Archos unveils new Windows Phone and Windows 8.1 tablet ahead of IFA 2014


Archos has gone ahead and decided to unveil just what it will be showing at next week's IFA 2014 trade show in Berlin, including a new Windows Phone 8.1 device and a Windows 8.1 tablet.

The company offered a brief description of their new Archos 40 Cesium for Windows Phone 8.1:

"The powerful and affordable smartphone features Windows Phone 8.1 operating system and enjoys an ultra-clear 4-inch screen. Available in September for only $99, the ARCHOS 40 Cesium is powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 200 Quad Core processor and comes with three coloured back cases, yellow, blue and black."


The company also has presented a short note about their new Archos 80 Cesium Windows 8.1 tablet, stating that it has "an 8-inch IPS screen with 1280x800 resolution and is run by an Intel Quad Core processor. Available in October for only $149, ARCHOS 80 Cesium perfectly blends quality and affordability, and replicates the user experience of your desktop on the go."

Archos did not offer any more information on the specific hardware specs of either of their upcoming Windows hardware products, but hopefully we will learn more next week. In the meantime, what do you think of these new devices?


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Archos unveils new Windows Phone and Windows 8.1 tablet ahead of IFA 2014


I wouldn't buy an Archos device myself but these seem like decent options at good prices. The more the better.

i think it wil be 512 ram, prices are beter then the 530 and this one has front camera.

it is not like these phones ar made for gaming or very demanding tasks.

the tab i think, will have 1gb, however 2gb is possible there is one chinese tab that goes for +- $150 with 2gb ram (VOYO WinPad A1 Mini)

I purchased the VOYO WinPad A1 Mini from a singapore website that ships to India espow.com

unfortunately the tab came installed with Windows Bing for PRC version. all settings and OS messages and the windows store registration process are in chinese. atleast Greek or Latin would have been more readable to me than Chinese. 

Have to return it now sadly


ok. I tried the options given in the video and rebooted. but still the language has not changed.


Reason is Microsoft has introduced a new version of Windows which is free for OEMs but it comes as a single language version and the base language is defined at the time of install and cannot be changed unless the OS is upgraded to PRO or re-installed with a different language/version


More details on this sad story in the links below




so bottom line is I need a Windows 8.1 pro key and find out where to enter in the chinese settings menu or re-install the OS. I am not sure if windows 8.1 can be re-installed on a tablet? let me know if that is possible?

or I will wait for the web-site that sold me this lemon to respond to my complaint so that I can return/refund this


Glad to see more manufacturers supporting the windows community I love it. If only the windows community supported itself more we would be alright.

Yeah I noticed that straight away. Something is not matching here, most likely someone on Photoshop not knowing the difference.

Never heard of them but for the price and run the same software and firmware as my icon would be cool. Well whenever I get cyan via Verizon.

Oh My. Love me some Archos.
Bought my first 5in PMP (personal media player) form Archos well before Apple launched the iPod or iPad.
So I might just get that 8in tablet for my daughter since she already has a 7in Kindle Fire.
Looking forward to the full spec sheet later.

More OEM's on board, only thing missing is MARKETING from the morons at Microsoft. No good having tons of hardware running your software if no one knows about it, and with the market positions WP and Windows tablets currently occupy it deserves extra effort to let people know what they offer.

I'm starting to think that Microsoft wants to be like Google. I feel they will do making phones soon and concentrate on services and Erik let the phone makers advertise.

What a hell does Microsoft have to do with this? Do you see Google marketing any android phones from other OEM's? IT is Archos job to market themselves...

Given the current market share of Wp, it would be beneficial if MS started pushing as well. Left to Oems there would be next to nothing in regards to ads, case in point Huawei - they pulled out saying they were losing money. But not once did I see a billboard, tv commercial or in the major phone retail shops.

+1 Rodney, this looks exactly like a Samsung Focus Gen.1, those were the days with many good windows phone manufacturers dedicated to windows phone and lot less trolls here.

That's the best price I've ever seen on a Windows 8.1 tablet. It basically had the same screen and specs of the Dell Venue, Toshiba Encore, and all the other 8" Windows devices.

The one thing archos can do right is media playback, which was an easy departure from their old PMPs to Android. Curious how WP would work for them...

Archos products are designed in France and manufactured in China.
Overall, their products are on the entry level side, which with Android is not a good thing for UX.
Plus, I am not convinced they support their released products beyong early life bug fixes.

HOWEVER, they might bring a good versatile media player to WP. Let's hope they make it a purchase option for non-Archos devices under WP.


