Audible for Windows Phone now live in the UK Marketplace

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With the announcement of Audible for Windows Phone being released last week, many of our UK readers were asking for the same availability which was absent from the UK Marketplace. Windows Phone Central reader Mark got in touch with the Audible team for information on a possible app for those who reside in the UK, and we have positive details to relay.

According to a representative from the company, the Audible.co.uk app is set to be available in the Marketplace within the next day, but we've now seen it available for download (via direct link) in the UK. Find an excerpt of the email response below:

"I am pleased to announce that we have just been informed that the UK version of the app on the Windows platform has launched today, and will be available in the marketplace as of tomorrow."

You can download Audible from the Marketplace for free using the direct link or QR Code.

Thanks, Mark, for the heads up!

QR Audible



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Audible for Windows Phone now live in the UK Marketplace


btw: you cannot find it via the marketplace search in germany, but the direct link worka fine :-D

Not showing up. It seems the only way I can get lots of these apps is because companies like wpcentral get direct links from somewhere.

you can circumnavigate the sign up bug:
go to audible via the browser
make sure it is not the mobile page
sign up
go back to the app
now it should work fine (it did for me)

Books are twice the size for some reason. Its set on normal the same as my other phones.

I noticed an update for the US version on my phone today that I installed.  Does anyone know what changes/improvements were made?

Impressive service, now I can take up Thurrotts' audible pick of the week. For anyone signing up for a free trial remember to go through topcashback/quidco.