Aupeo! Radio app now available for Windows Phone

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Aupeo! is now packing a punch on Windows Phone and released an app on the Marketplace last week. The app enables users to listen to over 120 pre-developed stations, which cover a range of genres including pop, rock, R&B, heavy metal, country, techno, classical, and punk. Stations that follow a specific theme, genre or music mood can also be selected.

In addition to the above stations, users can tune into 'artist stations', which (as the name suggests) plays music related to a particular artist. Aupeo! supports a mood tuner that provides stations based on musical mood - happy, relaxing, aggressive, dramatic, stressful, etc. The service is ad-supported, with a premium version available which removes the adverts and includes higher quality music among other features. But the best part is you're not required to sign up to get cracking, unless you want personalisation, etc.

The Windows Phone app sports the same functionality, and users can access their favourite stations and the personal radio through logging in and connecting their Aupeo! account. Much like Last.fm, Aupeo! provides users with 'love' and 'ban' options to allow the service to learn and adapt to individual listener tastes. Stations can be pinned to the home screen for more convenient access and a sleep timer is included for those who enjoy falling into blissful dreams chilling out to Ramstein.

Aupeo App

Highlights of Aupeo!:

  • Listen to new music free and legally
  • No registration required
  • Get started with Artist-, Genre- or 150+ Radios by topic
  • Refine your selection by mood or style
  • Create your own personal Radio and share your music with your friends
  • Sleep Timer function for those who like to fall asleep to music
  • Uninterrupted music enjoyment thanks to the HiRoQ Streaming Engine
  • Pin stations to your start screen

It's a well designed app, and one we believe is well worth checking out. If you're a music fan, but don't quite enjoy Spotify, Zune, Last.fm and the other services, Aupeo! might be just for you. With their added Windows Phone support, it's a perfect opportunity to test it all out.

You can download Aupeo Radio form the Marketplace. Thanks, Etnik for the tip

QR: Aupeo Radio


Reader comments

Aupeo! Radio app now available for Windows Phone


The app is pretty cool, even though the ads are laughably spammy :P

I was going to say "At least we can get this is Australia, unlike Last.FM" but it looks like that's working now too... probably coinciding with the Spotify release a month or so ago. Zune only came out earlier this year and MOG launched a few weeks ago too, so now we're spoilt for choice! :)

For those who are mentioning ads, I don't get any? 
And also, you get to select a higher quality for the music streaming under settings. Besides, it has a fantastic music selection. Been using the web version for quite some time now too.

Really? They're on almost every internal screen for me... Try gong to the artist list page, and it's definitely on a few others. They're really poor ads!
Some are "win an ipad 3", "you are the 100,000,000th visitor", "you have a new message", some are pretending to look like a facebook message notification (on iphone?)... They are all very spammy and very dodgy. I don't know what they link to as I never, ever, click on ads :P

That's exactly why I deleted it. It does have a Contemporary Christian station under the Pop category but I didn't find the song selection better than Pandora or Jango. So I will just stick with those two.