A behind the scenes look at the "Don't fight. Switch" Windows Phone ad

Microsoft launched it's latest Windows Phone ad the other day poking fun at the Samsung/Apple rivalry. The end result was a humorous poke at the competition while highlighting our Windows Phones.

Microsoft is now sharing a behind the scenes video filmed during the making of the commercial.  It's an interesting, funny perspective on how the ad was shot. The behind the scenes footage might even make for a nice follow-up commercial.

Source: Windows Phone Blog


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A behind the scenes look at the "Don't fight. Switch" Windows Phone ad


+1 I really love to see some decent bug fix and feature updates such as volume settings and notification center

Notification center is confirmed coming.  Hopefully in update this summer, but most likely in the next big version this fall/winter.  There will be lots of other goodies too, and hopefully the volume issue as it bugs me a bit as well.

The commercial has already reached 1M+ views in Youtube. Wait was it only uploaded yesterday? And reading on the comments, the war doesn't end in the video! LOL!

iTards and droids are pissed of that their precious OS were thrashed by MS. If they're fighting that much in the comments section, then you know MS hit the right nerve. :)

Oh you bet MS did! Most tech blogs are really praising the commercial. Weird as they never really do appreciate MS at any aspect.

lol yea, I've been reading some of the comments and some of them are pretty ridiculous.  haha

some comments: (Is this even legal?) -lol

Often times when shooting something the actors will use/come up with different lines to see what works best, and in this case they used a different line for the actual ad. I did think that battery line was pretty funny, though.

WHo ever edited the commercial is a fool. That would have been a great line to keep in the commercial.

Man I love this commercial! It helps that I love my Lumia as well but still, its freaking funny as hell! 1 or 2 more similar and people will jump on da wagon.

It reminds me of the Samsung "The next big thing is already here" ads, in that it makes fun of the status quo and suggests that the more savvy people have moved on from that.

They could have been a little more intentional when incorporating the HK cinema elements...but i still enjoyed the commercial

What i get from this ad is that ios and android fight a lot cuz they are the best operating system and wp it isn't, that is why in the ad only 2 people have this phones. Sorry but that tells you a lot IOS 45% ANDROID 53% WINDOWS PHONE 2%.

It would have been nice if the lights went out and they had people taking dark pictures on the other phones and bright pictures on the L920

I just saw this commercial tonight on Hannibal.  BRILIANT!  It was one of the best commercial that I've ever seen.