It's kind of hard to see all the OEMs doing their homework while Microsoft seems to be on vacation. How frustrating must it be for an OEM to push out a new Windows Phone device while knowing that people who are going to buy those devices will not even be able to listen to music properly?

Microsoft should finally face it: Most folks here on the forums (me included) are complaining about those things yet are likely to simply wait for those things to materialize. But the ordinary consumer who is in touch with WP for the very first won't be that patient. Especially when it comes to comparing those experiences with their social networks which are most likely to mainly consist of iOS and Android folks.

i have xbox music on my L920 and Surface and i love it/dont have any problems. im not sure what you're talking about. it works great on my xbox one too!

Well, happy to hear that it works for you. But the average rating of 2 stars in the Store says it all. It's a disaster, we don't need to beat around the bush.

The flood gates are opening. Expecting a tsunami of devices like these. Finally some real competition for Android. But equally, it'll be make or break for Microsoft in the consumer market

I echo the sentiment, for Windows Phone the more the merrier!! But the Archos Windows Phone looks pretty underwhelming.

Wow. At these prices, they are heading right for the Android space. Just hope they don't get so cheap that the build quality goes down with the price. Many Android tablets are garbage bin material.

Might a sacrifice worth making for the good of the WP ecosystem? :)

I.e. - the garbage quality has not prevented the cheapo Android's from selling and has increased the margin for the OEMs (although Google has/is now undermining its OEMs with the subsidized E and Gs). WP OEMs using the same garbage quality would make WP in their eyes as competitive as Android, and thus would encourage them to release more models etc. If they were to spend more on build quality, they would profit less and Android would win yet again.

Just a reminder: The Lumia 530's quad core can't match the Lumia 520's dual core setup. It ain't about the cores buddy, the performance.

You are doubting the performance of ur 1020 by comparing a quad core 1.7 cortex a7 to a dual core 1.5 krait. Cortex was, is, and shall always be a shitty processor. Sadly, 630 and 530 have it :(

Lumia 1020's Snapdragon S4 plus Dual core CPU is better than these Snapdragon 200/400 Quad cores and the GPU Adreno 225 is much much better than the weak Adreno 305 in these low end phones.

Awesome! I wonder when we'll start seeing these 7" Windows Phone tablets too?

If Archos can release a full Intel WIndows 8.1 tablet for £129 I can only imagine a similar specced WP tablet would be even cheaper, yikes!

Finally happening, after years of being swamped with cheap Android tablets now we can be swamped with cheap Windows tablets too! A golden age... ;)

Perhaps but not necessarily. A phone needs more radios, a sim tray, all components need to be squeezed into a tigher space etc. I mean assuming they would indeed have phone capabilities built in.

For the Windows Phone tablets they can have them without sims and radios in them using some new setting they've released with 8.1.1. No idea what they'll call it? Windows Phone perhaps? ;)

Oh yes, I forgot about that.. I guess that would make most sense indeed in the 6-7 inch range. And with the apps/store unifying it would make even more sense.

A tablet based on Windows Phone, but with LTE would be nice. That size makes a lot of sense, and the data connectivity can be very convinient. Doesn't need to be a whole phone.

This is good, start up WP devices to get those who just want to try out WP before upgrading, target those emerging niche markets. With Huawei now on hiatus, Archos can target those markets

Hopefully we'll start to see more manufacturers bringing in a budget windows phone. They are pretty much as good as the high end ones, the only thing that really differentiates windows phones is screen size, res, and camera. I've had all manner of android budget phones and they struggle once you've installed a few apps.

The budget windows phones are great for kids and people that don't need anything fancy. Simple to use and unlike android, apps are pretty much available on all devices. I was a bit tired of buying a new android phone only to find apps weren't compatible and the like. Android may have more apps but try to find a device that will actually run all of them.

I think flooding the low end market with budget devices should be MS' initial strategy, then differentiating themselves from the high end competition with awesome cameras.

Problem with trying to push out Android and Apple is the investment people have put into those platforms through app purchases and probably media purchases too. Whereas people that buy cheap phones are also going to be cheap on the store front so they won't lose much switching platform.

Anyway, not quite sure why I needs to share all that but hey hoo. There it is. Just need a budget LG and a new ativ phone.

It maybe announced at $99, retailers will have other plans. The 530 was supposed to sell for £60 from the get go but it is being sold for £90.

Well if Archos have these lined up, hopefully there are plenty of devices lined up by OEMs who have stayed silent to date.

Full stretch tile? Hope it is true. Would look good on 1520. Great prices for the specs and that is exactly what WP needs

I had an Archos Internet 70 Android Tablet. It was pretty good for the price and they updated it regularly.