat codes for AOE
1- will give you a car

2-will give you 1K golds

3-wil give you 1K woods

4- will give you 1k stones

Cross platform play would be AWESOME... I really hope they realize how amazing this would be and work hard to make it happen... However I get the feeling I'm going to be bummed by the answer... 


We'll see what they say!

it's available on Steam, and the HD version enhances the graphics. I keep playing it now as well. never get bored of it.

ehh not excited. they need to come out with a remake of the civ games (revolutions is bleh). this series easily trumps the AOE one, although AOM was AWESOME

Age of Empires?! Free to play?! Take my money!! Oh wait... But can't wait to play! Been craving a good classic strategy game like this

I haven't played Age of Empires really since the original first came out. I'll definitely check this one out. Hoping that it is Xbox enabled and universal with Windows 8 for my Surface.

Very much a 'wait and see' for me. I don't like the visual style that much and I fear the game will be dumbed down to the point where it wont feel like an AoE game. And its not as if AoE is all that complex. Its gameplay could easily be ported to a touch handheld. In fact I used to play AoE1 on my old WinMo phone. Only issue was navigating the map, which would become easy with a pinch to zoom in/out gesture on today's devices. Still, AoE2 was the first game I bought so nostalgia alone will make me keep track of this title.

Yeah, I remember Age of Empires for Windows Mobile. I even played Quake and Quake II on Windows Mobile. Long before iOS and Android, there was a thriving Windows Mobile ecosystem. There were many popular Windows Mobile app development companies like SPB, SBSH, Ilium, WebIS, Developer One and Laridian. Compaq, HP, Dell, HTC, Sony and Samsung were all producing Windows Mobile devices. When Microsoft decided to kill Windows Mobile, the app developers switched to iOS and Android. It was depressing to see my favorite mobile software and hardware companies jump ship.

Yes there we a few big Windows PC titles ported to WinMo. It was said to be relatively easy as well. There just wasnt enough smasrtphone market at the time for (big) developers to invest in it. So it were mostly hobbists and die hard devs. It's a real shame nobody at Microsoft sae the potential of the platform. We users were always criticizing the not so touch friendly interface. So the one thing between them and big success was very clear. That and good marketing to help sell it.

You are exactly right. In app purchases kill the strategy. It more like a story you are sitting through and you pay for the next chapter, all strategy is dead with these pay to play games. Such a shame the big "proper" titles are using that model. Basically this will be AOE in name only.

I see what you mean, I was not much of a PvP player, so balanced play was not an issue for me, but the campaign play and PvE was the most enjoyable in AOE3 for me.


That was one of the best C&C for me. I bought it for my PC through Origin. Simple config file edit and it runs on hi resolution screen. I played it all last night!
you can get every version of C&C for 20 dollars on Origin.

I played AOE's for years. But I don't know how well it will convert to a small smartphone screen. Maybe on my 7" tablet or my 9" tablet. But my smartphones are only 4.3/4.0. I remember it working best on the biggest monitor I had at the time. Nice if they can pull it off. Now they need to come out with Civ for a small screen, as that is not real time it would be a bit easier to play on a tiny screen. Will be interesting.

Well I actually thought that StarFront (Gameloft's StarCraft clone) was a pretty well done mobile RTS game. Before that game I also thought that RTS games couldn't be done right on the small screen. But unfortunately by judging the trailer this AoE game will be nothing like the old AoE games.

About time! It's bad enough Microsoft f*cked up Ensemble Studios.
I hope this will be an Xbox-game, which I expect so since it's coming from Microsoft.

We were with you till you said 'free to play.' Not a freakin' chance. Give us a price up front or go away. We're proud to say we do not support any game with this idiotic payment system.

++1 I am with you. I wont even bother downloading it.
The problem is there are plenty of morons who are suckers to the free to play model and pay huge sums of money to progress through a "game". I say "game" because its not really a game. They are just paying their way through the stages not playing an actual game! By using the AOE name they will have a whole new round of people to trick.

Well AoE real time farming is 100 times better than Farmville-Clash of Clans formula. Is this really a RTS? Is it not technically possible to just port the core gameplay elements of AoE in mobile? Only Microsoft could pull this off not some crappy software company. 

I'm afraid it will be more like Clash of Clans. Wait 2 days to update your town center. Not real RTS. :( Hope i will prove wrong 

The graphics are based on AOEO, which is not bad, but after what MS did to that game I am not investing my time in anything free-to-play from MS especially AOE, after getting burned with AOEO.



I loved this game!  This will fix my want for a mobile starcraft!  But I really hope it is not done with in-app purchases.  If Microsoft charges 10$ up front for this game and makes it multiplayer, I would by it in a hot second.

But please no in app purchase

Wonder if cheat codes work on WP8?? I remember playing it on PC, and it got too frustrating.. I go into God mode or put in a spaceman with lazer gun and kill every one!!! LOL 

I was interested until it said free to play. Strategy games and free to play don't mix. Should actually be called pay to play. (free to download but pay to play!)


This will be Ages Of Empires in name only...

Kind of disappointed? Am I the only one who would actually play a full port of AOE2 on their tablet or phone? Such a classic game!

Wow this looks really bad.. just seeing the things in the trailer it just seems a random RTS that doesn't look like AoE at all. It has bad animations, looks empty and has anime characters?! And also is free-to-play?? MS please look again at Age of Empires Online...

Don't like how people aren't in proportion. That's why I loved AOE everything was in proportion which help to get you into the world.

Having in mind the newly announced "universal apps" I hope this comes to Windows and WP at the same time and with Xbox support.

I really love how the game progress syncs across Windows and WP (i.e. Hexic and Fifa 14) as opposed to the useless Game Center in iOS where I still have to start a new game on each device I install it... I don't really now how it works in Android based devices.


They need to cancel the iOS and Android versions immediately, then shift those developmental resources to the WP version. Kill the freemium model, and ensure Xbox Live integration. Otherwise, Microsoft might as well just throw in the towel.

For those who still want to save this title before it's too late, see the #SaveXboxWP movement described here, and let's cajole Microsoft into giving us what we deserve: an exclusive Xbox game on WP (that mean, Xbox integration and the iOS and Android versions cancelled).

AOE coming to,windows phone ..fantastic..eagerly waiting for this game..plz fast i cant wait for this one plz...

This game was slow but good strategy game.Never like these games.Played age of empires 3 got bored.Played Kingdom and Lords and got bored after sometime.Still i will try this!

The F2P from what I've seen recently is much more profitable than another format for some games ... Personally this is the buyers' who loses more than the devs in most cases ... 
F2P well done fits me ... The abusive I can't bore it ... I'm ready to pay up 15 € for a game and not to buy fake money to progress ...




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